How to trigger a Half Asian male (with a white father and Asian mother)!

I am writing this from past experience and based on what triggered me and led to my downfall. As to why I am sharing this information – I don’t know. I just find it humorous. But more so because I understand these things so well.
How to trigger a half-Asian male with a white father and an Asian mother?
Tell him he looks full Asian. No – tell him he looks Asian.
He will snap.
The reasons for this are simple.
By and large, most half Asians internalize being Asian as a bad thing; and for good reason. The White male / Asian female disparity exists for a reason, for one thing.
The disparity exists, largely, for biological reasons (at least this was my interpretation of it growing up, sans any kind of outside intervention; I took the fact that 5 out of 6 of the Asian women in my family were married to white men, as de facto proof that being Asian, and a male, was bad. A death sentence, rather).
The second reason is because Asian mothers oftentimes reward Whiteness and white privilege. Many of them insist on it, and hype up the child’s Western features as opposed to his Asian ones – because for one, White children are a status boost over full Asians and within Asian society, and for two, being Asian is unwanted and humiliated by non-Asian populations.
Why do you think half-Asians, as opposed to biracial Latinos, biracial Indians, biracial Iranians, don’t create group after group after group celebrating their mixed-ness? They just exist. Half-Asians, on the other hand, make a big deal out of being half-Asian, rather than just being Asian. It’s almost as if Half Asians are covering up for something.
That’s not the least bit of it, though; remember how Elliot Rodger killed three Asian men, and several white women.
The reality was that he had inherited his white father’s entitlement. Faced with white fragility, and the fact that White women were not willing to marry him, Peter Rodger married not one, but two foreign women. Note how foreign women are seen as the antithesis to white American Anglo women, as being more manageable. Arguably, weaker men go for foreign women.
Half Asians inherit their fathers’ entitlement, plus their fragility, plus their mothers’ rewarding of Whiteness (probably the ultimate incentive for young males). Add to the fact that white men who like Asian women absolutely hate Asian men (because Asian men represent competition for the women that White men see as a last resort to maximize on their Whiteness); whereby half Asian men pick up on this hatred. Essentially, the worst white men (literal white supremacists in many cases) wind up marrying Asian women as a last ditch move to maximize on whiteness, and like it or not, many Half Asian sons inherit those horrible qualities (myself included)
So, half-Asian men develop unwarranted self-esteem and an image based on frankly, nothing, and when confronted with the inevitable racism they face, oftentimes sexual, they snap.
Think about it this way – no other ethnic group out-marries as much as Asian women. That means that every other ethnic group simply exists. Asian women exist to outmarry, to avoid Asian men. Everyone knows this. The media knows this.
So what exactly is so bad about being Asian?
Remember – the entire existence of half-Asians is predicated on the fact that Asian women don’t want to be Asian. Isn’t that amazing?
The reality is behind all of this, Hapa males, especially the ones who look Asian (I’d say half of us) and are indistinguishable from full Asians, spend our lives hiding. We hide in Asia, we hide behind myths of superiority, we hide behind a whole bunch of crap. You would think after 50 years of WMAW – there would be a successful Eurasian. So where is he?
Oh – I forgot, he came from AMWW.

5 thoughts on “How to trigger a Half Asian male (with a white father and Asian mother)!

  1. “Asian women exist to outmarry, to avoid Asian men. Everyone knows this. The media knows this.” So by your accounting the near billion or more Asian women on this planet live to outmarry. Also, by your logic I guess every stereotype that exists is true for every single person on the planet.
    EW, I agree with the fact that often if not most WMAF couplings are toxic but to make such an absolute statement paints you as a chicken little(I had harsher words but refrained). Yes, you’re a product of WMAF but that’s no excuse. An ivy league education should have prepared you to have some logic in your thinking.


  2. Funny, my experience is exactly the opposite. My older brother and I spent over a decade hearing about the merits of Chinese culture and customs from our Chinese mom, and we assumed that we, too were Chinese despite being mixed. Actually, 90% of Asians think I look white. To this day it feels slightly aggravating when a Chinese person tells me my Chinese is “so impressive for a white guy.”


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