💢Three brothers who look more Asian than their Japanese mom, all of whom are gay

I wonder how much half Asian male sexuality is defined during childhood being exposed to the “masculine white” / “feminine Asian” dynamic.
Given the fact that White men who marry Asian women specifically hate Asian males and White women, and seeing them together oftentimes drives WMAW couples insane – I wonder how much the children pick up on that. I did – to the point that I sabotaged almost all of my relationships thinking that nobody could ever possibly want a half Asian male.
All of it?

17 thoughts on “💢Three brothers who look more Asian than their Japanese mom, all of whom are gay

  1. So, they’re gay. Why is that such an awful thing to you. If they are well-adjusted, happy, good people who are self sufficient and positive about their sexuality, I don’t see a problem. Not everyone is fair game for your monomania that all WMAF pairings are dysfunctional. Unless and until these young men have committed hostile, evil, malicious, or illegal acts, I will assume that they are decent people who may or may not share the challenges of living in a somewhat homophobic society.


      • As I previously pointed out , you are clearly a superseded homosexual. Being gay is much worse than being Eurasian in most societies. In fact, in North America and Europe, Eurasians enjoy ” white privilege ” in jobs, housing, and policing. They may ( or not) have disadvantages in picking up tall blonde ” Aryans ” but short dark hairy Caucasians have grater problems in ” picking up” six foot blonde models. Get over it and stop feeling sorry for yourself. You live in the West, you have ” white privilege “. Try being black and trying to ” pick up” blonde Aryans. Try being bkack, living in China and try and ” pick up” chinese girls. You silly sorry for yourself.


      • Oh, I get it, you’re one of those self-loathing Asian pragmatists who believes that the only thing they should do from the day they pop out of their mother’s womb is just live a life as miserably as they can and tell themselves: “this is the way it is.”


      • It’s better than no problem – you don’t have to worry about your sons’ sexual desires. They will just sleep with white men, just like their mothers. It’s the straight sons you have to worry about.


      • You are clearly a victim of homophones in regard to your denial of your homosexuality. You wish to see any eurasian homosexuality as a reflection of ( I accept it exsists) of caucasian racism agsinst Asians and Eurasians. Homos are present in every single race/ ethnicity ancient that’s the way it has been since earliest recorded human history. The overwhelming evidence is that homosexuality is genetic with ” enviromental ” factors merely emphasising what is already genectic. The vast majority of gays come from hetrosexual ( and anti gay ) families and if enviroment is the cause of their sexuality, then it’s clear that multitudes of entirely different ” environments/ backgrounds/ upbriningings that have resulted in homosexuality means homosexuality is as normal as liking music, sports, travel or gardening.
        It’s okay to be gay. It’s 2017. The majority don’t care. You don’t have to feel inferior or blame your parents for who you are attracted to. You have boosted about having a good education. Please use it and accept your racist dislike for white men who happen to find Asians attrative is based on your homosexual desire to be fucked.


      • Quit projecting. I know it’s erotic to you to fantasize through written words about a Eurasian man getting fucked in the ass (I’m guessing this is what you search for on XHamster while the Asian wife is in the shower), but please save your molestation for your own son, not me. Did you get a semi writing this, writing about EurasianWriter having sex with a man?


      • There isn’t anything wrong with being gay, but there sure is when a super masculine, conservative white men (who is probably repressing his gay urges with his Asian wife who can’t tell the difference), has a son who is gay. Most conservative white men would flip their shit if their Eurasian sons were gay. In fact most would flip their shit if their Eurasian sons voted Democrat.
        Trust me, I know about this shit. The gayness is in your head, not mine.


      • I love it when ignorant pseudo-psychologists make diagnosis and judgement over people online. Where exactly did you get your psychology degree from? Mordor. Class of 2003?
        You are the one who is obsessed with gay men and overtrying to talk about this irrelevant to the blog subject. You are like those racists who say “I have no problem with black people”.
        If you dont really have a problem with black people, you dont go around tooting the horn about what a cool guy you are and how much of a problem you don’t have.
        ET triggers you with what he says, because it’s all true, so there must be something wrong with him right? Why are you so defensive? If you are really into Asian women so much, who cares what other people say?
        Oh where are my manners? Please allow me a late introduction.
        My name is Persephone and i am a white woman who is in love with ET. And i can assure you that he isnt gay.
        And before you demand proof that i am a real person, here you go:


  2. To blog owner: you are full of self-hate and you have spread your hate to create this reality. You are an unabashed racist who generalized because of your bad childhood. I am white and have male and female black, Asian, white, Hispanic friends and lovers. I do not have a hierarchy like you do.


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