🔥🔥🔥🔥How White men who like Asian women hate Asian men and White women the most, and how this affects Eurasian male psychosexuality; and why Elliot Rodger targeted Asian men and White women

I am Eurasian with a White father and Asian mother. I am incredibly, incredibly messed up, way beyond normal behavior for a male of my age. A lot of this has to do with my paranoid, conspiracy theorist dad (who stopped working because he was afraid that Jesus was coming back, and drove my mother insane), and depressed, mentally-ill Asian mother. I inherited a lot of their mental “problems” – as well a their cultural baggage.
I understand that as a Eurasian male – there are going to be people out there that are a lot worse, particularly when nobody listens to you.
Want to know why? Look at this post by a White guy in Taiwan who was seeking a Taiwanese woman but said, in regards, to Taiwanese men / foreign women couples – that there were “more than there should be.” 
In the past, I was actually verbally attacked and humiliated for my Asian appearance – despite having a White father and Asian mother – by several of my university classmates. Each and every one of the classmates that did this – was a racist against Asians; one was Arab, two were white.
As engineers they would constantly complain about the Asians in the library or in the cafeteria. It turns out that these men, given that they were neither particularly good looking, and also very nerdy, all slept with Asian women for casual sex and hookups. Because these were the only women these guys could get. These same men would routinely make fun of me for my appearance, ask questions like “are you taller than everyone in China?” (despite the fact that I’m shorter than many high school students, at 6’0″ tall), and made small penis jokes.
It’s not unusual for men who like Asian women to have a particular hate for Asian men and Eurasian men . 
The reason for this is because these men who like Asian women generally do so, as a way to “take back the power” in the form of male sexuality and dominance over Asian women – the women that are known, frankly, for being available for anyone that is not Asian. Asian women are not the most attractive, but largely, because of their stigma, tend to attract men who seek to express a latent desire to have a woman who will beget them with a sense of sexual worth, when in fact, these men might be lacking it in the first place; the desire for Asian women is generally consequential to ones inability to secure a non-Asian partner.


So in a way, the entire appeal of Asian women is that they are available to you, if you fail to get what you want from non-Asian women, who are generally more physically appealing and have higher standards. Meaning that, if X women are too feminist, they don’t like you, too demanding, well, at least I can get an Asian woman – since she will do anything for integration and status (though this is not known to the male, who assumes that the woman just wants “big cock” and “sex with a superior male.”)
So when these men see Asian men with White or non-Asian women, it triggers them, in a way that is exceptionally dangerous, even bordering on violent. Because the Asian male (and in many cases, the Eurasian male) is a non-entity, a feminine other that does not deserve love or sex or companionship. Keep in mind that the man who chose an Asian woman – generally chose her as a second choice, as a response to White or other non-Asian women who have too high standards.
The entire appeal of Asian women is that they are available if and only if the first choice – a non-Asian woman – is not available. Meaning that men like me, who started off charming, outgoing and ambitious, refused to date them because I felt simply that it wouldn’t challenge me as a person, and largely because I didn’t want to be worshipped for my half-White blood. My first kiss actually was with one of the nicest girls I’ve ever known, who actually was Japanese and now engaged to a hapa with a Japanese father, but other than that, since that period I became more and more wary of Asian girls. Unfortunately for the decent ones out there.
So when a man who settles with his second choice – or even last choice before…. suicide, or whatever (as in the case of the original post), sees an Asian man with a White woman – it drives him crazy. It drove Elliot Rodger, the son of a White man and an Asian woman crazy, to see Asian men with White women. The following picture was essentially the catalyst that drove Elliot to murder White women and Asian men.
a8M9LEQ-2.jpgWhy would the son of a White man and an Asian woman want to murder White women and Asian men?
Have you seen the way that white men who fetishize Asian women talk down about Asian women and white men? Spend time around them or go into a place like /r/china and ask yourself, honestly, two questions:

  1. How is this progressive?
  2. What is this going to be like for the sons who look Asian?
  3. How the hell is is possible to be normal?

Keep in mind that contemporary White male masculinity is essentially now hinged on the dominance over Asians. Keep in mind that the White male is now “under attack” by Muslims, blacks, and other people of color.
In order to really overcome their fear of losing both political and sexual power, the availability of Asian women is their number one fallback plan.
Asian male / White female (or in some cases another type of woman) tends to provoke anger in non-Asian males in a way that others are not able to properly understand.
Just read how this woman was harassed by a Trump supporter for having an Asian husband. Archive here.
Keep in mind that many, and I mean many, Trump supporters fully support WMAW.
Another thing to point out – like the top cartoon – is that certain Asian women are pretty much incapable of the Westernized notion of love. Tiger Momming is in their veins, as is Tiger Relationships were they get a white husband, nag and scold him constantly, and so the White man finds himself in a loveless relationship while genuine relationships between Asian men and White women – based on love, mutual understanding and similar life goals, drives him crazy. So there’s that.
Obviously these are generalizations but when something like this is ignored, bad things have happened and will happen. The real culprit is just common every day white supremacy, otherwise known as that practiced by your average twenty something fuckboy.

10 thoughts on “🔥🔥🔥🔥How White men who like Asian women hate Asian men and White women the most, and how this affects Eurasian male psychosexuality; and why Elliot Rodger targeted Asian men and White women

  1. You sure come up with some good story I’m married to an Okinawan woman and has been for many years we know other wmaf couples with male children don’t see the things you are saying they are doctors lawyers we have daughters one is a teacher the other one is a nurse . I have asian male friends have no problems there

    Liked by 1 person

    • He’s just outlining his experience based on his (unfortunate) situation and upbringing. It shouldn’t be this way and no one can mend the damage but his family, which in my opinion very little chance at this stage. I do feel his pain and it is definitely not his fault, no one’s but his parents’.
      I too have friends that are White Male/Asian Female, as well as Asian Male/White Female couples and I can genuinely tell you that the latter outweighs the former in terms of true love over fetish. Not saying you have a fetish.
      Some of my friends don’t even know their Asian wives because in general they can develop and harbor very deep secrets to some extent that even their own families couldn’t dissect. The majority of this certain group of Asian females (not all) do possess a high preference for everything ‘white’ and everything non-Asian, including themselves, with that said, in return they must break loose of this so-called Asian-ness at any costs, for any reasons. A hurdle or barrier sort of speak that they must overcome for ‘reason-enough’ to validate themselves of their desires or fetish for white men.


  2. If someone said all black Men with white women are fucked up with an inferiority complex and hatred of whites….then we know there would be howls of outrage..and quite rightly to. There are black Men with mental issues that may be related to them dating white women. To judge all such relationships on such dynamics is clearly racist shite.


    • Nothing wrong with this couple..
      I worked with a guy with a criminal record for street robbery ( he lied/ frauded his references to get the job). He ended up stealing from the company and getting prosecuted. He claimed to have a drug problem ( which I beleive). He was also a father of mutiple kids by different women, none of the kids receiving financial support….And he was black…
      So what’s your point? You can find stereotypes, mental unstables , inadequates and bonkers racists everywhere…Why not post a video of some Jew lusting after money? A black for lusting for a white women…or indeed an Eurasian who feels inferior?


  3. 53% White Women voted for Trump. The greater majority of White Men voted for Trump. At any election, 40% of Asians vote Republican. Asians continue to marry within their race. So I’m trying to say your generalizations of Trump supporters, Alt-Right, and the Asian fetish of White Men, and White fetish of Asian Women are overlooking other generalizations.


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