🔥🔥🔥New collection: for when people say white guys who have “submissive, traditional” Asian wives and kids can’t be racist 

I’ll just upload these every day. Just thousands of this kinda stuff. Racist white guys want white women but they view white women as traitors. This isn’t the famous white nationalist list; this is just average, day to day cases. These are just every day cases of hypocritical white men who like Asian women as a way to “take back the power from feminists and mudsharks and SJWS”.

Just use the search option on /r/hapas for White Nationalists to find hundreds.

My father is a famous anti-Semitic, paleoconservative, Holocaust denying Nazi sympathizer who has called Hitler an incarnation of Christ and refers to him as “Uncle Adolf.” My mother from Hong Kong.

Here are hundreds of cases on Twitter where White guys say: “I’m not racist, my wife is Asian.”

White guys who like Asian women are desperate, and look to “take the power back.” They hate white women, Asian men (because Asian men are supposed to be beneath them, hence Asian women are so easy), yet raise Asian looking sons who are woefully confused; these same Asian looking sons are raised by an Asian woman who hates Asian men, in a society that hates Asian looking men, and by a white father who hates Asians, and wants an Asian woman as a way to compensate for the fact that white women reject him for being racist. 

White women actually just have standards and don’t want bald ugly white men who use their whiteness as a crutch. That’s why most white nationalists are tiny, short men. And tiny, short white men seem to almost default to Asian women, eh?

Enjoy the Hapacalypse!


2 thoughts on “🔥🔥🔥New collection: for when people say white guys who have “submissive, traditional” Asian wives and kids can’t be racist 

  1. Hang in there you are on the point, if you get a minute ,check you tube:there are lectures by MR. NELLY FULLER,[ Indep. compensatory concept] he says:

    ”’If you Do Not Understand the …SYSTEM of WHITE SUPREMACY..[that is RACISM] Then Everything You Think you Understand..WILL ONLY CONFUSE YOU !!!””

    this pod cast has BLOWN UP the Black community.. its the reason people are using the term ”white supremacy”, he explained this twenty ++years ago…now its on fire!!

    Thank you, you see the contradictions in the WORLD WIDE SYSTEM OF WHITE SUPREMACY… welcome to the old school: BLACK POWER thought: MARTIN DELANY /Gravey. fanon. Elijah muhammed./Malcolm-Shabazz… right up to dr. bobby wright., /amos wilson,/ asa hilliard,/ dr hales/john hendrick Clarke, …to francis cress welshing …..you have some good analysis…..you got it going on !! !!!

    I am coming from a Pan African and African centered view point, you have been a excellent studentin examining racism[white supremacy systems]

    … you have great understanding how this system stays in POWER !!! ..HOW we are living in jim-crow -prison system under white domination…despite the relationships!!

    !!! trust me..if black folks could have f==ked their way to liberation the African captives wouldn’t have had to been enslaved for over 400 years!!

    but never-the less- STAND TALL., you are standing on the shoulders of dr. king, ida b. wells/ queen mother moore/ freedom riders and demark vessy ,/nat turner and Captain john brown..you are not alone… !!! black folks fought for everybodies liberation in this country!!

    …keep up the good work cause ITS OUT IN THE OPEN NOW.!!that is white folks acting out as terrorist…

    we dug is from the start ,when we hear..Mexican are rapist!!!!???

    la luta continua!!


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