PoliticalKathy, Trump supporting 18 year old Chinese-American woman, proves how dangerous Asian women are towards Eurasian mental health and why every non-Asian should be concerned and reach out to Hapas; literally begging sociologists, politicians, and anyone else to understand

I am not jealous of Asian women. In fact, Kathy is fairly ugly, and there’s no way I would ever, ever put my mouth anywhere near hers. I feel bad writing something as petty as this, but it’s urgent that people understand that Asian women are the only people who will actively work to enforce White supremacy in the hopes of raising their own status – since Asian culture prioritizes survival above anything else. Asian women have adopted the “if you can’t beat them, join them mentality,” with regards to white supremacy, and this harshly endangers the children, if not encourages a “white or die” mentality among the children, as seen by Elliot Rodger.

Asian women, by default, tend towards White men as a way for them to integrate and feel desirable. White men who reciprocate are generally racist. Their children, by default, look Asian. This, by default, means that Eurasian children are raised by white supremacists.

My brother is a Trump supporter raised by a heavily autistic, friendless, jobles, Nazi-sympathizing, Holocaust denying, Nixon loving White man, and my family has raised concerns that my brother, a 34 year old, Chinese looking virgin who has been medicated for the last 15 years, and has been so hopped up on drugs to the point that his mind is racked, could potentially be a spree shooter.

Asian women are the only women who act like this, at the expense of others around them, including their own children, other women, and hence it becomes natural to understand why many Eurasian children will pose a security risk to those around them.

The problem with Eurasian identity is that you are given an ultimatum: look white, or at very least, don’t look Asian. Only Eurasians are raised in an interracial relationship that is more white supremacist and based in nothing but sheer hatred, dynamics geared towards anti-social white men with outdated views on gender, and Asian women who sincerely wish that they were white so that they could potentially wrest the power out of the White woman’s hands – a woman who she wants to be like, but feels wasted her power and privilege; Asian women want White privilege but feel white women waste it.

I did not date an Asian woman for twenty five years, and went single in China for four years, simply because I did not want to date an Asian woman out of fear that she would be using me for being half-Asian, and that it is low status to be with an Asian woman, given that there is a stigma against any men with Asian women, given that they are desperate for non-Asian men. Add to that, that I was always ashamed to be Asian, and desperately feared losing my privilege, and at the time I came to China I was a Neo-Nazi who was posting on Stormfront, and desperately checking my hair in the mirror to see if it was too dark – something I wrote about being caused by my father being a Nazi-sympathizer, and my mother a woman like Kathy.

Kathy was delusional enough to come onto /r/hapas after she was called out, and had the nerve to actually attack White women in relationships with Asian men, claiming that everyone was jealous of “hot Asian girls.” On top of her being overtly hostile to Asian men and White women (common among Asian women who are jealous of prettier women than themselves), her post rang of the desperation of Asian women in the Western world, who are so frustrated at being “othered” that they will latch onto White supremacist politics in an attempt to ingratiate themselves to white men, the men they feel that – should they be accepted by, they would indeed become beautiful, more beautiful than white women.


The reality is that Asian women are not hot, and the only men who fetishize them tend to be nerds, at least, not alphas; and in this case, Kathy is delusional enough to be advertising herself on /r/The_Donald to horny white supremacists, one of which actually wrote “we have the prettiest white supremacists,” to which she didn’t disagree. There are no “alpha male” NBA, NFL or MLB players who marry or date Asian women; at best Nicholas Cage does, but he is not known for his looks, and his child looks 100% Asian.

Why would an alpha male white go for a fake white woman, if he could go for a real one?

Asian women only attract racist, unattractive, beta white guys who are unable to get white women; and the more racist the white guy, the more low self-confidence he has, and the more he uses his race as a crutch, meaning that Asian women are specifically targeted by a unique class of racist white men, like my father. There is something fundamentally unique about Asian women.

The difficulty of expressing the nature of Eurasian identity is that it’s so hard to explain Eurasian problems without sounding jealous of Asian women – but I am warning EVERYONE that I have a half-Asian brother who could potentially be a spree shooter.

Being Asian looking is hard enough in the Western world, without having Asian women actively working to bring you down in favor of the worst possible white men (who in their mind, are a ticket to integration), and White fathers who are willing to attack Asian men out of desperation that there is finally someone worse than themselves. 

When both of your parents are white supremacists, and you look Asian, it can drive you to the brink of utter insanity, to the point that you lose control and aren’t able to tell right from wrong, reality from falsities.

I never liked Asian women – because being with an Asian woman just feels unfulfilling, simply because they never had any pride in who they are; most Eurasian men, even Elliot Rodger and Daniel Holtzclaw, rather would have died than date an Asian woman, partly because most Eurasian men are so conscious of race (i.e., we absolutely cannot look Asian), and Asian women are the chosen women of our racist, loser fathers.

Elliot Rodger and Holtzclaw are mild compared to some of the Hapas these women are raising.

10 thoughts on “PoliticalKathy, Trump supporting 18 year old Chinese-American woman, proves how dangerous Asian women are towards Eurasian mental health and why every non-Asian should be concerned and reach out to Hapas; literally begging sociologists, politicians, and anyone else to understand

    • What I meant to say from my original post is that she is the ‘typical ones’ compared to the prettier Asians you often do not see (plastered in mainstream media) with Asian men.


  1. Regarding Nick Cage. I’ve had interactions with him and his family. He is NOT alpha at all. He is a whiny little cuck. Pissing and moaning, dripping with self entitlement. I felt bad for his wife and child. They seemed decent.


  2. eh, you literally have more personal interest in white women than guys at Stormfront. You are the true white supremacist. Much better at it than your dad (even if you finally succumbed and have a Chinese wife you hate).

    If Asian women are so incredibly ugly, why do so many guys of all nationalities prefer Asian Pron? Wouldn’t guys all be flocking to see only white women in the secrecy of their own rooms if they were so much more physically attractive?

    Re: alpha white dudes not seeking Asian girls, those alpha guys are not likely to be studying foreign languages or living abroad. They are very focused on dominating the milieu they are in and it seems to give them less mental space for other things.


    • Asian porn is geared towards those with pedophilic tendencies who fantasize about young, easy to manipulate women. And last I checked Mia Khalifa was the top pick for women, as was Lisa Anne. Both non Asian. In actuality, “preference” for Asian women is largely shaped by Asian porn addicts.


  3. “it is low status to be with an Asian woman, given that there is a stigma against any men with Asian women, given that they are desperate for non-Asian men.”

    There’s no logic with this statement. I know I cut out a portion of the context, but under what circumstances is dating Asian women ever right? Asians should be dating Asians. Even Asians encourage it. Best to have kids of your own race. The thing is not everyone is marrying and having kids so it doesn’t always happen.

    Hapas happen. To fix it, you can either embrace your Asian heritage or further dilute it. Doesn’t matter really to most Asians especially if you left your native country. They might gossip, but they are otherwise indifferent. In America, it’s even less of an issue.

    Women date for status. Men are at the status they earn usually. They don’t require status from a woman. So if a woman is with you, she thinks your status is sufficient. Odd to think that my own Asian status is equivalent to a low status White man. I don’t prefer White women regardless so seems like I’m not losing anything.


  4. Today, I won’t point out your psychological issues for all to see. I’d rather you write another piece about Asian and white stereotypes in movies as they pertain to the whole ‘ white savior ‘ thing. Basically, a certain aspect of Asian civilization, in its ancient sense, is dying and the only person who can play savior is some white person. For example, Tom Cruise in the Last Samurai, that kid from the Monkey Kingdom, that other kid from The Warrior Gate, Stifler from bulletproof monk and so on. This reinforces into the minds of many, that Asian men are all too weak and pathetic to do anything, even when it literally pertains to their own heritage and are always in need of some ‘chosen’ ALWAYS white foreigner to come in and rescue them. Of course, this happens with other races as well, such as Tarzan and George of the Jungle, Mowgli etc, though those were written back when hardcore racial theories were still a thing. These movies are all relatively recent. Anyways, it’d be nice to see you put your skills into writing a piece like that. Not to mention of course, that the white man always ends up getting the fairest, most beautiful Asian woman that such societies have to offer, for example, Tom Cruise, and that kid from the Monkey Kingdom after proving for all that they are superior, literally chosen, and hence are the only ones able to solve any of the intrinsic problems within these Asian settings. All of them ended up getting the sweet Asian girl, whereas the Asian men failed to do so. In fact, such films encompass most if not all the issues you bring up.

    In short:

    Asians in these movies: WHooow no! We have de problem? What we do? Terr me what we do?

    Asian wise man/elder: No fear! No fear! Whee must wait fo de chosen one, white rike de crouds, hair rike de pony, brue eyes rike de stirr whata.

    [A while later]

    White man: All my life I’ve been bullied [the asocial losers you point out] or an outcast, but it turns out I was chosen all along, I only had to go to this magical Asian setting to find out! But of course, only these primitive Asian people can notice that I am their savior, the white people back home don’t treat me like I’m special, but in Asia, I’m a god [sometimes, within the movie’s context, literally!].

    [Bad guys show up, kung-fu mastering by the superior chosen white guy etc]

    End Segment:

    Asians: Whee knewh you wa de chosen ohne. You wirr be forever immortarized amhong ouhr peoprr. Here, take ourh fair untouchedo virgino. She rearry rearry rike u. Whe no worthy of ha! Onry de chosen one can enjyo ha tender nature.

    Asian goddess/princess/virgin/priestess: Takho me ahwayyh my whito savior! I starto as virgino whid yuu but i end up as experienced sex-srave/maid.

    White guy: Wait till those losers at home see what I scored. Who’s the loser now! Who’s the winner now!Winning!!! Woohhoooo ‘Murica yeahhhh babbbyyyy!!


    Write a piece on that buddy, who knows, maybe it’ll be one of your biggest hits!


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