How to trigger a Half Asian male (with a white father and Asian mother)!

I am writing this from past experience and based on what triggered me and led to my downfall. As to why I am sharing this information – I don’t know. I just find it humorous. But more so because I understand these things so well.
How to trigger a half-Asian male with a white father and an Asian mother?
Tell him he looks full Asian. No – tell him he looks Asian.
He will snap.
The reasons for this are simple.
By and large, most half Asians internalize being Asian as a bad thing; and for good reason. The White male / Asian female disparity exists for a reason, for one thing.
The disparity exists, largely, for biological reasons (at least this was my interpretation of it growing up, sans any kind of outside intervention; I took the fact that 5 out of 6 of the Asian women in my family were married to white men, as de facto proof that being Asian, and a male, was bad. A death sentence, rather).
The second reason is because Asian mothers oftentimes reward Whiteness and white privilege. Many of them insist on it, and hype up the child’s Western features as opposed to his Asian ones – because for one, White children are a status boost over full Asians and within Asian society, and for two, being Asian is unwanted and humiliated by non-Asian populations.
Why do you think half-Asians, as opposed to biracial Latinos, biracial Indians, biracial Iranians, don’t create group after group after group celebrating their mixed-ness? They just exist. Half-Asians, on the other hand, make a big deal out of being half-Asian, rather than just being Asian. It’s almost as if Half Asians are covering up for something.
That’s not the least bit of it, though; remember how Elliot Rodger killed three Asian men, and several white women.
The reality was that he had inherited his white father’s entitlement. Faced with white fragility, and the fact that White women were not willing to marry him, Peter Rodger married not one, but two foreign women. Note how foreign women are seen as the antithesis to white American Anglo women, as being more manageable. Arguably, weaker men go for foreign women.
Half Asians inherit their fathers’ entitlement, plus their fragility, plus their mothers’ rewarding of Whiteness (probably the ultimate incentive for young males). Add to the fact that white men who like Asian women absolutely hate Asian men (because Asian men represent competition for the women that White men see as a last resort to maximize on their Whiteness); whereby half Asian men pick up on this hatred. Essentially, the worst white men (literal white supremacists in many cases) wind up marrying Asian women as a last ditch move to maximize on whiteness, and like it or not, many Half Asian sons inherit those horrible qualities (myself included)
So, half-Asian men develop unwarranted self-esteem and an image based on frankly, nothing, and when confronted with the inevitable racism they face, oftentimes sexual, they snap.
Think about it this way – no other ethnic group out-marries as much as Asian women. That means that every other ethnic group simply exists. Asian women exist to outmarry, to avoid Asian men. Everyone knows this. The media knows this.
So what exactly is so bad about being Asian?
Remember – the entire existence of half-Asians is predicated on the fact that Asian women don’t want to be Asian. Isn’t that amazing?
The reality is behind all of this, Hapa males, especially the ones who look Asian (I’d say half of us) and are indistinguishable from full Asians, spend our lives hiding. We hide in Asia, we hide behind myths of superiority, we hide behind a whole bunch of crap. You would think after 50 years of WMAW – there would be a successful Eurasian. So where is he?
Oh – I forgot, he came from AMWW.

🌟Why do the alt-right and White Supremacists hate me (a Half Asian blogger) so much?

After two years of /r/Hapas and my website, it seems that we have been brigaded multiple times – every single time by Alt-rightists and “conservative groups.”
/r/Hapas’ biggest thread of all time was just earlier today, where a group of alt-rightists brigaded the shit out of the sub. Most of the comments were deleted but the overwhelming majority of them were by posters with long histories of anti-social, right-wing, and for whatever reason, Islamophobia, which seemed to occur at rates of 100%.
It seems unusual that in the entire history of /r/Hapas – there has been only one poster that I recall who didn’t like the place – who had a history of actual liberalism; i.e., saying that Trump was a racist, and that not all Muslims were bad.
Literally every single poster who has come onto /r/hapas or even this website, and voiced his anger, has been an extreme racist who hates Islam, hates Western women, and hates blacks, Jews, or some other kind of garden-variety-racism. And trust me, we document this kind of thing.
My dad is a racist; a huge one, to the point of being hated profusely in his majority Blue state – death threats included. A big time racist, and not once in my life did he ever bother teaching me about my Asian heritage. Since day one, it was the Iliad that, Ezra Pound this, just Western literature. The reason was because he wanted an Asian wife because she would help him carry on his White Man Ideals. 
“The West is falling, but I can prevent that with a Eurasian son.” A traditional, family oriented Asian woman who appreciates m-m-m-muh whiteness.
“While Muslims and blacks take over Europe, well, hell, at least I can take over Asia.”
That’s why the alt-right hates anyone who criticizes WMAW so much. It’s almost mind blowing how Asian feminists and the extreme right, the Alt-Right Neo-Nazis of today, are unified in their hatred of me. Bizarre.
I’m not racist. I consider myself a normal guy who was blind-sided by society’s racism and by my own father’s autism and broken marriage. I wanted to be normal and still want to be normal, comfortable in my skin. I think back to all the times I was too shy to talk to that black girl or that Indian girl who were staring at me in cafeteria at the girls’  school, because I thought there was no way they liked a half-Asian guy, since naturally, 5 out of 6 of the Asian women in my family were with White men. And this was long before I knew other Hapas were out there; to me, it was like, Asian women defaulted to White men, so in the back of mind, better to be mixed than full Asian.
It’s very hard to be normal when your father is a hardcore White Nationalist who is married to an Asian woman whose desire was blue eyed, blond haired sons. It’s a huge mind-f**k. And the worst part is, neither one of them ever made an attempt to stop me as I flirted with Neo-Naziism or the right wing.
Asian women, to the right, are replacement White women. And to the left, well, most left-wing White men are still White men after all – they just go with the flow as long as it benefits them.
Their entire appeal is that they like White men, and everything White men have to stand for. For most of my life, I never wanted to date an Asian woman because to me, it was just a major affront to my ego, to go out with a woman whose only value she saw in me was my Whiteness.
My dad is a semi famous writer and activists who would agree with the alt-right on paper, very racist against minorities, thinks of Asians as “just like us,” thinks the Holocaust didn’t happen but should have, thinks Jews run Hollywood to promote degeneracy in the West, thinks ancient Egypt was a group of Satanists, thinks Julius Evola is good literature, thinks Star Wars and Harry Potter promote black magic, calls blacks the N-word, hates feminists. His wife of course like many of these men was a Chinese woman.
I find it weird that my dad laughs when he sees black men / White women on TV and says it’s Harvey Weinstein’s program, yet his wife was a Chinese woman. /r/Hapas exists because of this.
That and my dad telling me that I shouldn’t go out with white women because they’re sluts, and telling me that my first love (a black girl from the Bronx) had a dad who would kill me (because he was black, as in, he would kill me because that’s what black men do.
The alt-right does indeed love Asian women, because the alt-right, an entire movement whose word “cuck” is derivative from a type of pornography featuring black men and White women, is one based around a promotion of White masculinity, and Asian women are an affirmation of White masculinity.
It’s insane.
And yes, before anyone doubts it, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ADL, and Wikipedia all list the Alt-Right as White Supremacist.
And on Wikipedia’s page for prominent Alt-Rightists, half of them are either married to Asian (in one case Iranian) women, or have studied Japanese languages. One actually is an Asian woman.
The real question should be: why do disenfranchised white males hate me? Well – because I call them out. Because like my father, men unable to compete in the real world with competition from multiculturalism and feminism (yes, competition from women), these desperate young men, unable to attract women with the charm or mystery of men who grew up with actual difficulty in their lives,  turn to the one group of women who they feel will “save them” from their ills. Asian women. 
What really blows my mind is how the alt-right seems to have a fixation on this one man,  Count , who they deem as responsible for the downfall of Western civilization.
They also don’t seem to realize that this man was half-Asian, with an Asian mother and white father.
They don’t seem to realize that they face a dead end – that they cannot continue their racist existence via the wombs of Asian women, lest their own children turn on them, and I think this is the real reason why they hate me so much – because I remind them of their own demise.
The hypocrisy of this alone is staggering… I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.
The word “cuck” is borrowed heavily from a fear White men have of being “cucked” by darker, “more masculine” men, yet when confronted with their hypocrisy so many of these men snap, and start acting like their own hated “SJWs” with regards to this WMAW issue, throwing around words like “reverse racism,” and “racism against White men.”
It seems unusual that that alt-right savagely hate Western feminism and Western women – disparaging Western women for their so called desire to “cuckold” white males – yet have an intense dislike for a subreddit that calls out the hypocrisy of their preference for Asian women, since naturally, we are the sons and daughters of White supremacists who… didn’t manage to marry White women.

More on Asian women, white privilege, and why they set their Hapa sons up for failure as opposed to Asian fathers / non-Asian mothers

Someone posted this on Reddit today about how their friend met a Hapa guy who was outgoing, charming, handsome and successful. He said, “is his mom Chinese?” and the woman’s response was, “no, his dad, of course.” Of course.

I was grabbing dinner with an old friend and former co-worker earlier (gorgeous mixed race black girl, works in tech, really smart, super insanely successful career that’s left mine in the dust, and just a really friendly kind person). She mentioned she dumped her ex (white dude with no job, no ambition), and started seeing a new guy, who she couldn’t stop bragging about. For about 10 minutes straight, she told me how he was a really good guy, and also smart, successful, insanely jacked, teaches yoga and is a semi-professional race biker on the side. She talked about this guy for 10 minutes straight without once mentioning his race (could you imagine WMAF going 10 minutes talking about their partner without mentioning their race? I can’t either). Then she showed me a photo of this guy, and I had to ask…
“Is he hapa?” “Yeah, he’s half Chinese.” “White dad?” “No, Chinese dad, of course!”
I didn’t ask her to elaborate on what that “of course” means… but I think everyone on this sub (hell, everyone in the world) knows what she meant when she said “of course”…

People don’t really understand Asian women very well – they’re not in a position to truly understand their psychopathy. Amy Chua was the first inkling something was wrong; then Tila Tequila, the literal Asian-female Neo-Nazi; Celeste Ng, who lied and wrote an entire book to frame Asian males / White women as the culprit in a family tragedy despite the story being based on her own experiences with other White man / Asian woman couples. 
Ever notice how the vast majority of Asian women even in metropolitan areas bee-line for White men? They don’t go for black, Latino, Arab, or Asian men – only white.
Want to know why? My mother encouraged me to check “white” on my university application. She complimented my tall nose, and light colored eyes – all of which turned darker in time. My father, of course, not once taught me anything about my Asian heritage, only hoisting old copies of Western epics onto me with the assumption that I would be able to “carry on the flame of the White man,” as if my Asian mother was some noble alternative to degenerate white women.
Asian women want their kids to be white. They want to fit in, to feel privileged, and they want their children to look white, think white; ever notice how Asian women give their sons White-Western names (Tom, Jordan, Chris, Brad) and their daughters names like Meiko, Lin, Keiko, Leili or something? Not always – but it happens enough. They want to recreate White men / Asian women couples in their children.
Here’s the proof, from a Chinese-White Australian girl who won an award for best youth filmmaking in Australia.

So when guys like me, replacement white guys raised by replacement white people, tried to enter into the upper echelons of society (Ivy League), I encountered racism for my Asian side, and of course, a lot of this came form Asian women themselves.
There’s literally nothing you can do to counter anti-Asian male racism from Asian women themselves. If you have an Asian father, you can gloat about it, about how your parents helped defeat stereotypes. But at that young age I was like, well I guess I just lost, period.
Asian women want their children to be white. Period. And when the children inevitably fail, we have a combination of white-fragility, plus a sudden blow out of privilege being stripped away, and a complete lack of support from our parents.
That is why so many WMAW Eurasians are absolutely crazy and AMWW Hapas actually teach their kids resilience and how to succeed.
What’s even worse is that Asian women actually marry down. Their only priority is marrying white to the point that they marry men way beneath them economically. My mother snapped after my dad turned out to be a conspiracy theorist believing Holocaust denying guy who didn’t want to work simply because he believed Jesus was coming back to punish the Negros and Jews in New York.
I was raised to believe white is right and so when I was in my Ivy League school I was just floored by the racism I met. It was like a shotgun blast to the chest. Being a “nice guy,” egalitarian, outgoing and friendly really doesn’t mean shit when you have the literally worst people on earth raising you. And for the White woman / black woman + Asian male couples out there, please understand this. There’s nothing wrong with being mixed, but there’s something fundamentally wrong with Asians and Whites, particularly the WMAW couple. Period.
That’s only a tiny bit of the difference between AMWF and WMAF. Lots of it otherwise has to do with the fact that only cream of the crop Asian males reproduce with non-Asian women, and pretty much any white loser can get an Asian woman. Of course this might seem like hocus pocus unless you really lived it. And I really lived it.

This Australian White Supremacist who threatened Muslims with terror attacks – has an Filipino wife; imagine the children this guy would create

I’m literally warning you people – I have a mentally ill brother who is under watch by the local police force. My father is an autistic white supremacist Asiaphile who speaks multiple Asian languages and also believes the Holocaust did not happen and that Muslims are a death cult. My mother also was hoping that I had blue eyes as a child.
Imagine my issues.
Think about it this way – imagine the worst possible white men; they have extremist views, are unable to compete in the real world, and can’t get a white woman on board with their extremist, anti-social beliefs.
Wouldn’t an Asian woman who barely speaks English, has no cultural understanding of racism or white supremacy, and wants a white baby – be a perfect fit?
You’ve been warned.
Link where Cerminara’s wife is confirmed as Asian.

Nice little post on /r/Hapas where a Hapa girl describes how her own mother admits that Half Asian sons look “too Asian” and how Asian moms try to push us to marry Asian women because they’re afraid we get mistreated by White women.

Want to know the incredible racist scam half Asians live under?

Read this post on /r/Hapas – the biggest Half Asian website of all time, which received 970,000 views in a single month.

The post is a Half Asian girl grilling her Asian mother about what kind of man she wants her daughter to marry; then questioning her Asian mother about her Asian looking brother.
Here ya go!
The archive is here. Original here!

I was super apprehensive after stumbling upon this subreddit. But…yall are actually on to something. Especially if its a WMAF.
So anyway I wanted to test this with my own mom. I asked her what kind of man she would want me to marry one day. She responded with, “A white man. You look white anyway.” I pressed on and asked her why not an Asian man. She grew kind of irritated and asked me why it mattered. She eventually said “Asian men don’t like white girls anyway. It is just better to marry a white guy.”
I asked her which she would prefer Id marry: an asian or a black guy. She had to think about her response much longer this time. But eventually said black.
I always loved being mixed. I don’t believe I look completely white passing, although I would say I lean toward looking more white than asian. I never realized it but as a younger girl, especially early teen years, I would purposely try to look more white. At the time I never really thought about WHY I wanted to look more white; it was just something I did as I saw my mother lighten her skin, dyed her hair, got colored contacts etc.
Damn. I’m really not trying to adopt my mom’s self hatred. Where do you go from here?

Her follow up.

Back with an update!
Conversation didn’t go over so well. I asked what kind of woman she wanted my brother to marry, and without fail, said she wanted him to marry an asian women as they will “treat him better than white women”
As for the suggestion of me marrying a hapa. She said hapa males come out looking too asian. She said it as if it was a bad thing which then prompted a long argument. I fiercely love my younger brother (he is 11 I am 22) and I had to step up and raise him when he was first born due to family issues.
I brought up what this subreddit is all about. She said she wanted my brother to marry an asian women because they will ‘treat him better’, but I mentioned how is that possible when tons of asian women, like herself, disregard asian men. I didn’t expect her to give a well thought out answer of course. After accusing her she let me know what an ungrateful daughter I am and that I will not understand the struggle asian women face as I look ‘white enough’
Taking my brother and gonna sleep back at my apartment tonight.

More on Kyle Chapman, “Based Stickman,” Nazi, alt-right hero with an Asian son; dipping bullets in bacon oil to kill Muslims, advocating for “removal” of political opponents and supporting “Western chauvinism.”

If anyone is looking to understand why Half Asians will be such a problematic demographic, especially those with Asian mothers and White fathers.

My father is a Nazi sympathizer, Holocaust denier and semi-famous homophobe writer and fundamentalist Christian who thinks Jews run Hollywood and that the National Socialists did nothing wrong; his wife was also a woman from Hong Kong.
Kyle Chapman was recently exposed for his role as “Based Stickman,” or becoming an “alt-right hero” in which he pepper sprayed and beat several anti-fascist protesters at a Trump rally.
He recently was invited to do an AMA on /r/the_Donald, the leading subreddit for alt-right politics – as, without a doubt, he is a hero among the alt-right.
A fully sourced exposure of Kyle Chapman is found at
From his introduction to his AMA. Original here, archived here.

Our brethren in Europe, they’re struggling right now. Their societies are under vicious attack from Islam, Globalization and Neo-Marxism. Our European Brethren are in a struggle for their very existence. Let’s send them our prayers and support their causes wherever we can. People like Farage, Wilders, and Le Pen are leading the fight for the preservation of European civilization. Let’s support these brave warriors and saviors of the West.

From his /r/The_donald interview, where he brags about how his son will carry on his tradition of Western chauvinism. Archived link to comment here. 

I’m a married man, but my wife was very proud of me, and definitely let me know how proud she was when I got out of jail. Destroying Socialism has been a life long goal, and I don’t see that happening in my generation, but I definitely look forward to seeing my son carry the flame.

Another quote:

For those who don’t know who the Proud Boys are, or what the 2nd Degree is, the Proud Boys are a fraternal organization founded on a system of beliefs and values of minimal government, maximum freedom, anti-political correctness, anti-racial guilt, pro-gun rights, anti-Drug War, closed borders, anti-masturbation, venerating entrepreneurs and housewives, and reinstating a spirit of Western chauvinism during an age of globalism and multiculturalism.

Chapman’s Facebook profile revealed that he actually dipped bullets in bacon grease with the explicit purpose of killing Muslims. Source.
Kyle’s Facebook likes are seen here.
One interesting tidbit of information is how Kyle was actually bailed out of jail by a fellow alt-rightist with an Asian wife: Chuck C. Johnson.

Also, while Chapman was initially charged with up to 6 felonies, including assault with a deadly weapon, he was bailed out with the help of the crowdfunding efforts of Alt-Right (most notably WeSearcher, an Alt-Right platform run by Chuck C. Johnson), pro-Trump internet activists, and those involved in calling the rally like Rich Black. As of this writing, it appears that charges have not been filed against him, but the situation remains under investigation by Berkeley PD. We have also heard that Trump supporters are actively working with the police to ID antifascists.