Men who like Asian women are more racist, or weirder than average and their children will be a threat to those around them

Let me explain. I have a fully Asian looking brother who was rumored to be a future spree killer.

Most men do not like Asian women; they prefer women of their own race. Conversely women tend to do the same – with the exception of Asian women.

Generally the very “anti-Asian male” and “easy” and “desperate” behavior of Asian women is a turn off to most decent, confident men (including myself, who never wanted to be with an Asian woman for 25 years because I felt I did not want to be worshipped for my race), and most decent men want a woman that they have to work for, and one that doesn’t talk so much crap about men he doesn’t know.

So generally the most insecure, racist men (like my father, a Holocaust denying conspiracy theories with mild autism and an inability to look even his own family members in the eye) go for Asian women as a last resort, and men like this HATE Asian men because they need someone that they can feel superior to. I.e., the internet is filled with men who have difficulties dating, and so therein suggest to themselves that Asian women will fill the role – as Asian women are desperate enough to escape Asianness.

Only this interracial pairing involving an Asian woman has this amount of hatred in it; no other pairing is this bad.

Now keep in mind most half Asians look very Asian and you’ll realize what kind of monsters these people are brewing.

There is not a single pairing on earth that actually works actively to debase and humiliate its own children – other than Asian woman / non-Asian man. Trust me, I have a brother who is a 35 year old virgin and has raised concerns about being a school shooter.

22 thoughts on “Men who like Asian women are more racist, or weirder than average and their children will be a threat to those around them

  1. I don’t worry because in all honesty I fk more Latinas than they can get. The difference is I respect the women I have intercourse with and they are fun to be around with. With that said, they also respect me in return. I feel sorry for these people, whether they are Whites, Blacks or Latinos whom ended up with the Asian women, or vice versa.


  2. I think you actually meant to say, “Most men do not like Asian women; they prefer women of their own race.” Correct?


  3. Very interesting website. Some quick thoughts:

    –White men who have lived in Asia tend to be a lot more racially conscious, because people outside of the West call it as they see it. No politically correct BS.

    –You have a unique vantage point to appreciate that racial differences are real. On the whole, whites have more masculine features than Asians. Most men prefer feminine women and most women prefer masculine men. Nothing in your ivy league gender studies class can change this biology.

    –Step back out of your own feelbadz and you will see that, bigger picture, the US is becoming browner. A demographic profile more like Mexico or Brazil makes life in the US worse for everyone, especially non-whites, and it only increases racial conflict and “racism”. White people are destroying themselves in much the way that you individually seek to destroy yourself.

    –Very interesting insights into differences between AMWF and WMAF pairings. No doubt Asian men who get with white women tend to be more self-confident, buffer and more “alpha”. Yet, for some reason you only want to get with Asian women it seems… hypocritical much?

    –You have the tools to unlock your future in some of the sites that you badmouth. Become alpha (i.e., desirable to women) and you can maximize your chance to get a high quality girl without busting your butt at the corporate grind only to be divorce-raped down the road. Wish I could have taken the red pill when I was your age.

    –WMAF at least have the advantage of a Western last name to give them a better chance at getting into good schools (like Dartmouth), since they can pass off as white while getting extra Asian IQ.


    • “Pass of as white.”

      See the problem with you white men and your so called counter-arguments – you cannot actually give a sound argument without sounding incredibly racist and revealing your true beliefs – be they HBD or some other trash.

      Case in point; you’re all terrible parents and now you have to clean up the mess. Not every hapa is going to be gay and or accept his inferiority.


  4. EW, you need to reject “racism”. It is a term that has almost lost all meaning in current usage. Sure, if an employer rejects a clearly more qualified non-white candidate for one who is white with no good reason, that could be classified as “racism” (doesn’t happen nearly as much as “reverse racism” does in these affirmative action days), but how about if you happen to notice that all the elite sprinters are from West African heritage and all the elite distance runners are from East African heritage? Is that racist? Is it “racist” to notice that there are differences, on average, in mental performance among different groups as well (conclusively demonstrated by all standardized tests–no, evil white people didn’t secretly tweak the tests to favor ESL East Asians)? Current controlling liberal, politically correct dogma says “yes”. Literally, everything else, and common sense tells us “no”. That’s why I say you have a unique vantage point to appreciate that human bio-diversity (HBD) is real. If you continue to call it “trash” and try to reconcile the world around you with the worthless liberal indoctrination you received, it will never compute and you will continue to be miserable.

    My belief in the reality of HBD is precisely why I wouldn’t dismiss all of your points raised about different pairings and say something like “we’re all the same under our skin”. I can only personally say that I’ve seen some WMAF boys who have done very well in life and are very attractive to the opposite sex. In Asia, these guys drew more interest than I did (I’m a tall and good looking white guy). I’m also seeing more and more AMWF pairings everywhere.

    BTW, as you no doubt have seen, AMWF pairing are much more likely to end in divorce than WMAF pairings. Divorces are overwhelmingly initiated by women who feel their man is not being alpha enough (i.e., they lose attraction and respect for him), so this is not surprising given what has happened to white women in our society. However, because the Asian men in such pairings would naturally be more alpha and the kids don’t have tiger moms, they would tend to have more inclination and opportunity to pursue sports or entertainment careers. On the other hand, I would posit WMAF kids would be more academic with the pushing of the tiger mom, as your own experience even illustrates, so you wouldn’t expect to see as many professional entertainers or movie stars as in the AMWF kid cohort.

    As for your own experience, I can understand you have had problems, but publicly shaming your parents won’t solve them. Your parents literally are you. Their genes created you. You take the good and the bad. You’re a decent looking guy (based on your picture) with an ivy league education, and hopefully you got a little of your father’s height. That gives you a really good foundation to do well with the opposite sex (paired with some knowledge of what they actually want) and to succeed in life. There’s actually a commandment in the Bible (one of the 10) to honor your father and mother that it may go well with you and you may live long in the land. It comes with its own blessing, if you keep it, and its own curse, if you do not. When/if you have kids, hopefully you will understand better.

    Many (actually almost all) pure white and pure Asian kids have family issues and things in their family that are seriously screwed up. I have my own. I inherited various neurosis and spergy tendencies, but I have learned to channel my energies to get an education like yours and to be successful in what I do. My boys (who are half Korean) may have similar opportunities and challenges, but I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a great parent and I’m looking forward to raising my them “red pill” and teaching them to be men in a way that my own parents and society never did..

    Anyway, I’m sorry about your experience and what happened with your brother (just from the little I have read of this blog). Sounds like you could use some friends. Are you, by chance, somewhere in So-Cal?


    • You’re everything I said you were.

      Red piller, HBD, race realist, hates AMWF, probably hates feminism, every hapa Dad since day 1 has been the same. Good luck. Reposted on /r/hapas with 1.1 million views since the new year


  5. Well, you obviously did read. But, whatever. No substantive discussion or desire to improve yourself. I do hate feminism because the effect is to make women less feminine and men less masculine, which makes both more unhappy and leads to demonstrably negative consequences for society, but nothing against Asian males (most of my best guy friends) or hatred of AMWF couples (pretty common among my friends actually). Good luck, buddy. Enjoy your page views.


  6. I have a few other thoughts to share in the spirit of wanting to help you and others who may read this:

    –First, I can tell you that most of the Dartmouth Asian girls you remember who were only dating white frat boys did not end up with good relationships. Many, even really hot ones, will end up single at 40 or divorced or married to someone she doesn’t really like (read: more beta than the AD boy she was banging at age 20) in her late 30s. I know, I see their lives unfold on my Facebook page.

    –The few semi-attractive Ivy League girls have super inflated senses of self-worth. In reality, being very smart and successful makes a man much more attractive (if he can also have some alpha going for him), but doesn’t do much for women. For Ivy League women overall, I would say (again, I see it on Facebook), that they are having less than one child on average. You’ve spent time in China, so hopefully you’ve figured out there are different playing fields.

    –Yes, it sucks to be grouped with Asian men who may have lower sexual market value than these white frat dudes, but this is also a kind of Apex fallacy. Lots of white dudes are morbidly obese or just super beta and have very limited options. Things are bad all over for your generation and getting worse. None of my family members has a typical, happy family. One guy became transgender, another can’t find a good job and has never gotten married (though he used to be a playboy type). One girl became a nun. Another has screwed around with so many jerk guys that she has trouble “falling for” guys, and as she gets older her options get worse. They are not atypical.

    –The US is probably within about 20 years of civil war or collapse. Donald Trump is only the beginning. You need to follow the trends.. Things aren’t getting better. The country’s divisions aren’t lessening. We won’t peacefully transition to the demographics of Mexico or Brazil. Yes, you have your problems, serious ones, but try to keep them in perspective.

    –People are listening to you. You are cited on Alt-right sites where white male pairings with Asian women are discouraged. Frankly, many white guys that marry AW don’t necessarily have much better options. If your father had married a less-desirable, obese white girl from down south, would you necessarily be better off? You’d still inherit your father’s insecurities/issues (though not the same ones from your mother) and less brains.. maybe you’d be a depressed alcoholic, and no one would give a rat’s @$$ about you as a deplorable…

    –You talk about “love” in idealistic ways. Know that women can’t love in the same ways that men can. They are wired differently. You come off as very beta, or worse, omega. That won’t attract any women. You can’t negotiate desire and get a woman to like you by telling her she should. You need to learn and reframe (seriously, read the best of the first year at the Rational Male). You can continue to be the best Hapa site out there, and that’s worth something, but hopefully you can springboard to more positivity (the longingfordeath URL is a liability, even if you think it is a sacred reminder of your bad times). You can still score a great Asian wife (if that’s what you want–and it seems you do) in Asia. Lots of Asian American guys do it. That gives you more options than a lot of white American men who are disgusted with the options here. Learned charisma (i.e., game) would also give you the ability to get American women, Asian or whites, and the white girls who end up with Asian guys tend to be high quality (low N count, relatively pretty, smart and not obese).

    –Many Alt-right types don’t hate Asian men. I guess you are a former denizen of stormfront (which is definitely not my thing), so maybe you feel like you either have to be a nazi or a liberal/progressive. Actually, there are many thinking people who just want to see civilization survive. I think maybe Asians can figure it out if whites can’t. The population of sub-saharan Africa is set to more than quadruple by the end of the century (and the UN estimates have kept increasing). Within a hundred years, black Africans will be more than half of the world’s population, but the trends don’t automatically stop there… Whites can’t even talk about the issue, much less address it (they actually contribute to it by sending in unlimited amounts of aid). Maybe China can.

    –I sincerely wish you the best, man.


  7. It was really nice of the WM to break this all down for you, wasn’t it? Good thing he came along! They do it to WFs all of the time as well. Unsure sometimes whether to laugh or cry at the WMs who post on here. Absolutely clueless. It NEVER occurs to them that perhaps they are the problem?


  8. Sylvia: Nice of you to throw a blanket condemnation of white men at the site of man who is half white. I’m sure that will help him a lot. Whatever you think of white men, any sons you have will also be half white. However, with any luck, with the attitude you have, you’ll be a shrieking spinster before long.

    This guy has been through too much crap. It’s not his fault that his mom died, or that her death set his brother on a downward spiral, though in his mind I’m sure he blames himself. It’s pretty obvious that most of his hatred for her is a self-defense mechanism.

    Anyway, women like you are the reason I gave up on white women (yes, I had plenty of chances with them back in the day, but I wanted to marry an attractive virgin–something the vast majority of guys in human history have wanted btw, and I was so bummed with quantity of skanks I ran into that I didn’t give the few decent white girls a chance), so technically YOU are the problem…


  9. Honestly speaking, I felt a little sad when I read your blog. It took me to the negative side of things…negative but a sadly, a big reality nowadays. I decided to leave a comment here just to share my opinion/experience from my own perspective and from my own culture.
    My situation: Early 30s, Asian woman, professional and a traveler. I’m brown skinned and petite.
    My boyfriend: Early 30s, White man, professional and the kindest person I have known.
    I was never picky when it comes to finding potential love interests. I love all kinds of people. Brown, black, white. We are all human beings with the same physiological makeup. Just some variations due to our geographic adaptabilities. It’s nature’s way of ensuring that we survive living on this earth. (e.g. Different levels of Melanin on skin to combat the sun’s UV; Genetic variations due to evolution influenced by nutritional diet in different regions, etc.)
    I and my siblings grew up abroad. And we are taught at an early age about human equality, to see the goodness in Humanity and to treat everyone with kindness and respect.
    I find attractiveness in every race. And I’ve always been open to dating anyone. My only criteria is that the guy shares the same values as I do. Kindness has always been the most attractive trait for me.
    Even when I was younger.
    I had a lot of male Asian friends but they were just not attracted to me. I had Asian suitors (of my own race) … two, to be exact since I graduated from college. One, later on, got tired of my schedule at work and the other eventually grew tired of talking to me about donating money to the poor. Unfortunately, He was not into charity and volunteer works. I didn’t let go of him. He was the one who slowly spaced himself away from me. 😦
    I have also given chance to dating men of other races. Like arabs. The ones I encountered were not consistent. They will talk for a few days then simply disappear later on. Same with some African fellows who I met along my travels. When I start talking about my ideas about working for NGOs and donating money, they just simply disappear.
    Years on, I realize that most of the Asian males, that I have ever encountered, preferred females with lighter skin. It’s not just an observation. They say it themselves. They prefer white flawless skin. And most of them date women with white flawless skin. (Not to generalize. Just the ones I ENCOUNTERED) 🙂
    I respect their choices. I respect what they like. Each of us has his/her own preferences.
    Skin color is something I will not change about myself. I love being brown and I celebrate diversity on earth.
    And this is what most white and foreign men compliment me on. I’m happy that they appreciate the natural color of my skin.
    My boyfriend:
    I met him while I was studying my 4th foreign laguage (for career purposes). We started off as friends for a year until he admitted he wanted more. I was single. No suitors. Only male friends (who only see me as their little sister). So I gave him the chance and voila….He turned out be an amazing funny guy.
    What is unique about my current boyfriend is that he also value humanitarian issues and we both have the same kind of humor. We always make each other laugh.
    And to dispell the “bottom-of-the-Barrel” myth, he is not a racist nor unattractive (at least I think he is, from my experience seeing other people’s reactions).
    On one of our travels, I made him walk far in front of me because I wanted to take photos. He drew a lot of attention from women wherever he goes. White, brown or black. Asian, European, African. And this was in Iceland. It’s funny seeing women stare at him. But at the same time, its also sad, because it is still evident that at 2017, after thousands of years of evolution and technological advancement, our world is still obsessed with physical looks.
    Yes, I’m not into physical looks. I find simple things attractive in anybody who’s kind and down-to-earth. Whether you are overweight, skinny, athletic or normal, (or brown, black or white)—-there’s always something cute and nice in a man’s physical appearance. (E.g. Like the smile, shoulders)
    Submissive- Meek Asian women myth:
    I’m not submissive. I voice out my opinion and fight if I have to. I join causes in which I believe in (whether it be for the protection of the environment or for human rights).
    I’m also a strong believer gender equality. E.g. That there be equal pay for both men and women if they are doing the same exact job.
    I support agendas that will make Human existence on earth peaceful and harmonious.
    I acknowledge the sad reality of your situation and millions of HAPAs like you. But its not the same all over the world. I could proudly say, that in many asian communities around the world, asian women would still prefer dating men of their own race or at least an asian guy (one who has similar culture and values). I know this not from being morally correct but from experience. Out of the 100 asian women at my workplace, there’s only one asian woman who is currently datingis open to dating a white man. And that is me. 99 of them prefer the same race as their own or atleast an asian man. Many of them have turned down white male suitors and chose/married asian men.
    I only wish that you find my post enlightening and not a nuisance. I apologize it was too long.
    May you find someone who deserves all the love you can give and live a fruitful life ahead.
    Thank you.



  10. The underlying problem is Aspergers or high functioning autism. A good website for understanding the “syndrome”, albeit from the perspective of the wives of Asperger men, is

    There is currently less info about the children of Aspie parents. However, no matter the race, they have it rough and end up with low self esteem, feelings of worthlessness, anger and sadness that they grew up being told they are not allowed to feel, joylessness, and sadness. I’m reading a painful and funny novel by Weike Wang about a Chinese American chemist at Harvard who has a mental breakdown. Her Chinese tiger parents are harsh, emotionally un-nurturing and unsupportive, and clearing high on the spectrum. So is main character, who is, surprise surprise, dating a WM fellow chemist who also has aspie tendencies. Do a google search for horrific accounts by the children of White aspies, including one where the white Aspie mother kept getting pregnant despite financial issues, never hugged her kids, and failed to get them medical care even when they broke a collar bone. I know a white couple, the husband is Aspie. Their young son got his foot twisted on his bicycle wheel and severely fractured his thigh bone. The dad didn’t believe the son was that seriously hurt, told him to stop being a cry baby, and tried to make him walk it off. The poor kid spent 4 months of 1st grade in a wheelchair. The dad was defensive about what happened and totally unable to express any self blame or wrong doing on his part. That’s Aspergers. Then there are the Duggars. Not all Aspies are atheists. A lot of them are extremely religious because they love all the rules. Those Aspies have tons of kids and they now dominate certain states and voted for Trump.

    I personally think Asian Americans tend to be higher on the spectrum as a whole. It might have been what enabled them to leave family and friends behind in their native countries to go to school in another country, work hard to the exclusion of everything else, to not even know that they don’t know what they missed out on, in order to be economically successful. I think WM aspies tend to seek AF out because the positive aspie traits of both attract them to each other and the negative traits are masked by what the other thinks is just cultural/racial differences. Aspie males can act “normal’ for up to 2 years when they are in love. Aspies tend to have obsessive interests and during the courtship, the woman is his obsessive interest. For an Asian female with immigrant parents and who grew up with low self esteem, you can imagine how all that attention would be extremely attractive. By comparison, Asian-American boys, who often also have low self esteem from the way they were raised, would have a hard time competing. This might be an over-reach, but maybe her self guilt over not marrying one of them might even cause her to place the blame on them, calling them “weak” or dismiss them as being too much like her “brothers”. People high on the spectrum not only have a hard time reading others, but they also lack self awareness and the ability to perceive how they are perceived by others.

    Now this WMAF couple has kids and all the problems associated with having even one Aspie parents is there. The lack of regard for their childrens’ feelings and emotions. The drive to work hard to get ahead at the expense of having friends and fun. The viewing of things in black and white, good or bad, superior or inferior, based on narrow aspects of a person or a whole race. The total lack of self insight and self awareness. The aspie “meltdowns” and authoritarian tendencies over the kids making noise, not listening/obeying, acting like kids. And then the kids blame it on race. Moreover, the mother, who tends to be NT or less aspie, also gets all the blame. See

    I don’t think it’s entirely race, also that would complicate an already complicated situation. I think it’s Aspergers. In addition to race, that is the other, ever present denominator.


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