🔥The Eurasian beauty myth was always a lie to cover up Asian women’s self hatred and obsession for the status of white males, and half Asians are high risk by default

The reason why everyone hyped up the Eurasian beauty myth was because a bunch of Asian women decided back in the 1970’s that Asian men were ugly and low status and that everyone made fun of them and that it was so much better to be fetishized by the White racist powered class than suffer from perpetual isolation.

In order to cover up this disparity, Asian women started saying that half Asians were all superior despite the fact that Asian women can essentially only get the bottom tier of white men (which is why almost every white guy you see with an Asian woman is bald; because bald men target women with no standards). The problem was that no other biracial group says this. Blacks mixed with whites don’t say this. Nor do Latin and whites. Iranians and blacks. In fact, not even the non-Asian mothers of half Asian children, who have Asian husbands, say this.

All those other groups, mixed groups, have produced children that have done great things. Like the presidency. In fact, Barack Obama was raised by an Asian male / white female couple.

Half Asians are “beautiful” is just slang for – I hope they’re beautiful because I sure as hell will never touch an Asian male. And since many Asian women cannot tell the difference between a half Asian male and a full one, they treat us exactly the same in public and online. Not that it makes a difference. Most Half Asian boys are raised in worlds where Asian men don’t reproduce, and Asian women only reproduce with White men (especially, the worst kinds; old, bald, ugly, unattractive, short), and we get bullied and called ladyboys and made fun of for being Asian in this same world, while our mothers and aunts and cousins are with White males. By the time we enter teenager years, if it’s not already too late, it becomes fairly evident where Asian and Eurasian men stand in society.

Asian people are lacking facial bones that prevents them from having truly defined faces in the majority of cases – which also effects Asian women’s attractiveness; meaning that Asian women will generally only attract white men who cannot get non-Asian women, and will rely heavily on Asian women who hate themselves, in order to form relationships, where White men are considered better than Asian men, simply because everybody is better than Asian men. 

Asian women, being largely asexual, will have no problem sleeping with an old, bald, ugly white man, because in Asian culture, everything is pragmatic, where sex is merely an exchange, and Asian women have evolved over millenia into this group of people who do not see love as love, and do not care about looks, only status, and money; hence the famous Chinese addage: “I would rather cry in the back of a BMW, than smile on the back of a bicycle.” So for an Asian woman to sleep with and marry the literal bottom of the barrel white men in society – the nerds, short men, rejects, autists, physically unattractive, racist, mentally ill – they have no qualms about this, because in their mind, this is merely duty; duty to integrate. It’s either sleep with Asian men, or sleep with horrifically ugly White men,

White women don’t want half asian children at all. White women don’t seem to care about having beautiful Eurasian children – unless the Asian man is really, really hot, or in other cases, because he’s just a sweet, loving person.

Even Kelly Chong PhD, author of this now-famous paper, admitted that Asian men have to be really hot to get White women (or at least they had to, back in the 70’s).

From page 198.

In fact most white women see Eurasian men as Asian, and since I would venture that 50% of Half Asians look VERY ASIAN, that means that 50% of Eurasian men fail by default at exactly what their mothers wanted – for them to look white.

Also, if Asian women like Eurasian men so much – why don’t they marry them?

Because Eurasian plus Asian equals Asian looking children, and a Eurasian male plus an Asian woman equals just another low status perpetual foreigner couple.

The entire basis for being Eurasian is: be good looking, don’t look fully Asian, or just die. The “happy” Half Asians you know are the ones whose mothers selected very good looking tall white men (and even that is not a guarantee). These Hapas essentially self-select and live lives coasting by on their non-Asian privilege. The unsuccessful, Asian looking ones just die or disappear. That’s why our suicide rate is twice as high as either Asians or Whites. The ones that survive are the Half Asians who look non-Asian.

So most Asian women see another Eurasian son of other Asian women and openly mock and harass them, like they did to Jon Hamilton.

Saying that Eurasians are beautiful is just a scam to keep people from prying into their unmatched outmarriage rate that is more often that not, loveless, hateful and just an angry, bitter relationship between a woman who hates Asians and a man who just wanted to feel big and is more often than not an over the top racist who wanted to feel big for being white, before he decided to beat the shit out of his Asian girlfriend or wife after realizing that she was incredibly nagging and that she wasn’t really attractive at all.

That’s why you have so many Half Asians that just look basic, either basic Latino or basic White, and they think it’s the greatest thing ever. Just looking non-Asian is a victory for them. And it’s incredibly dangerous, since so many half Asians are incredibly arrogant for absolutely no reason other than the fact that they reverted to the mean. The non-Asian mean.

If you don’t believe me, find the next Eurasian you meet and judge for yourself. The ones who look whiter are happier. The ones who look Asian, not so much. The ones with Asian mothers have a noxious cloud about them, the ones with Asian fathers are more actualized. And yes, happier.

That’s why there are literally hundreds of thousands of Half Asian men running around now thinking they are the greatest thing on earth, yet so many are deeply insecure people, more racist than their parents, and prone to have mental breakdowns on telling them that they look Asian. That’s why you have Half Asians who will do everything in their power to prove that they aren’t Asian, and that they’re just as white as their dads.

Final thing: Google Half Asian and tell me what you see. Only women.

It’s no secret Asian women secretly hope for daughters, because the Eurasian son is way too high risk. Because they know that Eurasian women serve a purpose in society while Eurasian males need… special consideration. We’re invisible, overrated, and the most famous Eurasian males of all time, for whatever reason, have Asian dads. As cute and beautiful as hapa kids are, the hair thickens up, the features change, skin  changes and overnight previously beautiful Eurasian babies just become average looking; the difference is that they were told they were superior for being half white, and that it’s always the white dad who gets the Asian mom, so what happens is anyone’s guess. I was gorgeous as a kid until I just transformed to fully Asian looking.

The real solution is showing Asian males in a more positive light. But with Asian women happy to marry balding, unattractive white men for the hopes of having mixed kids is a disaster, because literally all kids are cute of every ethnicity, it’s too wishy washy.

What helped me is understanding that Asian men are sexually attractive due to dark features and narrow eyes; but it took me 30 years to do it. Kids don’t have that liberty and by the time the psychosexual nightmare of an upbringing is over you’re stuck with a couple of Asian looking young men who hate Asian men, hate Asians, want to be white like their dads, and think they’re all Keanu Reeves despite looking like discount Rob Schneiders. This entitlement to being some kind of masterrace yet being volatile and exposed to anti-Asian racism plus the weirdo dynamic of the creepy white dad – it’s hot sauce.

That’s the best I can sum it up. Beautiful kids aren’t enough to fight racism. True elgalitarianism is. But it’s not here. So as many happy Hapas you can pretend exist – like the TerryTV’s and Daniel Henney’s who run off to Asia to escape racism and sexual discrimination, and don’t want to admit that it’s weird that 95% of Half Asians have a White dad and an Asian mom – you really, really, honestly think that there’s not going to be some really, really bad apples in the bunch?

The only net-negative here is Asianness. It’s a bad thing. Most Hapas understand this fundamentally.

So the real, insane danger is that Asian women hope to GOD that their children look non-Asian. They look at a Hapa baby and say “I’m so glad he has light features and I hope it stays that way.”

And when saying that you’ve essentially already doomed your child.

Asians are not wanted by society; whites are. Half-Asians maybe are wanted…. if they don’t look Asian. And our mothers knew that. Oh well.

PoliticalKathy, Trump supporting 18 year old Chinese-American woman, proves how dangerous Asian women are towards Eurasian mental health and why every non-Asian should be concerned and reach out to Hapas; literally begging sociologists, politicians, and anyone else to understand

I am not jealous of Asian women. In fact, Kathy is fairly ugly, and there’s no way I would ever, ever put my mouth anywhere near hers. I feel bad writing something as petty as this, but it’s urgent that people understand that Asian women are the only people who will actively work to enforce White supremacy in the hopes of raising their own status – since Asian culture prioritizes survival above anything else. Asian women have adopted the “if you can’t beat them, join them mentality,” with regards to white supremacy, and this harshly endangers the children, if not encourages a “white or die” mentality among the children, as seen by Elliot Rodger.

Asian women, by default, tend towards White men as a way for them to integrate and feel desirable. White men who reciprocate are generally racist. Their children, by default, look Asian. This, by default, means that Eurasian children are raised by white supremacists.

My brother is a Trump supporter raised by a heavily autistic, friendless, jobles, Nazi-sympathizing, Holocaust denying, Nixon loving White man, and my family has raised concerns that my brother, a 34 year old, Chinese looking virgin who has been medicated for the last 15 years, and has been so hopped up on drugs to the point that his mind is racked, could potentially be a spree shooter.

Asian women are the only women who act like this, at the expense of others around them, including their own children, other women, and hence it becomes natural to understand why many Eurasian children will pose a security risk to those around them.

The problem with Eurasian identity is that you are given an ultimatum: look white, or at very least, don’t look Asian. Only Eurasians are raised in an interracial relationship that is more white supremacist and based in nothing but sheer hatred, dynamics geared towards anti-social white men with outdated views on gender, and Asian women who sincerely wish that they were white so that they could potentially wrest the power out of the White woman’s hands – a woman who she wants to be like, but feels wasted her power and privilege; Asian women want White privilege but feel white women waste it.

I did not date an Asian woman for twenty five years, and went single in China for four years, simply because I did not want to date an Asian woman out of fear that she would be using me for being half-Asian, and that it is low status to be with an Asian woman, given that there is a stigma against any men with Asian women, given that they are desperate for non-Asian men. Add to that, that I was always ashamed to be Asian, and desperately feared losing my privilege, and at the time I came to China I was a Neo-Nazi who was posting on Stormfront, and desperately checking my hair in the mirror to see if it was too dark – something I wrote about being caused by my father being a Nazi-sympathizer, and my mother a woman like Kathy.

Kathy was delusional enough to come onto /r/hapas after she was called out, and had the nerve to actually attack White women in relationships with Asian men, claiming that everyone was jealous of “hot Asian girls.” On top of her being overtly hostile to Asian men and White women (common among Asian women who are jealous of prettier women than themselves), her post rang of the desperation of Asian women in the Western world, who are so frustrated at being “othered” that they will latch onto White supremacist politics in an attempt to ingratiate themselves to white men, the men they feel that – should they be accepted by, they would indeed become beautiful, more beautiful than white women.


The reality is that Asian women are not hot, and the only men who fetishize them tend to be nerds, at least, not alphas; and in this case, Kathy is delusional enough to be advertising herself on /r/The_Donald to horny white supremacists, one of which actually wrote “we have the prettiest white supremacists,” to which she didn’t disagree. There are no “alpha male” NBA, NFL or MLB players who marry or date Asian women; at best Nicholas Cage does, but he is not known for his looks, and his child looks 100% Asian.

Why would an alpha male white go for a fake white woman, if he could go for a real one?

Asian women only attract racist, unattractive, beta white guys who are unable to get white women; and the more racist the white guy, the more low self-confidence he has, and the more he uses his race as a crutch, meaning that Asian women are specifically targeted by a unique class of racist white men, like my father. There is something fundamentally unique about Asian women.

The difficulty of expressing the nature of Eurasian identity is that it’s so hard to explain Eurasian problems without sounding jealous of Asian women – but I am warning EVERYONE that I have a half-Asian brother who could potentially be a spree shooter.

Being Asian looking is hard enough in the Western world, without having Asian women actively working to bring you down in favor of the worst possible white men (who in their mind, are a ticket to integration), and White fathers who are willing to attack Asian men out of desperation that there is finally someone worse than themselves. 

When both of your parents are white supremacists, and you look Asian, it can drive you to the brink of utter insanity, to the point that you lose control and aren’t able to tell right from wrong, reality from falsities.

I never liked Asian women – because being with an Asian woman just feels unfulfilling, simply because they never had any pride in who they are; most Eurasian men, even Elliot Rodger and Daniel Holtzclaw, rather would have died than date an Asian woman, partly because most Eurasian men are so conscious of race (i.e., we absolutely cannot look Asian), and Asian women are the chosen women of our racist, loser fathers.

Elliot Rodger and Holtzclaw are mild compared to some of the Hapas these women are raising.

🔥🔥🔥🔥How White men who like Asian women hate Asian men and White women the most, and how this affects Eurasian male psychosexuality; and why Elliot Rodger targeted Asian men and White women


I am Eurasian with a White father and Asian mother. I am incredibly, incredibly messed up, way beyond normal behavior for a male of my age. A lot of this has to do with my paranoid, conspiracy theorist dad (who stopped working because he was afraid that Jesus was coming back, and drove my mother insane), and depressed, mentally-ill Asian mother. I inherited a lot of their mental “problems” – as well a their cultural baggage.

I understand that as a Eurasian male – there are going to be people out there that are a lot worse, particularly when nobody listens to you.

Want to know why? Look at this post by a White guy in Taiwan who was seeking a Taiwanese woman but said, in regards, to Taiwanese men / foreign women couples – that there were “more than there should be.” 


In the past, I was actually verbally attacked and humiliated for my Asian appearance – despite having a White father and Asian mother – by several of my university classmates. Each and every one of the classmates that did this – was a racist against Asians; one was Arab, two were white.

As engineers they would constantly complain about the Asians in the library or in the cafeteria. It turns out that these men, given that they were neither particularly good looking, and also very nerdy, all slept with Asian women for casual sex and hookups. Because these were the only women these guys could get. These same men would routinely make fun of me for my appearance, ask questions like “are you taller than everyone in China?” (despite the fact that I’m shorter than many high school students, at 6’0″ tall), and made small penis jokes.

It’s not unusual for men who like Asian women to have a particular hate for Asian men and Eurasian men . 

The reason for this is because these men who like Asian women generally do so, as a way to “take back the power” in the form of male sexuality and dominance over Asian women – the women that are known, frankly, for being available for anyone that is not Asian. Asian women are not the most attractive, but largely, because of their stigma, tend to attract men who seek to express a latent desire to have a woman who will beget them with a sense of sexual worth, when in fact, these men might be lacking it in the first place; the desire for Asian women is generally consequential to ones inability to secure a non-Asian partner.


So in a way, the entire appeal of Asian women is that they are available to you, if you fail to get what you want from non-Asian women, who are generally more physically appealing and have higher standards. Meaning that, if X women are too feminist, they don’t like you, too demanding, well, at least I can get an Asian woman – since she will do anything for integration and status (though this is not known to the male, who assumes that the woman just wants “big cock” and “sex with a superior male.”)

So when these men see Asian men with White or non-Asian women, it triggers them, in a way that is exceptionally dangerous, even bordering on violent. Because the Asian male (and in many cases, the Eurasian male) is a non-entity, a feminine other that does not deserve love or sex or companionship. Keep in mind that the man who chose an Asian woman – generally chose her as a second choice, as a response to White or other non-Asian women who have too high standards.

The entire appeal of Asian women is that they are available if and only if the first choice – a non-Asian woman – is not available. Meaning that men like me, who started off charming, outgoing and ambitious, refused to date them because I felt simply that it wouldn’t challenge me as a person, and largely because I didn’t want to be worshipped for my half-White blood. My first kiss actually was with one of the nicest girls I’ve ever known, who actually was Japanese and now engaged to a hapa with a Japanese father, but other than that, since that period I became more and more wary of Asian girls. Unfortunately for the decent ones out there.

So when a man who settles with his second choice – or even last choice before…. suicide, or whatever (as in the case of the original post), sees an Asian man with a White woman – it drives him crazy. It drove Elliot Rodger, the son of a White man and an Asian woman crazy, to see Asian men with White women. The following picture was essentially the catalyst that drove Elliot to murder White women and Asian men.

a8M9LEQ-2.jpgWhy would the son of a White man and an Asian woman want to murder White women and Asian men?

Have you seen the way that white men who fetishize Asian women talk down about Asian women and white men? Spend time around them or go into a place like /r/china and ask yourself, honestly, two questions:

  1. How is this progressive?
  2. What is this going to be like for the sons who look Asian?
  3. How the hell is is possible to be normal?

Keep in mind that contemporary White male masculinity is essentially now hinged on the dominance over Asians. Keep in mind that the White male is now “under attack” by Muslims, blacks, and other people of color.

In order to really overcome their fear of losing both political and sexual power, the availability of Asian women is their number one fallback plan.

Asian male / White female (or in some cases another type of woman) tends to provoke anger in non-Asian males in a way that others are not able to properly understand.

Just read how this woman was harassed by a Trump supporter for having an Asian husband. Archive here.


Keep in mind that many, and I mean many, Trump supporters fully support WMAW.

Another thing to point out – like the top cartoon – is that certain Asian women are pretty much incapable of the Westernized notion of love. Tiger Momming is in their veins, as is Tiger Relationships were they get a white husband, nag and scold him constantly, and so the White man finds himself in a loveless relationship while genuine relationships between Asian men and White women – based on love, mutual understanding and similar life goals, drives him crazy. So there’s that.

Obviously these are generalizations but when something like this is ignored, bad things have happened and will happen. The real culprit is just common every day white supremacy, otherwise known as that practiced by your average twenty something fuckboy.

The biggest problem with being Half Asian

Is that apparently Asian culture is so bad, Asian men are so repulsive, that the only men who are interested in Asian women, are the worst white men on the planet, who know that they are competing against Asian males, meaning that they literally don’t even have to make an effort.
A lot of Hapas grow up in broken homes too, because a lot of the white guys just wind up realizing somewhere down the line that Asian women are not as hot as non-Asian women, that Asian women means living around Asians, eating Asian food, dealing with Asians, and that Asian women are not submissive. So a lot of white men become violent, or get involved in extreme right wing politics as an attempt to feel in control. My dad was one, Kyle Chapman another.
Being Eurasian is just nature’s way of telling Asian and Eurasian males that the Asian mean is not ideal, and the non-Asian mean is ideal; Asian women just have an easier time integrating. But the issue remains that, due to the easy nature of Asian women,
Even compared to the rare AMWF couples – generally the Asian guy is cream of the crop, and has the openmindedness to not listen to his parents. And there’s nothing that an Asian guy can say to demean whites or white women.
But a white guy married to an Asian woman that hates everyone around him, including Asians, and uses Asian women as a way to get back at white society – blacks, Jews, even other Asians? Yeah. Typical. It’s a fetish couple at best, a hate couple at worst.

🔥White guy writes me an letter after I called him out for being a racist white guy with an Asian wife and kids; refers to his kids as “gooks,” “chinky,” denies Holocaust, hates blacks, Jews, etc.

The original letter he wrote me, on Scribd.  No need, I just republished below.
By the way, the guy also has an extensive posting history (under the same username “DeutschBlut”) of “harmless” racism on FunnyJunk where he brags to other internet strangers how his sons’ eyes are “chinky,” and how he dresses his son up in Nazi paraphernalia.
The sons of Nazis and Asian women who can’t even speak the same language as their white male partners, coming to a town near you.

Eurasian Tiger,
Greetings. It seems you are a fan of mine? I just found it funny, and flattering, that I got some random stranger so worked up about me. Ha ha. It is even funnier, because I frequent your site (I research a lot about Eurasian and Hapa identity, so I can teach my boys). Anyhow, I thought I would give you some feedback.
Firstly, Hitler and Nazis are a joke online. If you do not know this, than you must be older than me. There is nothing more that needs to be read into that. Secondly, I am not a Nazi, nor neo-Nazi, as it says in my profile. Additionally, I can “get white girls”. I used to be married to one (Whom I divorced). And I was engaged to others. And have dated girls of just about ever colour there is. I met my Filipino Wife, because I LIVED in the Philippines. I have lived in Asia for about a decade. It is easy to meet Asian girls in Asia. In fact, if one was inclined, it can be rather difficult to meet European girls. So I never understood that dilemma.
Can only my Asian Wife tolerate me? Maybe. But because I am a complicated autistic German. Not a Nazi. I certainly do love that she is undyingly devoted, loyal, caring, hard-working, and so on. Is that bad? Mind you, while my Wife fits the bill of your “typical Asian Wife”, that is not what I sought, nor is it typical. East Asian women tend to be quieter. But they do not all make perfect wives! Many are just quieter versions of Western women. Some are worse!
Likewise, when I met my Wife, I wanted an independent, confident, egalitarian modern Woman. I was well-trained by society. My Wife WANTED to be a “submissive Asian Wife”. She had to teach me to be a Man. You seemed especially offended that I joked about my Son’s gooky eyes. It is funny, he has the PRETTIEST eyes out of all of my boys! Girly. He is truly the cutest. My Sweet Heart. My True Love. That is what I call him. That boy has a heart of gold! I love his eyes. Yeah, they are funny. How DOES he see? It is both an honest question, and a cute joke. They look Chinese, rather than Austronesian.
You also mentioned that I like to publically mock my children. I NEVER do. Making jokes on an anonymous website? Sure. But no one there knows what my kids look like, nor who they are. And I never say anything bad or degrading about them. The jokes I make are for two reasons. One, because I Love them and think they are cute. Secondly, to joke about how many people, like you, assume I must be some kind of “neo-Nazi”, but I am actually married and breeding with a black Hispanic Asian. I never hide that fact. Even online. I could pretend I have some blond-haired, blue-eyed, Aryan Angels. But I do not. I am proud of my children.
You mentioned your Father, who seems like a pretty attractive and intelligent guy for such a “loser” (and who you look exactly like, mind you), gave you European books to read, like it was an insult. Well, you ARE European! Chinese as well, if I recall? You have some things to read there. But there are some things to consider. Western Civilization rules the world! It is the ultimate in anything you can go in. It is a simple fact. Like it or not. Additionally, you live in the West. With my kids, I gave them German and Filipino (Spanish) names at birth, and taught them about things Filipino, food, language, culture, customs… My Wife thought I was crazy. I persisted for years. Eventually, I realised the German, Western side was dominant, was superior. Culturally, and Patriarchally. So I gave them strictly German names, and we do not actively learn about Filipino things. But Filipinos do not really have a culture like the Chinese. So that is easier. There are other factors as well. Being brown US Citizens with Spanish names with cause a lot of confusion. Also, the Philippines is a dangerous place, with terrorists and bandits. I think nurturing an affinity for a nation that loses 5,000 people a day to emigration is probably a bad idea. The Philippines is my Home as well. And I dream of being able to take them back some day when they are bigger. At least for vacation to see where their Mother is from. Teach them some first-hand culture. But many Filipino-Americans have an identity crisis, and think the nation is some Paradise, and a cure for all of their problems growing up in America. It is not. I do not want to raise children with an identity crises. Not European. Not Asian. Trapped between two worlds. I want to raise some true hybrids. People that are a happy and healthy mix, that know who they are, and know their place in the World.
A little about me. I am old. But so is my Wife. I have lived and worked for 7 years in the Philippines (including a month in the bamboo hut over the South China Sea my Wife called Home most her Life), where I hold Permanent Residency. Would have been a Citizen last year. I know Filipino History and Civics. I am fluent in the Filipino Language, even though my Wife is not! (She speaks a provincial language). We have 6 halfling Eurasian Hapa German-Gook kids together, which I worship and adore. And our culture clashes, physical differences, and dichotomous relationship is an enjoyable adventure every day!
Sure, I joke about Hitler online. I also do not like living in black communities. I also think Jews are dangerous. The business and political ones at least. And yes I question the “holocaust”. Am I racist? Maybe. Who knows? Who cares?
One thing I am certain of, is that I am a good Husband and Father. Rather than working hard for more money, I use my military pension and sporadic work, to live simple and spend time with my kids. We are members of every museum, garden, gallery, and society in town, which we visit daily. We talk all day, about everything. We play together. And we always give hugs and kisses and “I Love you”s. I daily tell them that they are strong, smart, funny, I am proud of them, I have dreamed of them my whole Life, and I Love them.
Sure, I am proud to be 100% European. But I am also proud that my children are half Asian. They can choose whatever path they want. I am pretty obsessed with Europe and the West. But at the same time, I love Eastern things. I love how many East Asians can live without a 3,000 sq ft. house, 2 SUVs, and an 80” TV and still be happy. I love when I see my kids, and I see my massive German forehead, and then I see my Wife’s eyes, mouth, and colour. I am very happy, very proud they look like her. German identity is important to me. And I teach my boys likewise. But they will never see the world through my eyes (Mostly because their eyes are chinky! Ha ha!). And that is fine. They are me, biologically. And they are my Legacy. To carry on my Name, my Blood, and my Ideas to another generation. But they are also Individuals, who will take what they got from myself and their Mother, mix it up with their own Life experiences, and be the Men they decide to be.
Asian racism towards Asians? Sure, my Wife does that. 100% of Filipino celebrities are 50%-90% European. People there obsess about European physiognomy and are experts in the art of self-hating. Revering Europeans for their culture and civilization, I think, is great (I became the most proud of my Lineage after living in Japan, a nation that reveres the West, but still proud to do things it’s own way). Obsessing about European looks and DNA, is not only unhealthy, but pretty creepy. My Wife is not that bad. But when she makes comments, I jokingly call her a “racist gook”.
But her admiring European looks in my boys is also just appreciating that her children were made with her husband. Just as I admire my Boys’ gook eyes, big lips, or brown skin. Ha ha. I am not racist towards Euros, I just Love my Wife!
As I said, I am actually a fan of yours. Or, at least a member of the audience of your show. I think you have a lot of good things to say. You have a lot of insight. And I like your chutzpah (as a New Yorker, you probably know that Jewish word). But you seem a little disturbed too. Not saying that as an insult. True genius always comes with a level of insanity (At least I hope so!). But you definitely fit the bill of someone who is “projecting” or “didn’t get hugged enough as a kid”. Maybe your Father really is a bad person? Maybe you are already aware of yourself? But consider it a constructive criticism. I think you jumped the gun on some comments I made on an anonymous, retarded website devoted to jokes and memes, but I am not personally offended. Yet.
You are welcome to use this correspondance for fodder of your own online agenda. I only ask that now you have a little more clarity into who I am, as a real person, with the time I spent writing this, and the thoughts and energy, that you do not mis-represent me.
My point was to reach out to you, for mutual benefit. Assuming you have coherency to carry on an intelligent dialogue, I thought it would be mutually beneficial, since we are both fans of each other, to some strange degree. And, as a Father of 6 Eurasian boys, I feel we have some sort of loose connection to each other. At least, we are both living in a unique part of the World Experience, that most of the population does not share.
I hope you got something meaningful from this informal, but heartfelt correspondence. Thanks for reading and good day.
Deutsch Blut