The biggest problem with being Half Asian

Is that apparently Asian culture is so bad, Asian men are so repulsive, that the only men who are interested in Asian women, are the worst white men on the planet, who know that they are competing against Asian males, meaning that they literally don’t even have to make an effort.
A lot of Hapas grow up in broken homes too, because a lot of the white guys just wind up realizing somewhere down the line that Asian women are not as hot as non-Asian women, that Asian women means living around Asians, eating Asian food, dealing with Asians, and that Asian women are not submissive. So a lot of white men become violent, or get involved in extreme right wing politics as an attempt to feel in control. My dad was one, Kyle Chapman another.
Being Eurasian is just nature’s way of telling Asian and Eurasian males that the Asian mean is not ideal, and the non-Asian mean is ideal; Asian women just have an easier time integrating. But the issue remains that, due to the easy nature of Asian women,
Even compared to the rare AMWF couples – generally the Asian guy is cream of the crop, and has the openmindedness to not listen to his parents. And there’s nothing that an Asian guy can say to demean whites or white women.
But a white guy married to an Asian woman that hates everyone around him, including Asians, and uses Asian women as a way to get back at white society – blacks, Jews, even other Asians? Yeah. Typical. It’s a fetish couple at best, a hate couple at worst.

4 thoughts on “The biggest problem with being Half Asian

  1. One of the things I like best about this blog is that gives me insight to Asian women. Since reading this blog, I have TOTALLY taken advantage of Asian women looking for a out of culture experience. Since last year, I have tallied up several Asian women for sex and give another couple twins!
    I admit, this blog is spot on in its observations. I sometimes feel bad but the sex makes be forget all that.


  2. There’s a hierarchy of more attractive Asian women. You start from the north with Japanese women, then Northern Chinese women (Beijing), to Korean women, then Central Chinese (Shanghai), Taiwanese women, South China, Hong Kong, Singapore (largely Chinese), lastly southeast Asians like Thai, Cambodian, Vietnamese. Hapa doesn’t rank, but you can date within your ancestry.
    Seems like if you date outside your race, you’re given a pass on the required customs. Asian culture is one of restrictions on what you can do. Thus, these women are rebelling perceived repression. Blaming Asian men for patriarchy is lazy thinking. They adhere to status and force their kids to comply. Everyone is compared. If you find a good Asian wife, they won’t white wash their background.
    Dating is a numbers game. There are so many Asian women, anyone with US citizenship should be able to get a new arrival without much effort. Both Japan and Taiwan reported record low birth rates. Use these stats to your advantage.
    Asian Americans are a different category. I’m afraid to say I haven’t met any to date. I only dated first generation Chinese Americans.


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