I’m a hapa male and I’ve been naturally jaded, racially conscious since birth 


Look at this photo and tell me that love is colorblind.

When I was a child, all but two women in my very large family were with white male partners.

Naturally I thought nothing of it until I went to college and started encountering racism against me, who people perceived as an Asian male. I thought I was white. I even believed that god had gifted me with whiteness – and that my mother wasn’t actually my mother, but some kind of non entity, while my whiteness was some kind of divine gift.

I’m serious. This is not insane considering the insane things hapas do.

What’s insane about it is that asian women almost default to white men; and they promise an easy life for hapas. But they don’t seem to realize that ugly white men are just that – ugly, inside and out. Asian genes are strong as hell, and that half Asians look… Asian, or weird.

I dont know what’s wrong with being Asian to this day. But obviously there’s something very wrong with it. And I feel it.

Looking at that photo I can still remember the two year period that I was involved in neo-nazism, in which I wanted to dye my hair blonde, wear blue contacts.

To me, being Asian was just that bad.

To me, I don’t know how to be anything but crazy  as a Eurasian male.

Of course white or black women who are involved with asian men don’t think like this. They recognize

30 thoughts on “I’m a hapa male and I’ve been naturally jaded, racially conscious since birth 

  1. When I look at this picture, I see happy families with lovely children. I am only semiconcious of the racial aspect. I think you judge people as a group instead of individually. You overlook much decency by doing so in MHO.


      • I prefer to have the reputation of asian men than asian women. Employment is impossible for a single asian woman if it is thought she is liked by white men. I am a threat to racial purity. I rather be seen as ugly to white men.


    • “Happy family”. You know those things are generally just an illusion, especially when you add on the racial dynamics of America. Don’t play foolish on this blog. I have no time for it:


      • Western countries are deeply racist. Your parents met at university. Asian women are always considered inferior to white women because they are not seen as normal.


    • You find “hapa men” very attractive with an image in mind of what they look like, yet you don’t find asian men attractive. In the real world I am considered an Asian man. Outside of this blog. On the street. And of course an attractive asian man is not attractive – at least not as attractive as a hapa man.

      You’re gay as well. You’ve probably been with a number of hapa males. Ever wonder why there are so many gay hapa males?


  2. Is there a particular post you’ve written where you advise fathers or just both parents on Hapa children? I’ve often wondered about the possibilities my many children will face when they get older.


      • Employment is difficult for asian women because men hire the sort of women they like which is white. As a asian women I feel rejected by all men including white men. I am horrorified I have given racist white men an ego boost. Racists expects you to look up to them because they are white


  3. There is nothing wrong with being an Asian male. It’s white media that brainwashed people into believing white is right. The majority of Asian females who are romantically involved with white males are average in looks. The really good looking Asian females usually get involved with Asian males. For all you Asian males out there, consider this a blessing in disguise when internalized racist Asian females don’t want you.

    My Asian brothers, forgive these self-hating Asian females, for they know not what they are doing.


    • That blog is the pseudonym alter ego for “Jenny Suzuki”, where she pretends to be a Chinese woman. Jenny Suzuki is a quapa, quarter white, quarter Japanese, half Chinese, who keeps several tumblr and other blogs on the same topic.


  4. Im a Chinese female and was born and raised in America. I used to be obsessed with white guys. The media always showed white guys as the best, most desirable. I remember only wanting to date a tall white guy with blonde hair and blue eyes. I remember dying my hair a shitty orange color and wearing blue contacts because I wanted to be white so badly. I remember crushing over white guys and feeling inferior to them because I assumed they only liked white girls. I also hated hanging out with other Asian girls because we would compete for white guys. My friend group in high school was all white girls, and I remember wanting to join an all white sorority in college. I would always talk shit about other Asians and feel above them. But then I became part of the JET program, where they seek native English teachers to teach English in Japan. I majored in English and job prospects were dismal in the states, so I took up the offer. My mindset became a complete 180 when I moved to Japan. I started watching Japanese TV shows, dramas, movies, all the time. For the first time I saw Asians displayed as cool and attractive. The desired man was now displayed as an Asian man in every TV show I watched. I started to crush over Asian guys and find them attractive. I stopped hating my race and started to embrace being Asian. I started dating guys in Japan, and now I’m engaged to my Japanese fiance. It really boggles me how I used to be. I love the feeling of never being left out because of my race. I never get astounded comments from white people anymore like “your eyes are so TINY” Also when I go to beauty shops, everything is catered towards my race. Like makeup specifically designed for Asian eyes, skin products made for Asian skin, hair dyes have a different base for Asian hair. I know for sure I’ll never move back to the states and I will raise my children here.


    • You are a classic bannarang. That’s great you woke up. I hope you have a prosperous future with your husband and mentally healthy Asian kids. Good luck.


    • Hey, thanks for bailing on us white guys. Use us then move on. We’re just objects of passionate desire and now you’re done. Go settle.


      • All AmeriKKKan Cracker,

        Those Asian girls never wanted your ugly asses in the first place. They got brainwashed by AmeriKKKan media into believing that you are desirable. It’s all a lie! Asians are more beautiful and the master race.


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