Is it worth being proud to be half Asian when it’s “always the father who is White?”

Just food for thought.

What could possibly be so bad about Asian males – that makes Asian women so eager to marry out?

Given, also, that society at large is very against the idea of Asian males, in general, is it unreasonable to assume that somewhere down the line, one or two of us will encounter problems?

I certainly did. Among the things I did; I had a mental breakdown, went from being a top student at a top school, self imploded, became a Neo-Nazi, alienated all my friends, turned on everyone in my family, destroyed my body with weight gain and weight loss, and became borderline insane, as I was never able to come to terms with my Asianness, and even to this day, am not entirely sure I like what I see in the mirror.

Even if – even if – Asia and Asians were the worst people on earth, and Asian men were the ugliest, most brutish, most horrendous people on earth, that even a weird, creepy, leering white guy was a better pick, wouldn’t it eventually lead to problems?

It did for me. I was told that WMAW was normal, natural, and assumed it was a natural response to White men being perfect fits for Asian women. Asian men, naturally, weren’t reproducing. But then that day came when someone said: “you look Asian.” “I don’t date Asian guys.” “I’m just not attracted to Asian guys.” “Are you good at math?”

Suddenly the high flying Hapa became an Asian guy. The Asian that doesn’t reproduce. The Asian guys that my mother and all her sisters simply “weren’t interested in.

Presumably this could lead to other problems.

Even WMAW couples are surprised when a non Asian woman is with an Asian guy. It’s as if AMWW Hapas are in a league of their own, and they know it.

4 thoughts on “Is it worth being proud to be half Asian when it’s “always the father who is White?”

    • He was talking about can you show ethically pride of azn but most hapa have white dad. The mother married always a white guy who is a beta. You can’t show pride of being azn because in sense reason is that mother has fake Asian pride and who is self hating. In that case there is no reason have asian pride because mother shit.


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