6 thoughts on “🔥How many white-worshipping Asian women would pass this guy on the street and not think he was just another Asian chump?

  1. It is just possible that this woman finds this guy charming, respectful of her wishes and excited to be with her. Maybe Asian men didn’t treat her that way.


    • Nice way to generalize Asian men. I’m assuming you must have dated ALL Asian men to validate that statement of yours? I know a handful of Asian women who get treated like crap by their non-Asian significant other. Most of them don’t talk about it because they’re stuck with kids or are afraid of not finding someone better, despite of the abuse they go through.


    • LOL, for white folks, when it comes to black, generalization is needed. “ON AVERAGE, they have XXXX.” But when it comes to the white men Asian women thing, they start to hide from the statistics and stress the possibility of individuality.
      BTW, I don’t think you are “all American”. You are probably some wannabe that tries to become cool.


      • Jinu – Sorry, but I am an American born son of Italian and Latin immigrants. Am I an All American White Guy. Probably not. All American, yes. White guy? Depends who you ask. With our new President, I am not feeling as white I did back in November. BUT, I am turning over a new leaf in 2017 to be a nicer guy and more understanding. I am trying not to contribute, as much, the division that others in the US seem intent to foment. Am I cool? Again, it depends who you ask. 😉


  2. Both parents are ugly so what did you expect… It’s not like the dad is at all good looking. He turned out pretty well compared to where he came from.


  3. Why does this Eurasian writer always cherry pick the most Asian looking Eurasian ? simply type in google and you can see at least 40-60% of the Eurasian look white and half White.
    Even in every cherry picked examples of Asian looking Eurasians can sometimes look more White in some pictures. I just looked at the pictures of Colin Mcdonals and you DELIBERATELY chose his most Asian looking picture of all.


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