🔥Some Half Asian kid’s comic accurately describes insane racism behind WM/AW pairings and how Asian mothers attempt to control their Half Asian son’s dating choices (as if we had a choice)

Some lurker on /r/hapas must have drawn this and put it on Deviant Art.
White men who go for Asian women are uniformly – and I mean uniformly extreme racists. Having been rejected by White women (who have standards), many feel wronged for the fact that they are, well, White, and that White women prefer men other than white men – or better white men than themselves.
Years ago, another blogger – the original Half Asian blogger – wrote about how Asian women will actively work to prevent Asian man / White woman, or black woman, or Latina women, even going so far as to encourage their own sons to marry Asian in an attempt to prevent Asian man / XF from happening with their own sons.
These same white men go for Asian women – the race of women that are generally the least attractive and have the lowest status – and use them as a way to positively assert the dominance of Whiteness. Once you take out yellow fever, there is really nothing attractive about Asian women; and yellow fever is largely a heavily-pornographied-fetish for women that are easy to dominate and control. Asian women play this up to appear submissive but the vast majority that I know are just horrifically insecure, depressed, and cruel women that attack, demoralize, and castrate all of their white partners. Asexuality is a common practice among Asian women, who view sex as a means to further their own status or for their own pragmatism, rather than a genuine source of love and pleasure, hence many Asian women marry unattractive white men.
When the child comes out looking Asian, they will have different standards for sons and daughters. The daughter is forced to marry White. The father sees the daughter as the daughter he wished he had with a white woman, but just as good. To pimp her off to a white male is the best affirmation, again, of his superiority.
But many white fathers and Asian mothers hate seeing the Asian looking son date anyone.
Especially white women.
The white woman is the mortal enemy of WMAF couples; she represents standards, and status, and for her to choose an Asian male (Eurasian, in this case), means that the woman that the father wished he had – chose his son, a man who should be beneath him. The Asian mother hates the White woman because she is the woman she wished she was, and so to see her waste her potential and status even on her own son, enrages her. The Asian woman’s entire vestige is inherently based on her ability to surmount the White woman at the side of the powered class – the White man – and she plays “innocent” and “demure” in an attempt to ingratiate herself to white men as a “submissive, exotic” substitute for a White woman, before becoming more and more controlling.
That is why you see so many Asian women harassing White women, especially white women that date Asian men, because it is nothing but utter and seething jealousy and anger at a functioning couple where the man actually has hair and looks decent.

My mother, for example, would drag me to her bed every night and force me to lie down next to her, while telling me that my father was worthless, for not making enough money, and for me to promise never to submit to his authority if anything were to happen to her (i.e., never to go live with him).
Even when the Asian son is more attractive (I personally think Asian features look much better on men than they do on women, and this has historically been the case) than either parent, the parents will resent him for doing well with non-Asian women.
This is all to the background of a screaming, nagging Asian woman who castrates everyone in her vicinity, violence in the home, and a racist, low effort parenting effort on the part of a father who wishes that he could have somehow not married a woman whose “beauty” is only a temporary intoxication of his fetish-filled brain.
There was a comic that /r/hapas dug up from some weird Asian site. It’s obviously a stock illustration of a mixed couple. But it was amazing how it was idealized. The Asian looking daughter, the white looking son. I dunno if I can find it, but I will post it when I can.
The White father and Asian mother strongly desire a white son, and an Asian daughter, to continue to hyper racist eugenicist “power coupling” of WMAW – an apocalyptic horse-riding couple to “take back the West,” or… whatever. It’s sick. Most Hapas agree that their parents are pure poison.
My first love was a black girl. Of course with an Asian mom who wants a white son to maximize on his privilege, a mom who wants this so badly she would endure being in a sexless marriage for 20 years to a Holocaust denier – and a white father who frankly hates black people – the thought of their superior Eurasian son being with a black woman was horrifying. A black grandchild means no more privilege. It means no more white supremacist daddy-O. Of course they pushed me towards Asian women. White women were off the menu.
And of course Asian women are just… not even hot enough to make their scheming, nagging, oppressive, white worshipping behavior tolerable to any Eurasian male worth his shit. And they know this too. Asian women, compared to other women, simply cannot compete, and only rely heavily on pornographied images based on dominance tropes; without pornography I sincerely doubt Asian women would be as desirable as they are, especially given their behavior – shrill, and lazy, and even worse, completely unmotivated beyond finding a white husband.
Here’s some stuff I wrote over the past two days about my Eurasian rage and disappointment with Asian women (and people):

I’m saying that I know white men like my dad well enough to know that [they] could ever, ever, ever get a non Asian woman and had to pick from the race with the absolute worst men, meaning that there is next to no or little competition, the genes of these men will be inherited by [their] son due to the fact that his father was among the elite tier of losers. The white men who can’t even use their almighty privilege to do what 99% of other white men do.
Get a white woman.
Hapas hate being Asian not because we want Asian women. We don’t. We don’t want to be losers like our fathers but you made it this way.

I’m not making this stuff up. If I was, I wouldn’t be famous for saying such outrageous shit. I am famous now, to the point that I need to be more careful in public. But regardless, my fame was because I said true stuff.
Overall half Asian sons are high risk. Many wind up gay, even more wind up just dating Asian women uglier than the Asian women that either white men or Asian men get, even more wind up running off to Asia to find a woman that sees them as a “step up” from a usual Asian guy; others wind up perpetually single.

I guarantee you most Eurasian men to some degree have this “tick” to them that makes them a certain way. Especially the ones with white dads and Asian moms.

4 thoughts on “🔥Some Half Asian kid’s comic accurately describes insane racism behind WM/AW pairings and how Asian mothers attempt to control their Half Asian son’s dating choices (as if we had a choice)

  1. Why’d you think Vera Wang adopted two Eurasion daughters throughout her whole marriage (guess another one like her couldn’t keep the kids for whatever reasons), she was horrified that if she ever conceived a son, he’d look just like her. Now imagine that for a moment. Last I heard the 60-something hag was divorced, due to a fling with a twenty-something white athlete that she was ‘supposedly’ be mentoring.


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