My predictions on Half Asians, and the stages of grief

Bad stuff. I’ve finally entered the final stage of grief, yet recognize exactly the stage of anger that led to the creation of this blog. Ironically I understood the forces at work here and recognized it was never love, so I feel better about my identity – in that I understand there is nothing wrong with me physically. (Mentally, yeah, I’m still screwed). The problem is that I understand that the same forces that screwed me are going to send a lot of young Hapas directly into the anger stage.

Hence the Hapacalypse.

Societal’s double standard where it fetishizes Asian women, Asian women are the number one choice for racist white men (to the point of choosing them over White women simply because they explicitly reward unapologetic whiteness), and the insane racism against White women who date Asian men, means there are going to be…
A lot of half Asian sons born to hyper racists.
In fact, Asian women are the preferred women for the most racist, bitter, angry men on earth. It’s almost as if those white men who fail to get what they want from White women – rely exclusively on Asian women, meaning that the most racist, mentally disturbed, vicious White men default to having Half Asian sons.
It’s hard enough being biracial but now it’s even harder balancing looking like an Asian male (enemy), emasculation, PLUS having a white conservative father who wanted a traditional wife who made him feel big for being white – plus an Asian mother who wanted to integrate into White Power(TM).
It’s probably worse now than it ever was, since WMAW has become so common that it’s essentially the default. That means that Asian women are highly valued, while Asian men will represent the looming Yellow Threat. While Asian women are absorbed to the point of normalcy, where WMAW is “expected”, Asian men will be even more routinely denigrated by Asian women as well as white men as being worthless. That means, unfortunately, a lot more Hapa males are gonna be caught in this mess.
My own internal racism, raised as a high achieving “white” kid – is a pretty good gauge of how Asian males will be treated. It’s not good. My own mental state, which I expected to improve with time – is not, so I assume that I am not alone in feeling that Asian fetishists and white racist men aren’t a good mix.
What’s gonna happen:

  • A Dylan Roof type incident with a hapa guy pulling the trigger
  • A hapa guy will pull another Elliot Rodger and kill Asian male / white female couples
  • A white guy with an Asian wife will become a right wing extremist (already happening with Stickman Kyle Chapman, Cernovich and Gavin McInnes).
  • A white loser stereotype with an Asian fetish will attempt to murder Asian male / white female couples
  • A black kid will get shot by a half Asian cop with a white Dad and Asian mom – probably Filipino or Thai mom.
  • Major corporations and political structures being headed by the sons of Asian men and non Asian women.

All those guys in the picture above – happened in the last 2-3 years. The Hapacalypse is the real deal folks.

4 thoughts on “My predictions on Half Asians, and the stages of grief

  1. I think a lot of what you say is so spot on. I wrote a post about the effects of being mixed/Hapa in American Society and how that differs by sex (see in my public diary (see I have been trying to engage in discussion with the Asian American online community but have been shunned, blocked or banned for my views. Where can people like us engage in a community discussion?


  2. I just watched your youtube podcast with Persephone and loved it. I loved the part where u said that asian women are misogynists so they can be lazy and avoid having career goals. My mom, who is Asian, literally said to me and my twin brother, “Women should be banned from university because they are just taking spaces away from men who will actually work, while women should just have kids.”


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