Xiaxue, mother to an Asian looking Asian boy, officially endorse Trump in front of one of the most racist subs on Reddit, /r/the_donald

Gee, racist, White supremacist, sexually confused, mentally damaged Hapa males – where have we seen that before?
Archive here.
She appears on /r/the_donald, one of the most racist, hated subs on Reddit.
She freely uses the term cucks.
Here’s her defense in /r/Singapore. Asian women are the only group of women who somehow manage to mix white supremacist redpill HBD talk with feminism. It’s insane.
Here’s her son:

Another WMAW couple appears on Red Ice Radio – a white supremacist media outlet

It’s not the first time either. See Rachel Dahl and her husband who posted here to defend her.
Red Ice Radio is a white supremacist radio station.
My dad probably listens to stuff like this. He was fond of HAM radio back in the day, and loves Alex Jones and would listen to these weird garage radio stations with guys ranting about Jews and blacks. Part of the reason why my mother went nuts was because my father believed the end of the world was coming and Christ was coming back to annihilate the Jews and negroes, so he abandoned his pension plan or 401k or whatever and instead focused on becoming a full-time religioprepper, or whatever. I’m serious.
Anyways, the purpose of this blog is to advertise the immense amount of internal strife and racism I feel, having a literal white supremacist father who went for an Asian woman. It seems in 2017, it is more likely that a white supremacist finds a non-white wife – in particular Asian, than a white one.
It would be ironic, if it wasn’t so ironic. It’s not one or two. It’s literally thousands of these guys. Here’s the ones that were stupid enough to brag about it.
People don’t quite understand the depth of Asian self hatred. The idea that Asians are inferior to whites is so ingrained in some Asians – the anger and desperation to get away from them – is so compelling that it propels Asian women to marry literal white supremacists. Not once or twice, but by the thousands.
I used to be involved with white supremacists, one of whom tried to get me into his criminal plot to…. do violence. Luckily I said no. He crept on my Facebook and asked me why I had so many Asian girls in my friends. These Asian girls, in fact, were my dear cousins.
My self hatred still lingers. Even today, when it gets hot, I feel the Asianness in my hair; the oiliness in my skin, the thinness of my bones; the grease on my temples. Yeah.
It’s not a good sign for these children. All I do, is try to express why this is happening and what will result.
In fact, Richard Spencer, leader of the alt-right who himself had yellow fever and married the closest thing he could find to a submissive white woman – a black haired Russian woman, commented that there were a ton of Half-Asians appearing at his white nationalist conferences. The grown up sons of racist white men and Asian women.
Stormfront actually just had a 15 page thread expressing adulation for a man married to an Asian woman.  “Based Stickman – a hero arises,” is the name a Stormfront poster titled a thread about a man with a half-Asian son.
This half-Asian guy on Reddit pretty much summed up why White Supremacists love Asian women. Oftentimes other people can do the mental legwork after your mental legs wear out.

On average, Asian women are more white supremacist than white women. These pathetic white supremacists know most white women are too smart and educated to buy into white supremacy because they are all too familiar with all the horrific crimes white men have committed throughout the years because they themselves have suffered because of them. Only an ignorant, delusional women of color who is unaware of the true nature of white males is still dumb enough to buy into white supremacy, and if these Alt-Right cukkks don’t have an Asian wife, they marry another white-worshiping, self-hating women of color like a latina in Nathan Damigo’s case, an Iranian in Mike Cernovich’s case, or a Native American in Gavin McInnes’s case.


Guardians of the Galaxy 2 proves all of my theories about Half-Asians and popular conceptions of WMAW.

Mantis, a stereotypical Asian dunce character played by a WMAW Eurasian woman with a White dad. Yes, a white dad, proving that so many of us look full Asian.

The character “Mantis” is an Asian woman who is used as a butt of a lot of jokes for being an asexual unattractive dunce who is completely naive about her… abilities, and doesn’t seem to balk at insults. I’ve never seen abuse of an Asian person in a movie that was this bad since Sixteen Candles.
Ironically she is reminded for a huge chunk of the movie in a recurring joke that she is “ugly.” She actually isn’t, but her character is portrayed as extremely naive in a way that rings Asian-waifu-kawaii.
The problem here is that she is reminded over and over of her ugliness by an actor who is the son of an Asian guy and a white woman – Dave Batista. He literally gags for no reason at the thought of being with her physically, after saying that he “prefers a woman with more meat on her.” It was insane. People in the theater I was in – a 100% Chinese audience in a billion dollar mall decked out in Gucci and Canali – were muttering that it was racist.
The actress herself (I had NO IDEA) is actually a WMAW Eurasian woman (who even I, the world’s premier expert on Eurasian issues, couldn’t tell) whose real life brother killed himself.
Sound familiar?
So not only do WMAW Eurasians look more Asian, but just like in real life they are humiliated and treated like crap by the sons of Asian men. Even more so the character of Mantis reflects popular opinions that Asian women aren’t seen as beautiful by anyone other than a specific group of non-Asian men…. not the winners. This has long been an underhanded trope in mainstream media, where Asian women are paired up with the dorks. (I’ll source this if I have time later). Even Zoe Saldana, a high-yellow Dominicana, is seen as being more suitable for the white male leads these days. Star Trek, Beauty and the Beast, and the Walking Dead, have all decided to go with the white male / black female – which is ironically *less disturbing* (or less played out) than WMAW.
It’s almost as if Asian women essentially went too far in allowing themselves to be fetishized to the point that people notice that it’s disturbing and worthy of disdain; that the ridiculously unbalanced portrayal of Asian women vs. Asian men meant an inherent stigmatization that any non-Asian man who would be seen with one necessarily had to be… weird, or desperate, or… whatever. It’s crazy. My opinion is that WMAW went way too far, with Amy Chua, Elliot Rodger (whose father worked in Hollywood and ran in those circles). Meanwhile Asian men finally are getting to feel the pendulum swing back to the other side, ironically just because their female counterparts went too far. It’s as if people are trying to actively go in a new direction.
WMAW, unfortunately, is not a new direction. It’s an old one, and an ugly one.
Prey, the Triple A game that came out this week, features a main character with an Asian last name and a clear nod to his mixed heritage where he has – yes, a white mother and Asian father.

Actual Neo-Nazi admits to Jared Taylor of American Renaissance that he has an Asian wife and Asian children

Planet Elliot Rodger: Neo Nazi has Asian wife and Asian kids

Of course, an unattractive, wimpy white guy thinks it’s a better deal to get with an Asian woman who makes him feel big for being white, for being “traditional and family oriented” and wants integration… with an actual Nazi.
You’ve been warned about these children. In 1967, White racist men married white women; in 2017, they marry family oriented, traditional, chaste Asian women whose dream is to integrate and have blue eyed children, almost as a default.
See this list? https://www.reddit.com/r/hapas/comments/5nafhd/updated_2017_full_list_of_neonazis_altrights/
I was raised by an identically white supremacist male, who married an Asian woman because he thought she was “traditional,” and wound up with two mentally ill sons, the better of whom lost many of his friends by being swayed by his father’s politics to become a white supremacist. I was a fairly well known one, and my father knew I had turned to White Supremacy, and he made to attempt to stop me, his half Asian son.
Asian women want integration, white skinned, blue eyed children, as do white supremacist men. They literally are creating the next generation of very poorly adjusted, spree shooter, Elliot Rodger clones, children raised by the new generation of white supremacists, yet still are shamed by both society and their parents for looking too Asian.


Ever notice this archetype?

The scowling red-eyed Asian woman walking ten feet in front of her white boyfriend / husband, who looks like he uses Linux at work and in his personal life and had zero chance of reproducing without the help of Asian women, pushing the stroller.
The miserable Hapa son / daughter who looks like she’s in tears.
The screaming Asian woman driving while the white husband cowers in the passenger seat.
Every single one of the Asian women in my family (5 out of 6 of them are with white men) has the same behavior – screaming, insulting behavior (“what the hell is wrong with you?”), constant anger, resentment, and bitterness towards their husbands, who are all very, very meek men. Compare these to how happy AM/WW couples look.
Ever wonder why these couples exist?
Ever wonder why Asian women seem so angry despite getting what they wanted – a white man?
My parents were the same way. Fifteen years of no sex, constant fighting, constant physical abuse where my mother would hit her two Hapa sons, her white husband, and scream on the phone to her sisters about how he was such a loser. Pulling me into her bedroom talking about how her husband ate a bag of chips at once. How he ate sugar right out of the bag. Hitting us with spatulas, hitting us with the dull end of a Chinese cleaver, and coat hangers. She called the cops on him not once, but twice, winding up with two Italian barely-20-year-old-cops listening to an Asian woman explain how her husband wasn’t letting her watch “Schindler’s List” because it was directed by a Jew, in front of two Asian looking children.
Wonder why?
It’s the same reason Asian women complain about yellow fever – it’s because they know that being Asian, they are not the first pick for white men. They are the last pick. Asian women are favored for being “anti-feminist,” for being less “pesky” than those white women. They are favored, most of all, for being “easy” as long as you are a white guy. That’s it. They’re the best you can do as long as you’re white and can’t do anything else. It’s easy Asian pussy – or no pussy at all.
Note how White men always refer to Asian women for their “slimess,” their feminine demure. It’s almost like referring to a child. And nobody is really, truly sexually attracted to children. It’s always “my Asian wife,” not “my wife.”
So by getting with a white man – the Asian woman actually lowers her status, rather than raising it. She lowers her status, like my mother did, by being with the lower end of white men, because real athletic, confident, outgoing White men do not get with Asian women, because the stigma is far too great. So the anger is that in pursuing a “better life” (like most Asian women are trained from birth to do), they actually pursued a worse one. And by pursuing status, they actually wound up crashing it, because by being with white men, and only white men, they just wind up looking exactly like a stereotype. Nobody likes stereotypes. In fact, not even the white men like being with a stereotype; they don’t like looking like stereotypes, and deep down they always are holding out for a White woman.
The nerdy white guy, plus an Asian woman? In the eyes of the world – that’s a stereotype, one that nobody likes. An Asian women are smart enough to know that.
So the constant micro aggression, plus the fact that they date and marry white, yet realize that their husbands and boyfriends are white women’s leftovers, plus the realization that their sons looks Asian, plus the realization that their integration plans fail since nobody takes them seriously –
Angry faces, all the time.
Compare that to the White women who like Asian men, because, frankly, they’re good looking and are nice guys and actually work for a living and make the women feel good about themselves.
If Asian women and white men were so happy in their relationships they wouldn’t constantly be hating on AMWF.

My predictions on Half Asians, and the stages of grief

Bad stuff. I’ve finally entered the final stage of grief, yet recognize exactly the stage of anger that led to the creation of this blog. Ironically I understood the forces at work here and recognized it was never love, so I feel better about my identity – in that I understand there is nothing wrong with me physically. (Mentally, yeah, I’m still screwed). The problem is that I understand that the same forces that screwed me are going to send a lot of young Hapas directly into the anger stage.

Hence the Hapacalypse.

Societal’s double standard where it fetishizes Asian women, Asian women are the number one choice for racist white men (to the point of choosing them over White women simply because they explicitly reward unapologetic whiteness), and the insane racism against White women who date Asian men, means there are going to be…
A lot of half Asian sons born to hyper racists.
In fact, Asian women are the preferred women for the most racist, bitter, angry men on earth. It’s almost as if those white men who fail to get what they want from White women – rely exclusively on Asian women, meaning that the most racist, mentally disturbed, vicious White men default to having Half Asian sons.
It’s hard enough being biracial but now it’s even harder balancing looking like an Asian male (enemy), emasculation, PLUS having a white conservative father who wanted a traditional wife who made him feel big for being white – plus an Asian mother who wanted to integrate into White Power(TM).
It’s probably worse now than it ever was, since WMAW has become so common that it’s essentially the default. That means that Asian women are highly valued, while Asian men will represent the looming Yellow Threat. While Asian women are absorbed to the point of normalcy, where WMAW is “expected”, Asian men will be even more routinely denigrated by Asian women as well as white men as being worthless. That means, unfortunately, a lot more Hapa males are gonna be caught in this mess.
My own internal racism, raised as a high achieving “white” kid – is a pretty good gauge of how Asian males will be treated. It’s not good. My own mental state, which I expected to improve with time – is not, so I assume that I am not alone in feeling that Asian fetishists and white racist men aren’t a good mix.
What’s gonna happen:

  • A Dylan Roof type incident with a hapa guy pulling the trigger
  • A hapa guy will pull another Elliot Rodger and kill Asian male / white female couples
  • A white guy with an Asian wife will become a right wing extremist (already happening with Stickman Kyle Chapman, Cernovich and Gavin McInnes).
  • A white loser stereotype with an Asian fetish will attempt to murder Asian male / white female couples
  • A black kid will get shot by a half Asian cop with a white Dad and Asian mom – probably Filipino or Thai mom.
  • Major corporations and political structures being headed by the sons of Asian men and non Asian women.

All those guys in the picture above – happened in the last 2-3 years. The Hapacalypse is the real deal folks.