Asian and half Asian self hatred explained


I am a self hating Eurasian like many others. Many half Asians with Asian mothers, when pressed, will openly deny they are Asian, and will view being Asian as a terrible thing. You are welcome to test this hypothesis on any half Asian male (especially those with Asian mothers) – just suggest that he looks Asian in a subtle way and watch his reaction. For ten years, I would cut my hair very short, hold my jaw in a certain position, maintain a certain weight, in order to look as white as possible. I was in no delusion that Whiteness was an amazing commodity, and that Asianness was bad, especially when my friends would taunt me for being half Asian.

Again, my father was a very tall, very Aryan looking man – the idea of “superior blood” is so ingrained in Asian women that Nazi eugenics, apparently pales in comparison; which is why I became a Nazi. A half-Chinese Nazi, and a prolific one at that!

This is for three reasons:

1) Asians are subject to extreme racism due to their facial features; finding acceptance via white men can feel like a temporary fix. Yet the anti Asian hatred will always linger, just because – that’s human psychology – the desire to be accepted.

2) Asian facial features make Asians vastly different from the rest of humanity  – they have skull shapes that do not create double eyelids and tall noses like other races have. So Asian women in particular feel less beautiful than other women simply because they lack prominent facial bones and double eyelids, all issues deriving from the Asian skull shape. Other issues would be black, thick hair, facial fat retention and skin quality. Asian women get confused because they think that their skin color is white (it’s not), and that they are second to white because a subset of men (oftentimes racist, oftentimes losers) want them, primarily because these men fail to find partners that are non-Asian, because of really horrific faults of their own – such that they have to pursue the women that are most famously available to anyone non-Asian. Black women do not feel as much pressure or delusion about being able to “integrate” because they are aware that all half-blacks are still considered black (Obama). Asian women can fake beauty with heavy makeup application and enhancements but generally, most normal men will avoid them because the stereotype of them as being “easy game” (by and large true) is frankly off-putting to many men, other than losers. 

3) Asian women in particular have very high rates of mental illness (likely due to socialization, self hatred, abusive mothers and genetics). Mentally ill Asian women tend to hate themselves and wish that they could not be Asian. Asian women also put a high priority on control (my mother, a beautiful woman, utterly attempted to control my father, as did all of her sisters; their was no love in these relationships), and on integration and status. Abuse of Asian daughters is very common among Asian mothers, and since Asian culture is ruthlessly pragmatic, the idea of the daughter being a “tool” in which to achieve higher social standing is a key part of Asian culture. Just see to see how the vast majority of abuse comes from Asian mothers. Click a random link and see how many of the people are complaining about their mothers. (This might die down after /r/hapas, the largest mixed-Asian website in the world, pointed it out, however, so go back a bit).

All of these issues are passed down to the children. By and large Asian women do hope that their children can look white, and praise their white features – and many half Asians suffer from a debilitating desire to be white, and not Asian and will balk at any mention of their Asian features. Combine this with high IQ, the fact that so many white men who like Asian women are racist losers (literally the bottom of the barrel types), combine this with racism in society and boom, recipe for another Elliot Rodger. It’s almost unusual how many eurasians truly believe they are some kind of masterrace, yet you will never find half Indians or half Mexicans believing that they are all Keanu Reeves. The entire Eurasian identity is modeled after a single celebrity – and one with an Asian father to boot.

Remember that Eurasian myths only exist because Asian women try to justify extreme outmarriage rates by promising half Asian superiority – the reality is that no other mixed race pairing has such extreme myths, because frankly there isn’t such a pressing need to escape Asianness and their own features as there exists with Asian women.

18 thoughts on “Asian and half Asian self hatred explained

  1. I have to say that I find your blog very insightful, I have learned from your perspective of Asian culture. I find that almost every “non white” culture, the closer you appear to have European features the more “beautiful” you are perceived. I had no idea that Asians felt this way, but only because Asian culture is so influential. Your posts are great, I really enjoy reading them. Thank you.


  2. “Asian women can fake beauty with heavy makeup application and enhancements but generally, most normal men will avoid them because the stereotype of them as being “easy game” (by and large true) is frankly off-putting to many men, other than losers. ”

    This is so true! The majority of white men marrying Asian women are perceived to be losers. They couldn’t get a white girl, so they settled for a girl that is almost white or honorary white. It almost like not getting accepted to a 4-year college so you have to go to a community college. Most community colleges accept anyone.


    • That ridiculous. There are excellent community colleges, and you can get an excellent education at a state university.
      What matters the most when you study, is what *you* do, not what prestige your institution has. Teachers can’t learn for you, they can help. Most of the time, in a real university, you are on your own.


  3. To Eurasian writer, I am just curious about something. When you say Asian women, are you mostly referring to Asian American women or those that really wanted to get out of Asia (first gens that are here to stay)? Or is it all Asian women at this point?


    • Doesn’t matter. The majority of Asian women across the world are extremely discriminatory against Asian men and only eager to be with White men. No other pairing has such a massive disparity like this. It’s a ticking time bomb.


  4. Being an Asian American girl, born and raised in America, I agree with the sentiments of this posting. I myself have tried to accentuate my more White traits over my Asian traits, including avoiding the sun more to keep my skin lighter and bleaching my hair blonde (which I am not the only Asian person to do). i think a lot of this has to do with the socialization of the superiority of whites in america and frankly even in Asia. How can we escape viewing things through that lens if we ourselves are subjected to it daily and watch it being reinforced in the community at large.


  5. One female hapa friend I had only dates asian guys. And her mom condemns her by saying “Don’t date asian men… you will screw up his Asian blood”. Which is the most unusual thing for her to say.


  6. I’m an Asian girl myself and I have a few things to say about your post.

    1) “The idea of “superior blood” is so ingrained in Asian women”—You THINK it’s ingrained in Asian women, that all of us love to throw themselves at white men (ew, it hurts me to type this). I won’t deny that there are nasty self-hating Asians out there. However, I can tell you 98% of Asian women I know prefer to date within their own racial community. We don’t lust over Aryan features; we prefer ASIAN MEN because they are cute and fuzzy looking, like adorable puppies. Also because of similar cultural and personal values.

    2) “Asian women in particular feel less beautiful than other women”—Again, just your wishful thinking. Asian features are unique and beautiful. Quit transferring your own feelings onto others.

    3) “Asian women in particular have very high rates of mental illness” and “Abuse of Asian daughters is very common among Asian mothers”—Get the hell out of here and quit peddling this anti-Asian nonsense. Funny how we’re always stereotyped as scheming, emotionless robots. Yet all the Asian women (and men) I know have extremely close family relationships. My white friends all hate talking to their parents and are counting down the days until they can move out and never see each other again.

    4) “So many white men who like Asian women are racist losers”—Okay this one is true. Asians attract many weirdos.


  7. Very courageous and insightful commentary.

    Here is something I penned many years ago that bears on what you have said.


    The couple will collude in a peculiar “White Knight, Third World Damsel in Distress” Dynamic.

    The shared premise is that the Western husband has swooped down from an “advanced, more civilized” nation and rescued the Third World lass from a “fate worse than death,” namely being trapped in a “primitive, backward country,” and here’s the kicker, “filled with primitive, backward men.”

    The Western husband gets to stroke his own masculine ego. The Chinese wife gets to live out her Chinese “Cinderella Complex” fantasy by being rescued by a “superior” Western male.

    The Western husband immerses himself in a warm sense of “racial superiority.” The Chinese wife distances herself from her own “inferior” identity by indiscriminately bashing all Chinese men.

    Their own innocent children alas, are the ones who will suffer the most from their shared racism. Especially sons, if any. Daughters can simply reenact the mother’s pattern. This is an option not open to the sons in this by definition unequal and unbalanced relationship. It is truly tragic.

    Instead of relating to each other as fully equal human beings, instead of acting as a bridge between two cultures, instead of promoting peace and harmony between the West and China, as they might reasonably be expected to do, but don’t, the couples I describe unthinkingly perpetuate a uniquely repugnant strain of sexism and chauvinism.


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