🔥White dad mocks his own son’s Asian penis in front of an audience of thousands on Reddit; no other biracial pairings have a racist, loser White dad by default who uses his own son’s inferiority to raise his appeal among other racist whites

Extremely racist, anti-social white men almost default to Asian women, after being rejected by White women, and to feel “big” about being White, while White women reject them, these same white men use their Asian wives and Asian sons as a punchline for their own superiority. While some people say that “jokes” are just “jokes,” jokes are usually told among whites with the intend to demonize non-whites and so this white dad actually told a joke to what he presumed to be the hundreds of thousands of viewers on Reddit, not even caring that his 100% Asian looking son was there. The child was nonexistent to him.

More like an afterthought on his part, as is the case with white men who go after Asian women with the explicit purpose of avoiding white women, yet still maintaining their white supremacist viewpoints on life regardless of who they f*ck.

KdHif1hUpRM8sEFCPwYvho4xJmrntVoPD3DQL28rDt0.pngLink to original thread.

Archive of the comments.

One Hapa woman on /r/Hapas described more about this type of man (in my words, the type of man who deliberately targets Asian women, because of his failure to find a woman who will tolerate him other than finding an Asian woman who will allow it because of the huge cultural gap and status obsession and poverty of Asian women).

And again just like Stephen Paddock, this is like every r/Hapas theme rolled into one. You could not have scripted this any better. Watch out when this guy snaps.

Two weeks after Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was confirmed to have not one, but two Asian women in his history, more anti-social, horrifically racist WMAF pops up.
Bottom of the barrel white men, unfortunately, default to Asian women, as a way to “get laid” (or at least form relationships), after being rejected by White or non-Asian women, hence many sexpats wind up in Asia due to the belief that “Asian women like white guys;” in other words, once you fail as a man within your own culture you can rely on your superiority over Asian males, to find an Asian partner to fill that gap in your life.

This is all likelihood another extremely damaged Eurasian on the way, and what’s scary is that these men genuinely believe that making fun of their Asian sons, while being with a woman who hates Asian men, and having a child that is bullied at school and grows up in a society where Asian men are essentially forbidden from existing and forming relationships with even Asian women, can destroy them.

I have had guys who made comments about my dick one day, while sleeping with Chinese FOB women the next, because these were racist, anti-social non-Asian guys who would go after Asian women because white university students were “Sex and the City cunts.” I’m dead serious. These same guys would harass the women that were seeing me by asking them shit about my dick size and what not.

No other mixed race pairing has to deal with this, when ones own mother and father contribute to the denigration of the child.

Racism against Asian men is real, and the original poster would in all likelihood spend most of his time attack Asian men / White woman couples in person, and his mother probably mocks Asian men, in front of the son, while the father is in all likelihood the racist, alt-right, hateful type of person who pursues Asian women, because she gives him – outside the watcheye eye of white women – the right to “tell it like it is,” about Asian men, black people, Latinos, feminists and whatever else.

Do I need to go through his post history to find a long history of anti-social, anti-progressive, anti-black, anti-Jewish, anti-feminist material? And then is it a surprise, that so many half Asians, even ones in the comment threads of this blog, base their entire existence on not looking Asian and denigrating Asian men – ala Elliot Rodger, whose self hatred led to the death of three Asian men? When I was in college, I actually used to slap Asian men in the face, despite being mocked for being Asian myself.

This child is essentially guaranteed institutionalization, or to be a spree killer. Children under 10 are extremely susceptible.

As a Catholic priest used to say, “give me a child before 7, and he will be the church’s forever.

Some good comments from Reddit, from this thread, and this thread.

5 thoughts on “🔥White dad mocks his own son’s Asian penis in front of an audience of thousands on Reddit; no other biracial pairings have a racist, loser White dad by default who uses his own son’s inferiority to raise his appeal among other racist whites

  1. I see I have made you realise how stupid your stance is on ” white men who happened to like asian women. I note that you now refer to ” white RACIST men” . You fail to make it cle whether you are now referring to a specfic type of white person or whether you beleive all whites are racist; or whether all white men who happened to be attracted to Asians are supposedly racist.
    Why don’t you start a blog that lists all the apalling and grosd items you can find about racist black men married to white women? That would be racist selectivity on your part, right?


    • EW merely points out that there is a very specific form of racism that manifests in a sizable portion of WMAF relationships. The AF has white fever and a negative view of her own race and wants to be white or have children who look white. Sometimes she is considered unattractive in Asia and thus an outsider wanting to find acceptance. Sometimes she looks decent but just wants to be white. She chooses her partner by one standard only: his race. The WM is a MGTOW type who blames white women for his lack of game, unattractive looks, and/or lack of social skills. Some of them happen to be white nationalists, whose views are so extreme that only fob Asian women who don’t understand due to cultural differences can put up with him. What happens when these two types of people come together? They have children who grow up in a very unhealthy environment.


      • So it’s not possible that an Asian women simply likes and loves a man who happens to be caucasian? In a world of seven billion all WMAF relationships are dysfunctional neo colonist racist pairings between unbalanced losers with inferiority complexes? You should get out more….


  2. The only thing I don’t understand is WHY ARE YOU HALF CHINESE ? I would feel if better if the f*cking bastard who created this blog ashaming Asian and half Asian males is anything but mix Chinese but turn out it has to be in the Chinese blood again ashaming everyone. I don’t see the sons of half Pakistani, or half black, or half Mexicans ashaming their own but everyone there has to be a f*cking chinese ashaming the rest.
    ” Uncivilized Chinese Tourists Provoke Outrage Abroad ” (worst than f*cking subhumans )

    Pure Asian Chinese ashame other Asian
    Chinese Hapa ashames other Hapa
    If there’s anything to worry about, we should worry about the inferior Chinese heritage of ProudEurasian and EurasianTiger, both happen to be Chinese and both are humiliating, inferior,


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