4 thoughts on “Man waves Nazi flag while Chinese girlfriend records it (Brian Ruhe; February, 2017)

  1. hey man,

    I don’t know why but there were allot of Japanes “nazi” bands….

    I know that Japan and Germany were allies but I would assume that most Japanese would realize the Nazi’s hated them. Unless they thought of themselves as “alternative white” and another “master race.” Maybe it was done for shock value.


    • As a white man, and a neonazi, I can assure you I have no problem with the Japaanese. They are cool in my book. It’s the yellow trash Koreans and Chinese that piss me off. I hope Japan rise up again and fuck up all you chinks and gooks! sieg heil!

      Check out this video on vidme BTW 😉 https://vid.me/99XR


      • FYI: Neo-Nazi’s are considered the lowest of the lowest in the White Supremacy groups bc they like the Asians.


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