Australian TV show called “Neighbors” features two half Asian twins of a White male / Asian female couple; both actors have Japanese fathers and White moms. Show called “The Family Law” features Hapa male actor with Japanese dad, playing the role of a WMAF Hapa.



Why are the sons of Asian men and White women playing the sons of White men and Asian women on TV?

Actor Takaya Honda plays the role of Klaus Thomson, a half- Japanese half-Scandinavian guy in the Australian Sitcom The Family Law.

A photo of his family in the sitcom can be found here :

Takaya Honda’s father is Japanese and his mother is white Australian. Both his parents coached gymnastics and his father Kazuya Honda was a former coach of the Australian National Women’s Artistic Gymnastics.

On the show “Neighbors,” he is joined against by another AMWF Hapa, Tim Kano.

Unusual despite being outnumber 50:1, AMWF Hapas even manage to represent WMAF Hapas.

Reddit comments:

20 thoughts on “Australian TV show called “Neighbors” features two half Asian twins of a White male / Asian female couple; both actors have Japanese fathers and White moms. Show called “The Family Law” features Hapa male actor with Japanese dad, playing the role of a WMAF Hapa.

  1. First, the premise of the show sounds idiotic. Second, the comedic content of the show probably focuses negatively on the Asian characteristics of people. This show is one of racist shows that tries to convince people that they can laugh at themselves. That’s bullshit. Let’s if that Asian woman goes full ninja on her white hubby if he’s fucking some blond on the side. Let’s see that stereotype.


  2. Also just as sneaky, they want to pass off attractive AMWF offspring as WMAF offspring, for the same reasons as above. Then the Australian public will more likely believe that white men make better looking children, even though anyone looking them up on IMDB will notice the opposite.


    • Apparently the guy who wrote it is a Gaysian who likes white guys. I was wondering why he did this (no way it was an oversight) and I think you just hit the nail on the head.


      • Hey, I know I’m banned forever and I shouldn’t be able to comment but I have a question. Do gay Asian dudes prefer white men like Asian women do?

        I’m sorry, I know technically I’m banned and I should be blocked and all that


      • Hey Typical American White Loser,

        Are you one or all of the following:

        1. Bald
        2. Have a pot belly and obese.
        3. Don’t have a career? Goes from job to job?
        4. Unemployed or underemployed?
        5. White women find you unattractive or hideous. Possibly creepy.
        6. You have an Asian fetish.
        7. Like Asian women because they are white worshippers. You want a substitute white woman.
        8. Racists towards other races. Likes to talk chit about Asian men to eliminate the competition.
        9. Sexpat


      • Hey There AznPwrBttm,

        I’d love to answer you but I’ve been permanently banned so I can’t comment anymore. Sorry, my answer would have no to all your questions. I know a wild gay Asian power bottom, like yourself, is always looking for some thick, veiny white meat that can anally violate you. I’m sorry but I’m just going to be the Caucasian you’ll never have.

        But since I can’t comment anymore, because I’m permanently banned…forever, you’ll never know AznPwrBttm.


      • Hey there, Typical White American Creeper Guy,

        You’re a liar, all those qualities you have. I hope you marry an Asian female one day and have many hapa male children. They will start chitting on as they get older. If you have a daughter she might disown you because she gets creeped out by the sight of you. Karma sucks.


      • It’s usually bottom of the barrel Asian women who seek out white guys. The well educated and/or wealthy Asians tend to stick with Asian men.


      • AznPwrBttm- If only I weren’t permanently banned from this blog, I’d be able to respond. It sounds like so many Asian men, women and domestic animals have rejected you. If I could comment, perhaps I could try…very hard…to feel sorry you. But alas, technology and the owner of this blog prevent me from leaving even sarcastic comments demonstrating his technical incompetence. An incompetence that is only rivaled by your social and gender fluid insignificance, AznPwrBttm.

        I wish I could say that…


      • White Creeper,

        Those FOB Asian women only want you for a green card, money, and/or status. Once they realize that you aren’t able to provide for them, they move you white trash azz to the curb. This kind of reminds me a a song.

        “Take out the garbage you white trash…….”


  3. RED PILL MISCONCEPTION: Everyone intuitively thinks that White male-Asian female will produce whiter looking sons & daughters


    Sons from Asian male-White female will NEARLY ALWAYS look better than sons from White male-Asian female

    On average, They will look more white.
    In many cases they will even look & pass as 100% white (eg Andrew Chau, EMil Chau’s son, looks more like Tom-fucking-Brady than Jackie Chan. LMAO!)

    This is because biologically, women have a greater weighting contribution to the gene pool.
    It doesn’t matter all that much what the white guy looks like, no matter how blonde he is or blued eyed.
    The limiting factor is the Asian female’s genetics.

    Asian women have POVERTY GENETICS:

    – short
    – weak, not robust
    – scrawny, narrow frame
    – neotenous, femmy looking
    – ugly flat pancake, recessive features
    – weak jaw, no chin

    (you do NOT want these traits in ANY women you mate with if you want to produce robust-looking, virile, slayer sons)

    When people ask why are Asian men so ugly.
    Answer: ugly Asian women are responsible!



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