Xiaxue, mother to an Asian looking Asian boy, officially endorse Trump in front of one of the most racist subs on Reddit, /r/the_donald

Gee, racist, White supremacist, sexually confused, mentally damaged Hapa males – where have we seen that before?
Archive here.
She appears on /r/the_donald, one of the most racist, hated subs on Reddit.
She freely uses the term cucks.
Here’s her defense in /r/Singapore. Asian women are the only group of women who somehow manage to mix white supremacist redpill HBD talk with feminism. It’s insane.
Here’s her son:

5 thoughts on “Xiaxue, mother to an Asian looking Asian boy, officially endorse Trump in front of one of the most racist subs on Reddit, /r/the_donald

  1. It’s quite possible that she sells her body to dumb toothless rednecks. It might be their sole source of income


  2. big problem is she is like 5 feet tall and her hubby is not much taller.. their kid is likely 5’4-5’6, giving him much lower SMV than an average height dude. This is like half the issue with Asian guys’ attractiveness. You could focus on that, e.g., encouraging people to consider the height of their kids (or encouraging hapa guys to work out more to maximize their potential), but as far as I can see, you don’t because you don’t care about providing practical help to anyone…


  3. She’s a crazy self-hating Asian woman. She even accused her YT husband for not having strong genes enough to make their son look more white. I’ve always knew that there was something wrong with her before she became big on social media.


    • LOL
      Typical dumb Asian females who don’t understand biology/genetics
      Asian females have POVERTY genetics.
      Anything else (white female or black female is better in producing strong, robust looking sons…ON AVERAGE
      (This is why 100% Asian males look the way they do – b/c of Asian females poverty genetics – which has a higher input weighting of contribution to the gene pool)
      NEVER, EVER mate with an Asian female (whomever you are).
      If you care about how your sons will look!
      Asian female + white man, if they have a SON…he’s fucked.
      B/c he will look near fully 100% Asian when he grows up.
      That’s b/c the poverty Asian females genes will dominate.
      Typical Asian female genes: short, small boned, small frame (not robust), dweeby neotenous face (not robust or good traits for males/sons), no brow ridge, chinky eyes
      Doesn’t even matter what the white man looks like.
      Wil still inherit traits more from his Asian mother’s side.
      He’s fucked physically.
      And mentally he’s even more fucked.
      The son won’t be able to use the white privilge card while looking like a Asian.


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