The fascinating sociological examination of /r/hapas, and the communities formed by the “Happy Hapas” who were banned and exiled

/r/hapas – which by the way – had another million view month, was always staunchly anti-racist, and never tolerated racist views of blacks, Muslims, Latinos or other groups. There are instances where it slips through, due to the fact that Hapas on the whole are very racist, but moderators work to stamp out racism.
Many Hapas have been banned from /r/hapas. Generally their crimes are racism, bullying, but overall just saying the usual lies about /r/hapas being a circle-jerk, or an echo chamber, or populated by alts – all of which seem strange accusations given the anger generated by being banned from a circle jerk seems to cause other Hapas.
A new subreddit was formed as a response to /r/hapas, called alt_hapa.
The amazing thing is, that despite being filled with posts about /r/hapas’ moderator EurasianTiger, the other posts seem to be filled, and I mean filled, with:

  • Hapas who post on subs like /r/theDonald, /r/antisjw, and other racist, right-wing subs.
  • Hapas who use their argument that they don’t look that Asian, as proof that they have nothing in common with Asians and /r/hapas.

The incredible irony here is that /r/hapas criticizes many Happy Hapas as being both racist, and finding their happiness in not looking Asian (a very flimsy happiness, since looks change with age).
So essentially, Happy Hapas have more in common with Elliot Rodger, than do the unhappy Hapas.
I’ve written many times how I was lulled into becoming a white supremacist, right-wing guy by my father – a Holocaust denying man who sought out a traditional Asian woman who was guaranteed to never express interest in anything black. (He was right about that). My father nor any of the Asian women in my family attempted to stop me as I started becoming active in White Nationalism and Neo Nazism, even when I was writing letters to my father about how I thought blonde and blue eyed people were angels and how Hitler was still alive in Argentina. I’m serious.
Below is an interesting post from 2014 (from a poster of whose identity I’m still not sure of) on how the average Happy Hapa, an obnoxious, arrogant, narcissistic male, has much more in common with Elliot Rodger than do people like me – people who dream of egalitarianism, rather than using their whiteness as a stepping stone.
He was referring to /r/Whasian – a subreddit that was created in 2014 to combat /r/hapas’ growth, and was eventually revealed to be created by an MRA, MGTOW White Nationalist with Half Asian children.
In this case, /r/Whasian in 2014 can be interchanged with /r/alt_hapa in 2017.

The r/Whasian subreddit openly slanders r/Hapas in its extremely inflammatory frontpage sidebar, accusing us of being Elliot Rodger sympathizers, despite the fact that everyone here hated Elliot Rodger, and he has only been mentioned to condemn his white supremacy. Eurasians should not have to constantly condemn Elliot Rodger, anymore than all Muslims should have to constantly condemn ISIS. We have nothing to do with each other period. This is racial-profiling. There are many anti-feminist subreddits populated solely by white men which much better echo Elliot.
It is true that Elliot Rodger was concerned about being Eurasian, this was referenced multiple times in his manifesto about how he felt that being Eurasian made him feel like he didn’t fit in and couldn’t get girls. In an interview his dad says, that Elliot told him, he wished he wasn’t Asian and was jealous of his dad’s whiteness.

  1. The context in which Elliot says that half-Asians can’t get blonde girls, is when he sees a full-Asian man with a blonde girl. This lead to his fight at the party and his leg getting broken, which was the direct impetus to his massacre. It would be fair to say Elliot’s massacre was set off by AMWF not WMAF. According to a recently released police report, Elliot Rodger had earlier attacked another AMWF couple. It is notable that the only 2 times, Elliot physically acted on his internal rage was against AMWFs.
  2. Elliot considered himself to be a Whasian. In and PUAhate forum posts, he taunted Asian men as losers, and denied that AMWF could ever happen. He said “I’m Eurasian, but don’t look Asian at all and thank God everyday”. He also said all full Asian men wished they could be beautiful Eurasians like him.
  3. Not only was Elliot Rodger not anti-WMAF he actively encouraged his own Asian mom’s WMAF. His Asian mom was dating a rich white guy and broke it off. Elliot was enraged by this, as he wanted her to marry him and get his money. Elliot WANTED his Asian mom to date rich white men. In this way rather than being opposed to WMAF psychology, Elliot totally absorbed it. He also wanted his Eurasian sister to date a full white guy instead of a Half-Mexican. Elliot had nothing against his white dad, and canceled his plans to murder his Moroccan stepmom, because he didn’t want to harm his dad.
  4. The main victims of Elliot’s rampage was Asian men. He hated his Asian roomates for being loser nerds, and didn’t identify with them at all. He considered them to be subhuman and brutally stabbed them to death. Despite his crimes against Asian men, several pseudo-feminists have tried to turn this into about Asian men’s misogyny! Against who? Asian nerds? Elliot Rodger did not even have an Asian male influence in his life. So if he somehow inherited the culture of Asian misogyny, it came entirely from his White dad and Asian mom.
  5. If just talking about Elliot Rodger in the context of Eurasian psychology makes you a threat, then Professor Kip Fulbeck, author of Paper Bullets, the world’s foremost authority on Eurasian males, needs to be locked up as the next Elliot Rodger. Since he thought Elliot was relevant to Eurasian masculinity.
As a proud Whasian, Elliot bragged about and celebrated Eurasian celebrities just like they do at r/Whasian. Here is a youtube comment left by Elliot’s account Valtharion
No, he is white. And white/asian is not a bad combo, are you retarded? It’s the most beautiful combo. Look at Keanu Reeves. You are jealous. Men who are half white half asian are the most beautiful. We are the new master race, above both whites and asians.
A proud confident Whasian secure in his culture and heritage.
Other Elliot quotes
Full Asian men are disgustingly ugly and white girls would never go for you. You’re just butthurt that you were born as an asian piece of shit, so you lash out by linking these fake pictures. You even admit that you wish you were half white. You’ll never be half-white and you’ll never fulfill your dream of marrying a white woman. I suggest you jump off a bridge.
From ElliotRodger at 5/19/2014
I’m Eurasian, but I don’t look anything like an Asian. I thank the heavens for that every day. Asians envy me. Not anything close to Asian, but still glad i am not Asian they are constantly ridiculed and looked down upon by everyone. Literally nobody is afraid of Asians i see 5yo black kids dominate grown Asian men lol. Asian girls hate Asian guys, marry white guy.
Did Elliot Rodger hate WMAF? No he celebrated his Asian mom dating white guys. He was so well-adjusted and free of prejudice; that he wanted to be a Yellow Fever matchmaker
I found out that my mother was actually dating Jack, the wealthy man who owned the Malibu beach house. When I found out about this, I started to harbor the hope that my mother will get married to this man, and I will be part of a rich family. I started to frequently ask my mother to seek marriage with this man, or any wealthy man for that matter. She always adamantly refused, and demanded that I stopped talking about it. She told me that she never wanted to get married again after her experience with my father. I told her that she should sacrifice her well-being for the sake of my happiness, but this only offended her further.
In conclusion, as a beautiful Eurasian, who hated Asian men, and celebrated his Asian mom dating rich white men for their money, Elliot Rodger would very comfortably fit in at r/Whasian not here. His psychology was warped by taking a Whasian view of white privilege. Elliot Rodger was the posterboy for the wrong kind of anti-SJW Whasian who refused to condemn White Patriarchy. It was the Whasian mindset which lead to his psychosis.
Incidentally Matthew de Grood, the other Eurasian mass killer of 2014 also killed an Asian male by stabbing him to death, a Chinese-Canadian college student who was very fashionable and social. Both Whasian killers targeted victims who were the 2 greatest enemies of WMAF Patriachy, Western women and Asian men.
These Eurasian mass murderers both hated Asian malehood and stand against everything r/Hapas stands for.
TL,DR Elliot Rodger would have fit right in at r/Whasian, but his comments asking how he could get his Asian mom to marry a rich White guy, would not have been well-received here.
[EDIT] The offending passages have been removed from the sidebar but not the top post, but only after being called out by this post. For the record I think this feuding with r/Whasian is stupid and counterproductive. While I disagree with their perspective, I’m actually glad they exist. I would rather these Whasian posts be made there than here. I support them condemning racism & sexism, I just don’t think they understand those words. Both subreddits can serve a legitimate market of different Hapas. I would urge all r/Hapas subscribers who disagree with r/Whasians NOT to post there. The whole feud is idiotic for both sides.

Still an amazing post from one of the amazing Hapas who worked to get where we are today.
Guys who, like me, realized there was something wrong with the way they were thinking and wanted to fix it; to fix the overwhelming genetic urge to go along with your borderline-autistic White MGTOW, nay MRA, nay Neo-Nazi, nay Alt-Right, nay White Nationalist, nay Anti-Feminist dad, and your mother’s urging for you to identify as white.
We didn’t want that, and just wanted to be normal.

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