🔥Hypocritical, abusive Asian women / White men and their extreme jealousy and hatred towards Asian males and non-Asian females

I’ve already established that white men who like Asian women hate Asian men the most (largely because Asian women are their last pick and largely substitute for the white women that were too demanding to take them; e.g., White men who are rejected by White women resort to Asian women as an affirmation of their masculinity – for example, “well, at least I’m not an Asian guy.”).
But what about Asian women who hate Asian men / White women? (I’ve covered this before, years ago, but have learned so much since then).
Below is a video that I accidentally uncovered, while watching, in which the woman states that her agent told her that her now-boyfriend, at the time they met, already had a girlfriend despite him being single.

I posted a thread on Reddit asking if there was a chance that the woman who tried to prevent the relationship was Asian. The thread is here and highly upvoted, to my surprise.
It was later confirmed, in that thread, that the agent was in fact an Asian woman.
My mom spent her whole life trying to get me – her Asian looking Eurasian son – to date Asian women. Why the hypocrisy? She had told me that my first girlfriend, a black girl (ironically the only ones who like Asian and Eurasian looking guys), would get pregnant and leave me, and that her father would physically assault me. My father of course, tried to get me to stay away from white women, and women in general, being a massive fundamentalist Christian paleoconservative Nazi who thought women were evil, and my mother joined in by saying that White women were sluts. A large bulk of these type of White men who forgo White women yet maintain a very conservative stance on life, highly value Asian women for their “controllability” and their
Some 40-50% of Asian women date and marry out. In terms of dating, it’s probably much higher – near 80%. Asian women are also pretty notorious for saying terrible things about Asian males. So as if that’s not bad enough for raising Hapa male sons – it gets worse – because I’ve literally heard from Asian women “I don’t like Asian guys.”
If Asian women were perfectly content in their relationships – why do they harass Asian men (and Eurasian men) constantly, incessantly attempting to demean Asian men despite having secured a white male partner?
Why are there so many instances of them harassing Asian male / non-Asian female couples?
Below is from Reddit.

Examples of Asian women in relationships with white men, who attack Asian or Eurasian men for dating non-Asian women

  1. 🔥Asian woman describes hypocrisy of insecure Asian women enabling white-male-racist hyper sexualization, and how Asian women who date White men will harass and attack Asian men who date out. “It’s not uncommon for insecure Asian women with non-Asian partners to give dirty looks to and sh*t talk Asian men who date out. This is because those particular Asian women are jealous and insecure.”
  2. Asian male: Women from my Dad’s family hated the fact my mom was from Latin America. Link. 
  3. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Entire reddit thread devoted to White women with Asian partners who are harassed by the Asian males’ female family members
  4. Asian woman with white boyfriend attacks her ex-boyfriend for dating a white woman.
  5. Asian male says that his mother worked to prevent him from dating non-Asian women. 
  6. Korean mother in law harasses white woman married to Korean man 
  7. Hypocritical Asian woman encourages Asian looking son to marry Asian, while telling daughter to marry white. 
  8. White woman with Asian boyfriend talks about aggression from Asian women with white boyfriends.
  9. Same white woman talks about aggression from Asian women with white boyfriends, again.

Many Asian mothers try to force their children to marry Asian women – unusual, since they themselves married white. My mother pushed me towards Asian women for 20 years even though my dad said to me in private: “Chinese women are very hard on their men,” after the constant nagging, screaming, violence, beatings, police-calls, separate bedrooms, sleeping on the floor, and overall atrocious behavior ground the marriage down to a nub, essentially as a result of my mother realizing my father was exactly the kind of loser who “preferred” Asian women (i.e., most white men do not see Asian women as serious partners and only go for them as a result of being unable to secure a white woman to feed their egos).
Why do Asian women and Asian mothers in law harass the living hell out of the women who date Asian men, Eurasian men, their White daughters in laws, other Asian women, and even black women who date Asian men?
Could it be : that Asian women marry for status and integration and rely heavily on fetishization for integration – a fetishization that inflates their attractiveness, and heavily leans on the fact that they are “superior to Asian men,” so when they see a “superior non-Asian woman” marry an Asian guy – it disrupts their sense of power and makes them realize what a flimsy ledge they’re standing on – that they are not more beautiful or desirable, but rather just fetishized and limited to absolute bottom of the barrel, leering, creeping white guys?
It makes Asian women realize, that no matter what, they are only desirable due to fetishization by low-status non-Asian males, so to see an Asian male do well – it disrupts her entire worldview, and makes her angry to see a non-Asian woman have a genuine relationship with an Asian man, despite the fact that she can only get losers?
Could it moreso be that Asian women, due to Asian culture, don’t understand the concept of love as love (meaning that many Asian women happily marry ugly, bald, bottom feeding white men in a furious attempt to integrate and get back at Asian men, and see no problem doing so, because many Asian women are asexual and don’t even see the need to have sex with the ugly male), and so seeing a superior white woman marry an inferior Asian guy just jars her entire system?
And finally, could it be that Asian women recognize that they are undesired by the non-Asian majority, and whereby do everything they can to distance themselves from Asian men, in the attempt to make themselves feel beautiful – and will necessarily attack Asian men (and even Eurasian men that they themselves cannot determine from a full Asian male), and therein feel threatened when a beautiful non-Asian woman
The best thing any AMWF, Asian male, or Hapa male can do is straight up avoid Asian women.
Many already do. Many top tier Asian men pretty much only date non-Asian women.
It is rare to find Eurasian men who date Asian women. Why?
Their worldview is incredibly skewed, to the point that bald, old, unattractive white men become a priority, indicating their views on love and sex differ from the rest of the world- and the reasons for this are varied, but largely have to do with the fact that they frankly are the least attractive and only benefit from desperation and fetishization, and their hatred ebbs off on everyone  around them. Add to the fact that Asian women like my mother are just extremely grating, flat out mean, and just horrible to everyone around them where they literally just have to bring everyone around them down, means that any AMWF couple that marries for actual love, rather than self-hate or a fetish, should avoid them.
This is why so many Half Asian men just straight up cut contact with their parents. Because the world sees us as Asian – and frankly, it’s hard as a WMAW Eurasian to not feel deeply disturbed by his parents, especially when racist white men and Asian women make it a point to harass and demean any male who looks Asian – including Eurasians.
The problem with WMAW couples is that white worshipping Asian women frankly make terrible mothers – they constantly try to use their children as a political tool against Asianness, they marry men who are, frankly, not the best – because Asian women have so heavily crashed their own value to the point that the only men who like them are weird. That is, because asexual Asian women are so “pro-white,” the guys who use this cultural tick to get laid, are generally bottom of the barrel white males. 
Half Asians are essentially on our own in understanding our identity. The ultimate irony is that many times out of many, half Asian sons are being raised by the worst possible people to be raising us – white men and Asian women who hate Asian men and want to maximize on whiteness.

2 thoughts on “🔥Hypocritical, abusive Asian women / White men and their extreme jealousy and hatred towards Asian males and non-Asian females

  1. It is undeniably true that they are extremely jealous, and to the point develops an ‘feeling of uneasiness’ whenever there are Asian Male/White Females (or other non-Asian females) near sight. But I think their biggest and deepest fear is that when they get old they wanted this ‘submissive’ old-fashioned Asian daughter-in-law to control and to be there by their side, knowing that the husbands usually die first and leaving them alone.
    That said, they know that most Whites and other non-Asians are not too fond of their reputations. So, as sneaky little creatures as they are, there will be conflict because most (if not all) other non-Asian women would not put up with their sh!t and can care less about ‘the terrible little old Asian lady’ that they are. It also makes them feel inferior knowing that they have to go on through life with other non-Asian women in the family, whereas (she) was put up on a pedestal by the man she was once fetishes and married to.
    This is the only logical reason I can think of. It is pretty sickening of how the minds of Asian women and their thought-process works.


  2. 80% is a pretty far-fetched number, and I’m not sure who it is intended to cover. You throw around the word “Asian” all the time, but it’s much much lower for actual Asian women in Asia (partly because the vast majority of men in Asia are in fact Asian). Maybe that’s the number for a certain set of “white-washed” Asian women in the US, but who would want to date them anyway? They are the most likely to be skanks corrupted by Western decadence and feminist lies. However, they are not the ones chasing around balding old white dudes. In Asia, it’s a running inside joke that fugly (or aging) girls who can’t get quality local guys go for foreigners.
    There is a separate group of Asian Americans in the U.S. who have all their social activities together. They will occasionally put up with a few white interlopers in the groups, but whites are definitely not actively welcomed. This is more the case for some groups than others (especially, e.g., Koreans), but it is definitely something you don’t seem to focus on at all.
    You make some good observations on this blog, but it’s bogged down by the frequent trashing of Asian women. You blame white men for rejecting white women, but you essentially do the same thing yourself.
    Anyway, do you think it’s better to raise Eurasian sons in Asia than in the West? At least in Asia, Asian looking men don’t face the same stigma that you are saying they do here. (In Asia, of course, your preferred Asian-black mixes are not received very well, but who can be bothered to worry about that).


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