Despite the odds, Hapa EvanTube has become a massive force on YouTube

There are two very well known half Asian superstars right now.

One is this ten year old boy, who makes a million dollars a year.

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One is Estie Kung, whose mother took to her defense when she was unwittingly used in a racial joke by Chris Rock.

Why’s it always AMWF?

Could, could, could it be – handsome Asian guy + White woman who doesn’t say horrible things about anyone?

Could it – could it be, a lower quality white guy + self hating Asian woman = worse off children?

The truth always come out.

“My son won’t look Asian! He’ll be a superior half Asian and won’t have problems with being the son of a fetish couple!

Half Asian son of a white dad from the Air Force and a first-generation Taiwanese immigrant mom makes videos documenting the self-hatred and white supremacy in the Asian-American community

This is him now.

This guy has a Chinese mom, and White American father. Apparently his mother was a Chinese prostitute and his dad a typical… I guess… that kind of guy.

By the way, as if I needed to reiterate this any more – the kid is mentally ill, but not less than my brother. Ignore his video message, I just randomly selected his video.

Keep in mind:

  • Bottom of the barrel white men go for Asian women
  • Asian women actively seek out white men to “integrate” and to avoid racism and to join in on societal-wide Asian  bashing.
  • Racist white men love Asian women, as I’ve pointed out before.
  • Racist white men + Asian women join in on laughing at Asian men, calling them small dicked losers, etc.
  • Asian women themselves don’t care, since “personal choices” and all, but they do actively contribute to anti-Asian racism
  • Mentally ill Asian women who default to a violent, controlling white guy
  • Broken homes, broken marriage
  • Racism against the sons as Asian women seek to integrate into small towns
  • Tiger Momming, Asian parenting style of violent and deprivation

What do you think would happen? If you don’t think Hapa young men need extra support you’re delusional.

BTW this a picture of an AMWF couple. The AMWF couple, in this case, features a very atypical looking Asian male + a very beautiful White woman. Both are above and beyond “average.” Yet for some reason below average White men and Asian women are convinced they produce Eurasian Brad Pitts.

Am I cherrypicking that generally AMWF couples are more equivocal and generally have standards?



Is it worth being proud to be half Asian when it’s “always the father who is White?”

Just food for thought.

What could possibly be so bad about Asian males – that makes Asian women so eager to marry out?

Given, also, that society at large is very against the idea of Asian males, in general, is it unreasonable to assume that somewhere down the line, one or two of us will encounter problems?

I certainly did. Among the things I did; I had a mental breakdown, went from being a top student at a top school, self imploded, became a Neo-Nazi, alienated all my friends, turned on everyone in my family, destroyed my body with weight gain and weight loss, and became borderline insane, as I was never able to come to terms with my Asianness, and even to this day, am not entirely sure I like what I see in the mirror.

Even if – even if – Asia and Asians were the worst people on earth, and Asian men were the ugliest, most brutish, most horrendous people on earth, that even a weird, creepy, leering white guy was a better pick, wouldn’t it eventually lead to problems?

It did for me. I was told that WMAW was normal, natural, and assumed it was a natural response to White men being perfect fits for Asian women. Asian men, naturally, weren’t reproducing. But then that day came when someone said: “you look Asian.” “I don’t date Asian guys.” “I’m just not attracted to Asian guys.” “Are you good at math?”

Suddenly the high flying Hapa became an Asian guy. The Asian that doesn’t reproduce. The Asian guys that my mother and all her sisters simply “weren’t interested in.

Presumably this could lead to other problems.

Even WMAW couples are surprised when a non Asian woman is with an Asian guy. It’s as if AMWW Hapas are in a league of their own, and they know it.

Imagine a child born from this

Just a reminder.

My father is an extremely ineffective, unemployed, emotionally deranged man. Hyper racist, hyper religious, believes in conspiracy theories (Bush did 9/11, Jews created the Protocols of Zion, chemtrails, FEMA camps) unable to meet eye contact, unable to withstand confrontation – even abandoning his hapa son on the street when he felt “menaced” by two men walking his way.

My mother was mentally ill; she believed marriage to him would increase her social standing, and her mental state became worse as she realized the man she married was a monumental loser who abandoned his retirement plan because he believed the Revelation was nigh.

All in all, Asian women do have white fever, and they do not care what kind of man can fulfill it – and unfortunately for them, only the worst do.

Be warned.

🔥Juju Chang’s children look 110% Asian despite only being half

What’s crazy is that Asian women deliberately marry for power and integration and status.  None of the women in my family are feminists; they’re all just controlling women who marry / date white men for power. They’ve said this so many times. Asian men are a butt of jokes, a laughing stock in the US. Do these kids look any percent white? Maybe 10%? They are 100% Asian in the eyes of non-Asians.
When I was 20 years old, I encountered daily, DAILY, comments about how I looked Asian, how I shouldn’t wear glasses because I looked Asian, all while all the Chinese women FOBS in my university were literally sleeping with the same men who were saying this to me. Of course – how do you think that affected my self esteem? Enough that I dropped out of school.
After all, my mom wanted a white dude, and here are all these people calling me Asian. Like, Asian, as in 100% Asian, like, I’m only half, but I’m still Asian.
Makes me wonder if Juju and her husband decided to have three children because they were hoping for a girl, or less Asian looking ones, deep down. Only she knows, deep in her brain.
That’s called karma.
If Asian women want white men for the power – where are the powerful kids? If Asian women love to show off how much power they have by traipsing around with white guys – don’t they realize that they’re creating an atmosphere that ruins our lives?
And don’t list a handful of 50 year old white-passing Eurasians that magically were able to survive and marry white women – racism in my era and the current one is ten times worse.