🔥🔥🔥The Eurasian beauty myth was always a lie to cover up Asian women’s self hatred and obsession for the status of white males, and half Asians are high risk by default

The reason why everyone hyped up the Eurasian beauty myth was because a bunch of Asian women decided back in the 1970’s that Asian men were ugly and low status and that everyone made fun of them and that it was so much better to be fetishized by the White racist powered class than suffer from perpetual isolation.

In order to cover up this disparity, Asian women started saying that half Asians were all superior despite the fact that Asian women can essentially only get the bottom tier of white men (which is why almost every white guy you see with an Asian woman is bald; because bald men target women with no standards). The problem was that no other biracial group says this. Blacks mixed with whites don’t say this. Nor do Latin and whites. Iranians and blacks. In fact, not even the non-Asian mothers of half Asian children, who have Asian husbands, say this.

All those other groups, mixed groups, have produced children that have done great things. Like the presidency. In fact, Barack Obama was raised by an Asian male / white female couple.

Half Asians are “beautiful” is just slang for – I hope they’re beautiful because I sure as hell will never touch an Asian male. And since many Asian women cannot tell the difference between a half Asian male and a full one, they treat us exactly the same in public and online. Not that it makes a difference. Most Half Asian boys are raised in worlds where Asian men don’t reproduce, and Asian women only reproduce with White men (especially, the worst kinds; old, bald, ugly, unattractive, short), and we get bullied and called ladyboys and made fun of for being Asian in this same world, while our mothers and aunts and cousins are with White males. By the time we enter teenager years, if it’s not already too late, it becomes fairly evident where Asian and Eurasian men stand in society.

Asian people are lacking facial bones that prevents them from having truly defined faces in the majority of cases – which also effects Asian women’s attractiveness; meaning that Asian women will generally only attract white men who cannot get non-Asian women, and will rely heavily on Asian women who hate themselves, in order to form relationships, where White men are considered better than Asian men, simply because everybody is better than Asian men. 

Asian women, being largely asexual, will have no problem sleeping with an old, bald, ugly white man, because in Asian culture, everything is pragmatic, where sex is merely an exchange, and Asian women have evolved over millenia into this group of people who do not see love as love, and do not care about looks, only status, and money; hence the famous Chinese addage: “I would rather cry in the back of a BMW, than smile on the back of a bicycle.” So for an Asian woman to sleep with and marry the literal bottom of the barrel white men in society – the nerds, short men, rejects, autists, physically unattractive, racist, mentally ill – they have no qualms about this, because in their mind, this is merely duty; duty to integrate. It’s either sleep with Asian men, or sleep with horrifically ugly White men,

White women don’t want half asian children at all. White women don’t seem to care about having beautiful Eurasian children – unless the Asian man is really, really hot, or in other cases, because he’s just a sweet, loving person.

Even Kelly Chong PhD, author of this now-famous paper, admitted that Asian men have to be really hot to get White women (or at least they had to, back in the 70’s).

From page 198.

In fact most white women see Eurasian men as Asian, and since I would venture that 50% of Half Asians look VERY ASIAN, that means that 50% of Eurasian men fail by default at exactly what their mothers wanted – for them to look white.

Also, if Asian women like Eurasian men so much – why don’t they marry them?

Because Eurasian plus Asian equals Asian looking children, and a Eurasian male plus an Asian woman equals just another low status perpetual foreigner couple.

The entire basis for being Eurasian is: be good looking, don’t look fully Asian, or just die. The “happy” Half Asians you know are the ones whose mothers selected very good looking tall white men (and even that is not a guarantee). These Hapas essentially self-select and live lives coasting by on their non-Asian privilege. The unsuccessful, Asian looking ones just die or disappear. That’s why our suicide rate is twice as high as either Asians or Whites. The ones that survive are the Half Asians who look non-Asian.

So most Asian women see another Eurasian son of other Asian women and openly mock and harass them, like they did to Jon Hamilton.

Saying that Eurasians are beautiful is just a scam to keep people from prying into their unmatched outmarriage rate that is more often that not, loveless, hateful and just an angry, bitter relationship between a woman who hates Asians and a man who just wanted to feel big and is more often than not an over the top racist who wanted to feel big for being white, before he decided to beat the shit out of his Asian girlfriend or wife after realizing that she was incredibly nagging and that she wasn’t really attractive at all.

That’s why you have so many Half Asians that just look basic, either basic Latino or basic White, and they think it’s the greatest thing ever. Just looking non-Asian is a victory for them. And it’s incredibly dangerous, since so many half Asians are incredibly arrogant for absolutely no reason other than the fact that they reverted to the mean. The non-Asian mean.

If you don’t believe me, find the next Eurasian you meet and judge for yourself. The ones who look whiter are happier. The ones who look Asian, not so much. The ones with Asian mothers have a noxious cloud about them, the ones with Asian fathers are more actualized. And yes, happier.

That’s why there are literally hundreds of thousands of Half Asian men running around now thinking they are the greatest thing on earth, yet so many are deeply insecure people, more racist than their parents, and prone to have mental breakdowns on telling them that they look Asian. That’s why you have Half Asians who will do everything in their power to prove that they aren’t Asian, and that they’re just as white as their dads.

Final thing: Google Half Asian and tell me what you see. Only women.

It’s no secret Asian women secretly hope for daughters, because the Eurasian son is way too high risk. Because they know that Eurasian women serve a purpose in society while Eurasian males need… special consideration. We’re invisible, overrated, and the most famous Eurasian males of all time, for whatever reason, have Asian dads. As cute and beautiful as hapa kids are, the hair thickens up, the features change, skin  changes and overnight previously beautiful Eurasian babies just become average looking; the difference is that they were told they were superior for being half white, and that it’s always the white dad who gets the Asian mom, so what happens is anyone’s guess. I was gorgeous as a kid until I just transformed to fully Asian looking.

The real solution is showing Asian males in a more positive light. But with Asian women happy to marry balding, unattractive white men for the hopes of having mixed kids is a disaster, because literally all kids are cute of every ethnicity, it’s too wishy washy.

What helped me is understanding that Asian men are sexually attractive due to dark features and narrow eyes; but it took me 30 years to do it. Kids don’t have that liberty and by the time the psychosexual nightmare of an upbringing is over you’re stuck with a couple of Asian looking young men who hate Asian men, hate Asians, want to be white like their dads, and think they’re all Keanu Reeves despite looking like discount Rob Schneiders. This entitlement to being some kind of masterrace yet being volatile and exposed to anti-Asian racism plus the weirdo dynamic of the creepy white dad – it’s hot sauce.

That’s the best I can sum it up. Beautiful kids aren’t enough to fight racism. True elgalitarianism is. But it’s not here. So as many happy Hapas you can pretend exist – like the TerryTV’s and Daniel Henney’s who run off to Asia to escape racism and sexual discrimination, and don’t want to admit that it’s weird that 95% of Half Asians have a White dad and an Asian mom – you really, really, honestly think that there’s not going to be some really, really bad apples in the bunch?

The only net-negative here is Asianness. It’s a bad thing. Most Hapas understand this fundamentally.

So the real, insane danger is that Asian women hope to GOD that their children look non-Asian. They look at a Hapa baby and say “I’m so glad he has light features and I hope it stays that way.”

And when saying that you’ve essentially already doomed your child.

Asians are not wanted by society; whites are. Half-Asians maybe are wanted…. if they don’t look Asian. And our mothers knew that. Oh well.

34 thoughts on “🔥🔥🔥The Eurasian beauty myth was always a lie to cover up Asian women’s self hatred and obsession for the status of white males, and half Asians are high risk by default

  1. I believe the consensus of white women or any non-Asian women whom ended up with Asian men surely did not set their first priorities as having mixed children for the sole reason, rather they fall in love and planned their future together accordingly like any ordinary people would have.


  2. Hey I’ve only recently been aware of this problem, the question never occur to me until now that I have met an actual asian girl who refuses to date asian male (from CA,USA). I believe this is something big, very political and intuitive if you understand the overall current world politics thoroughly. May even be funded by the same groups of people as all the PC movements in the west which are tearing its society apart from inside out. This I believe to be the main force that has driven substantial WM(white supremacists or not) to look for mate in Asia. Now we see the cover up and utter ignorance of this issue, your issue, of the rise in WSM/AF couplings.

    My advice to you Is to talk about this subject in your native Asian languages, to make a blog or two in asian languages and raises awareness here instead of there, as we are speaking now we are only speaking to the white supremacists, the male half of the problem. Which raises no concern on their part as they are the oppressors! We are talking in the same language which causes this problem, while the Asian side shares most of the blame imo but I believe to be utterly unaware. Raise awareness here and not there my friend. It will be much more… politically proficient.


  3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No one race or culture or look is superior or inferior, but studies have shown that females, in general, do gravitate towards stability and security. I have a few Asian girlfriends who married half Asian or Eurasian men and are still happily married. I have even more Asian girlfriends who are happily married to Asian husbands. As an Asian American woman, personally the man who I initially thought was my other half was also As. Amer., bilingual and bicultural, but he ended up dating my Asian best friend. So much for planning our love lives. Sometimes it finds us–when we least expect it and with the person we least expect. For me, it happened to be a white Christian man who I had actually met when he was 16 and I was 7y.o. (sponsor family from our sponsor church when we first came to America). Read more about my story in East Meets West: Parenting from the Best of Both Worlds.


    • If what you say is true, couples such as you are not the problem here. You find your partner through mutual understanding and not based on something as superficial as looks or race. Im sure you will raise good children and can help them to find their own identity.

      However a larger portion of these couplings happen based on said superficial qualities and their failures show in their offsprings. These couplings are major threats to cultural and social welfare of any ethnics or nations be it Whites or Asians as they disturb social coherency. They produce problematic children who are prone to suffer mental disorder and contribute little to society. This is what I believe this blog is addressing so Im not really sure why you are posting this?

      The most damage you can do is to deny the existence of this problem. So if you have nothing relevant to say please refrain from posting.


  4. As an sociology major and a member of the black community, I will have to tell you that this is false. Most blacks praise light skin blacks aka half black/half white.

    Also, a group of asian omen didn’t not decide in the 1970s that white men were attractive. What happened was after WW2, MANY asian women’s were sexually enslaved by the Japanese and many white soldiers went to these enslaved prostitution camps to seek out Asian women. These enslaved women were known as comfort women and were repeatedly raped every hour. So for you to be misogynic and racist towards Asian women is vile, if anything, you’re playing into white supremacy because that’s what white people want you to do. To hate and divide your own kind. After and during WW2, there were many musicals and plays and books about the “exoticness” of Asian women, which served as mass propaganda and hypersexuality and Asian fetish. And if anything, most minorities don’t even care about white supremacy, even minority men.


  5. How can you be anti white supremacy and pro Asian when you refuse to acknowledge the suffering and mass sexual enslavement and mass rape of Asian women? By the way, my dad is Asian and my mom is black. You’re not anti white supremacy, you’re just a hypocrite and racist towards Asians.


  6. Also, my mom’ and dad met in Japan while on business, but my dad has dated many Asians before my mom.

    If you really want to end WMAF, you should talk more about how disgusting white people and white supremacy are instead of ignoring the mass suffering and enslavement of Asian women. Why are you not racist against white people but you are racist towards Asian women?

    And don’t even get me started on the black guys who initially thought I was hot but rejected me cos they found out I wasn’t half white but half Asian instead. Self hate, my ass. It’s all white supremacy and fucking white peoples fault. And Japanese people that wanted to imitate Hitler in WW2. Fuck you and do your studying. Japanese people conquered china and committed the rape of Nanking where they forced incest on their criminals!! Sadistic bitches, and yet all you talk about is Asian women. Looks like you don’t care whether white supremacy exists as long as Asian women die off.


  7. Also, why the fuck are Asian men never angry about white supremacy??? Why aren’t they vocal about it? Except for the misogynists and some truly political Asian men, but they are rare.

    And why does china decide to murder all of their female offspring and only reproduce men? What kind of disgusting culture is that?

    AND why are many Eurasians who follow you, why are they anti feminism? Why do they ignore the sexual harassment and stalking of women online and in real life? Why do they’d ignore the harmful bro/rape culture that exists? WHY do women have to Be afraid of walking alone at night? Why are most your followers misogynic and hyprocrital? Claiming to want to end WMAF but acting as if white supremacy coming from white people dont exist. Acting as if white and Hispanic girls don’t hate Asian men. Do you know how many white and Hispanics women that told me they don’t find Asian men attractive? How Steve Harvey, a black man, said shit about us??? But no, it’s all the sexually enslaved Asian women’s fault over decades of sexual enslavement emotionally and physically. And Asian women have to worried about being sexually harassed by whites and white passing people who get enraged after rejection? How many of my Asian friends who triggered guys by telling them, “sorry I only date Asian guys”???


    • Patrick Liu, get some help! You’re just a jaded he-woman who lives in a fantasy world. Mommy and daddy are still brainwashing you. You’ve never experienced life on your own. You believe everything you read and see. Pathetic!


  8. Where do Asian women go when china wants to abort us and murder us? Where do Asian women go when Asian media doesn’t promote strong, independent Asian women? Where do Asian women go when mass media in Asia promotes ugly white foreigners–both ugly white men and ugly white women speak Chinese?

    Where do Asian women go when the Khmer Rouge killed off 99% of the Hmong people that they are mass extinct? WHere do Asian women go when our south Asian community is Madly underprivileged, in extreme poverty and kept in the shadows? Where do Asian women go when the Filipinos are all white worshipping? (Both men and women)

    Where do Asian women go when the Japanese are sadistic and committed mass rape and sexual enslavement of Asian women that caused American soldiers to fetishize us as docent because we were enslaved?

    Where do we go when Asian men are the pickiest of all races? You can watch on YouTube “will you have sex with me” featuring a Spanish white passing chick asking men of all different ethnicities and ages if they would have sex with her and literally 100% of the Asian men said no to her? If you go to any high school, you would see that Asian guys reject mostly all women, not just Asian women. WHEre do we go when half Asian men, to clarify, this only applies to the disgusting race of EURASIANS, where do we go when eurasian men are self hating and unapologetic about their half white ways? (Daniel holtzclaw: seen as white by the media and his peers, he was never involved in the Asian community or supported Asian males) where do we go when eurasian reject us out of self hate and white worshipping?


  9. YOu are not Pro Asian. if you were, you would have done your research into Asian history or taken Courses discussing the sufferings of Asians like how WHITE PEOPLE banned Asian women from coming to the U.S. To be with their Asian husbands during the gold rush, and that back then, WHITE America only let asian women immigrate to America if they would prostitute themselves for white disgusting men.

    Why are you shocked when a colored person is anti white and find that so repulsive? But when a person is anti Asian, you internalize it and think it’s normal. Even when a person is anti black, it’s like whatever to you, isn’t it? As most colored people internalize racism anyways. But when a colored person tells you that they’re anti white, you act all high and mighty and hypocritical and get extremely shocked and have to tell your viewers soooooo badly that you’re not anti white and that you worship white women and support racist white guy plus racist white girl together!!!!!

    COs as long as they’re white, it’s okay for them to be white supremacists right?? Oh wait, I thought white women were our saviors.

    Is that why your Asian wife is with you? Does she know that you hate her and are racist towards her? Or is she so docent that she doesn’t care? She must be, since no Asian women would agree 100% with everything you say unless they hate themselves. I agree that WMAF relationships are 80% toxic trash, but I don’t agree with your sexist and racist attitudes. And your support for white people who reject you.

    And ziggyziggy is a true Asian male activist, and yet you dislike him because he supports asian women and is anti white??? But I thought you wanted Asian males to fight back? Or did you just want to kill off half of the asian race while misrepresenting us while shitting on your wife?


  10. Why is it that half Mexican/half Asian kids turn out normal? Why is it that blasians turn out normal? Why Is it that’s half Native American and half Asian kids turn out normal?

    While most Eurasians turn out fucked up and limited to the tainted perspective of a white world. The difference between half Asians and Eurasians is that Eurasians are tainted by their white blood and disgusting whiteness.


    • It’s because half Asians with white fathers are so fucked up because of that specific form of racism.


      • Proof that white people are the cause of problems once again.

        Other types of half Asians can live harmoniously with their biracial background

        Sorry if I’m being harsh, best of luck


      • No other race of women have been sexually enslaved by white men during WW2 the way Asian women have been. Proof that white people are forever obsessed with Asians and love to fetishize Asians. And if you notice the white women and white men who constantly shit on Asian, are obsessed with talking about Asian women 24/7. It’s a shame that some brain dead Asian women who like whites are crazy bitches. But that’s the minority of Asian women, so it’s unfair to paint All asian women like that.

        Obviously white media is not going to put a hot Asian women that only exclusively dates Asian guys on TV. They are not going to make most the Asian women with Asian boyfriends or fiancé famous. Only crazy bitches get famous nowadays.

        further proof that white people colonized a whole group of people and then fetishized them while enlisting Eurasians and misogynists to do their dirty work of hatred


  11. White folks have been obsessed with separating Asian families and lover so since the American Gold Rush.

    Why do you think they made laws to prevent Asian men from bringing their Asian wives?

    WHy did they only allow Asian prositutes to come in this country?

    Why did they make mass media/plays/books about exotic Asian women and feminine Asian males?

    Because white people will never want America to Be Asian. They will never want US to start families here.

    Did you know that the majority of whites supported slavery? Only a minority, called the abolitionists, decided to end slavery.

    Did you know that whites sent Japanese Americans to internment camps but not german americans? Because Asians look different

    Did you know that whites are the sole reason for mass propaganda of white worship all around the world? Even in Africa, Asia and Mexico, white passing looks are more liked


  12. Hey Eurasian Writer,

    Why don’t you become a “celebrity” in china so you can infiltrate them and wake up white worshipping by the millions!!

    It is not as efficient to share your experience in English as AMerica Is becoming anti-white.

    What would be useful to stopping 80% toxic WMAF and white worshipping is becoming a star and truth speaker!

    It pisses me off to see a Chinese program with a white host!!! OR a Chinese Show with ugly foreign white men AND women who are placed on a pedastal because they can fucking speak Chinese. Who do these people think they are to Be able to just speak Chinese, have a white face and make millions??

    I admire your work but I hope you will be more dedicated to learning about Asian history. I also hope you find harmonious peace. And stop ignoring the effects of mass sexual enslavement of Asian women and how that still today affects society. Just like how slavery still has its affect on the black community still to this day!!

    ALso, I think that Eurasians are usually more attractive that their ugly white parent so y’all should give your white parent shit when they try to challenge your masculinity. Because they’re just jealous and racist.


    • Patrice Blasian, a lot of what you said could be reversed and applied to Asian cultures as well, like the Japanese. Talk about racist? At least all of the great white nations have opened their doors to the world. Japan remains 97.5% Japanese; it’s terribly difficult to immigrate there. In 2017, go to Japan and you’ll see overtly racist “No Gaijin” signs, whose equivalent you’d never see in Western Nations. I know in most of South and Far East Asia, a black man or Indian man is going to be treated far worse than he would be in a Western Nation.

      Japanese internment camps during World War II? Yeah that was fucked up. How about Japan’s human medical experiments performed on the Chinese during World War II? Unit 731 anybody?


      How about the Bataan Death March?

      Everyone gets blood on their hands eventually it seems, eh?

      I never understand how people don’t see the truth….the problem was never “White People”, but always human nature. Europeans just happened to advance far beyond every other civilization on Earth when it came to industry and technology, especially when applied to warfare. Any group of humans would have done the same, given the power to do so. Any student of history knows that blood has been shed in mass quantities by all peoples of the world at different times. There have been empires and conquerors in all races of men. White people just happened to be really fucking good at it thanks to disease immunity (and bringing disease with them), firearms, and centuries of intense military conflicts with leading to a much more evolved understanding of war than most of the people they conquered.

      “White People” are no more evil than anyone else. They’re just people. Go spend some time in Asia and you’ll see that they’re just as racist as anyone else. Plenty of Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Thai…..all believe they are the superior racial group. They fetishize white culture to some extent, but I’m pretty sure “white” skin was thought to be beautiful in Asia long before the first Europeans arrived. As I’m sure you already know, it’s much more about who works the fields (dark from the sun) vs. who is high status enough to have a job inside (white skin from lack of sun).


      • India is racist too against blacks and anyone non-Indian. America is racist towards blacks, just look at all those hate groups and the BLM movement. South Africa is racist towards whites. Whites are in fear of their lives there because of violence against them from blacks. You don’t see this in mainstream media because many people around the world think whites deserve it. Racism is everywhere.


  13. And I’m sorry about the comments about your wife. Honestly, you’re cool and I’m glad you were able to find someone like her who supports you. And she’s lucky to find such a cool guy like you too.

    It’s just too bad that a huge chunk of your followers are anti-feminism and are misogynic. And what’s more disturbing is the race baiter who read/watch your material to shit post on Asians while not wanting to give up their white privilege. They only use your material to make themselves feel better. Like I said before, a lot of people are obsessed with Asians. Whether they hate us or love us. The obsession is real.


  14. These self hating Asian women who worship whites are fucking cancer tho and I hope they die. The good news is out of 100 Asian women I meet, only like 5 of them are extremists like that. But with Filipino women, it’s about like the majority of them are white worshipping. Out of every 5 Filipino women, probly like 4.67 of them are white worshipping unfortunately

    Also, Most self hating Asian women I meet who worship whites are half asian/white females

    Thank god there’s not a lot of xiaxues that are running around. TOo bad they’re super loud af and attention whore tho that they receive too much attention and overshadow the majority of normal Asians.


    • I am a Filipino and most of us are not white worshipper. There’s a big difference between “worshipping” them versus “blending” with them especially in the workplace.

      Only less than 20percent of our population are hafu to deliberately choose white as partners and that less than 20percent is not exclusive to white only but also to other races like Arabs, Blacks and other Asians as well. We don’t tolerate racism.


  15. I don’t think Patrice realizes that a lot of the problem is that so many Asian women seek out white men much more than white men seek Asian women. For every 1 white man who is open to dating Asian women (notice I didn’t say “prefer,”) there are 20 Asian women in Asia who will choose him over their own Asian men solely because of his race. You can’t blame the white man completely about this. Men are simple creatures who just want pussy. A lot of Asian women want to be white. I blame their media for being fucked up. The vast majority of their celebrities are mixed with white or get surgery to look as white as possible. Their entertainment industry is fucked up like ours, maybe worse in some ways. At least we have all races and types in our industry.


  16. Dear Blog Owner:

    I’m so sorry for your experiences, and I even understand, to a certain extent, how you feel. I even get how this dynamic (white racist, self-hating Asian relationship) might even actually be a “real thing,” and that is scary and ultimately very, very sad. But I’d like you to consider the possibility that this is the exception and not the norm. I know what it’s like to be a minority and to feel racism in America, I really do. I’m an Asian-American woman and have dated Asian-American men and Caucasian men – and I’m now married to, as you would define it, an “alpha” Caucasian man who is highly successful and comes from a privileged background. He has dated Caucasian women, black women, and I was only the second Asian woman he ever dated. We married not because he is white or has status or because he wanted a “submissive woman” (haha, that’s definitely not what I am) but because we love each other. If anything, his “status”, as you call it, was a burden while I was dating him – it made things difficult for me because I was, and still am, constantly in social situations where I feel stretched and uncomfortable. Our children are beautiful and we’re proud of them. I teach them about all of their heritages, and we are trying our best to teach them to respect and love people from all sorts of places and backgrounds – the ability to be comfortable in many different social situations and cultures are essential in our increasingly global world, and I believe, it will ultimately be an advantage for them.

    I think things are changing now, although, yes I completely understand and agree that American culture is tough on Asian-American men (tough on us women as well in different ways!), and this is very much caused by the media and how we are portrayed. It makes me angry, too. I get that Asian mothers can be abusive from a Western point of view. But it’s called stopping the cycle, and I’m doing my best to stop it in my own life.

    Again, I’m so sorry for your experiences. But it’s not always like this. And there are lots of interracial couples that do not have this dynamic. My guess is that perhaps you were raised in a part of the US that is predominantly white, instead of an urban area on a coast where there are lots of interracial couples and lots of Asian communities with cultural, social, financial, and political power that is growing by the day. I know lots of people who are in Asian-Asian relationships and marriages and they are very happy. Their children are beautiful, too. I wish sometimes I did end up with an Asian man because we would understand each other better in some ways, but the strength of interracial marriage is that our differences help us understand other people from different backgrounds and help us to be more empathetic and understanding, I think! It has broadened my horizons and I know it has broadened my husband’s. For instance, he is more sensitive than he used to be about institutionalized racism and structural racism, about status, white privilege, etc., because I’ve shared with him my own struggles and the struggles of those near and dear to me. And it has made me even prouder of who I am, where I come from, and my Asian heritage. But we are, ultimately, human. It’s a shame and scourge on our world that we so often lose sight of this.

    Take care, and I do hope that you find healing and peace. It took me time to find this for myself, and it’s still a process for me. It’s difficult being the “other.” I grew up in mostly white neighborhoods, and it was hard feeling “ugly” because I didn’t look like everyone else. I’m over that now, thank goodness, and I really like myself and how I look, but it took a while. At the end of the day, people really are people, and we have more in common than we often think we do. And although culture and race do exist, certainly, I think it’s inaccurate and even dangerous to forget that people are individuals as well, and making blanket statements and judgments is not only hurtful to those being judged, but is also damaging to the one doing the judging.

    I say all this in kindness, and if I’ve offended you in any way, I’m sorry. That was not my intent.

    From, a warm-hearted empathetic person who happens to be an Asian-American woman. 🙂


    • Beautiful children wind up looking like Asian men 9 times out of 10. 90% of White / Asian marriages are between White men and Asian women. Logically – this implies that White men are superior to Asian men, not only socially but physically. Do you not have a feeling that your children are better than full Asians? Of course you do. And most half Asians internalize Whiteness over Asianness. That’s how it works, generally. Just make sure your children are prepared to see things equally, because as they get older – they look more Asian. I’ve seen this happen time after time after time after time. A Half Asian male is still an Asian male. It doesn’t matter how alpha the father is. My father was 6’3″, blue eyed and blond and I’m 3 inches shorter, skinnier, and look almost 100% Asian. I’ve heard “no Asian guys,” before.


    • You also do realize that with Asian women going after the most alpha white men – the message is reinforced that Asian men are inferior? Half Asian men are raised in a culture where 50% of Asian women outmarry, and even more date out, and even more go out of their way to attack and demonize and denigrate Asian males. What kind of message does that send? And what kind of message did that send thirty years ago?


    • You also do realize that with Asian women going after the most alpha white men – the message is reinforced that Asian men are inferior? Half Asian men are raised in a culture where 50% of Asian women outmarry, and even more date out, and even more go out of their way to attack and demonize and denigrate Asian males. What kind of message does that send? And what kind of message did that send thirty years ago?

      ” instead of an urban area on a coast where there are lots of interracial couples and lots of Asian communities with cultural, social, financial, and political power that is growing by the day. ”

      I grew up in NYC. The overwhelming majority of interracial couples are white men and Asian women.


    • And please don’t patronize me and say that there aren’t Asian women out there that overtly attack Asian males at every given opportunity, and that Asian women date and marry out of their race at astronomical rates.


    • And another thing, if it is indeed a “thing” that white supremacist men get with Asian women, and indeed a thing that there are very cringey, bad WMAF couples – then unfortunately my kind of mentality will be a “thing” too. That’s just a sad part of life. I write from the perspective of someone from that background. I have enough understanding of the situation to truly know just how bad that hole can be. There are A LOT of these couples. More than you can even imagine. And I’m sorry. It’s just going to get worse before it gets better.


  17. The reason this blog is successful isn’t because white dads and Asian moms made it successful. It’s because there are enough racist white guys and Asian girls out there that people have started to notice and think about what could happen if these horrific types have kids.


  18. The more I read your posts, I came to realize the problem is looking at the female perspective. Men are generally ignored and NOT appreciated for their looks. Sure, women are attracted to handsome men, but white doesn’t equal handsome. Asian women are seeking status, but seeking a low status white man without a good job or adequate income defeats that purpose. I always thought marrying in the west is about a green card. It is as a practical decision to date outside your race including that of limited dating opportunity for women and hypergamy. I was often exposed to the worst racial criticisms directed towards white people so there’s this too.


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