Another half Asian guy who hates Asians, such an amazingly proud demographic

Imagine these kids times a million.
They look 100% Asian and are raised to feel they’re above Asians because they have a white father – oftentimes a horribly racist, hideously unattractive, manipulative white father with Racist Tourette’s against Asian males, and an Asian mother who hates Asians and tells her son he is white.
By the way as a half Asian guy I used to be like this but it wasn’t too cool when people started calling me Asian, especially that I look 70-80% Asian.

4 thoughts on “Another half Asian guy who hates Asians, such an amazingly proud demographic

  1. Hi there, I feel sad to have come across your page. It is without a doubt that you struggle with many challenges related to your childhood environment and your family’s dynamics. I wanted to leave a note to encourage you that not all is lost. There is hope. I’m glad that you have found an outlet through writing. And now you have the power to look beyond the terrible experiences you’ve witnessed, learn from them, and start moving to a happier and self fulfilling place. You also have the power to keep writing and staying where you are. I hope and encourage you to seek professional counseling to help you process these many, horrible experiences and feelings, and to break break free from a cycle of self deprivation. But as we all know, sometimes it feels good to stay where we are, and to feel what we’re comfortable feeling. I just hope that you take a moment with this comment and give yourself the room to ponder.


  2. One more question for you to wonder about: All of the energy you expend to look for the negatives in the hapa world – imagine what it would be like if you used it to increase your own perseverance and well-being. What would life look like?


  3. Honestly, I’m glad I came across this blog. Knowing that Asian women like white guys, I’ve upped my pursuit of Asian women with excellent results! ASIAN WOMEN really put out for white guys


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