🔥🔥🔥Will a White man / Asian woman couple attack and hurt / kill an Asian looking Eurasian male in the near future?

White men who feel angered at Western society and its degeneration will pursue Asian women as a way to reestablish power against White women – we saw this with Stephen Paddock.

These same white guys don’t actually want Asian women, but use them as a way to get laid or have a relationship, when White women reject them, yet still harbor intense anger at society for denying them the validation of white women (who they view as their first choice).

Many Asian women are complicit in supporting racist white men, because Asian women are desperate to integrate and prove their whiteness, or value, to what they view to be a superior country, with a superior culture, with the hopes of having White-passing children, and escaping what they view (in their minds, not mine) as their “unique” and unattractive bone structure (something that even black people do not have). Asian women seek to escape Asianness and the pitfalls of being isolated and excluded, because Asian culture highly values status and integration, rather than revolt; they also highly value status within society, and obtaining status within society, in the normative behavior within Asian society, involves marrying White men – who traditionally occupied the highest rungs of society. Add to the fact that lots of White guys feel “trapped” when Asian wives become sexless (due to low sex drives and viewing sex as a means to fulfill pragmatist goals), and are subjected to the extremely difficult, nagging and shrill nature of many white-obsessed Asian women (who do not marry for love, but more so out of anger and social compulsion) so these same sexually frustrated white men – on seeing Asian or Eurasian men with White women (their real prize), will become irate.

Asian and Eurasian men, even to white men who are forced to date Asian women, are beneath him – and because Asian women are so easy for him, it just reinforces in his mind that Asian men are inferior – so White men who like Asian women exclusively (who are uniformly racists) – hate seeing Asian / Eurasian men with White women, and get easily triggered by this; even by their own sons, who they try to control and shape into following his racist white father’s identity politics.

So the question is – when will this happen?

When will a White man and an Asian woman – a couple in arms against the degeneration of White society, and a couple in arms against Asian culture encroaching on their European paradise – e.g., a White man and an Asian woman living together in the utopia of their own creation – a small sequestered space in Europe where he and her can “enjoy” European lifestyles without the press of feminist White women or Asian men and Asians…

attack or even kill a Eurasian man who looks 100% Asian?

I predicted Stephen Paddock’s attack five months ago, and I can say with 100% certainty that this event will happen.

8 thoughts on “🔥🔥🔥Will a White man / Asian woman couple attack and hurt / kill an Asian looking Eurasian male in the near future?

  1. Hi, I stumbled across your blog when looking for information on Chinese male/White female couples- I’m a white woman in a new-ish relationship with a Chinese man. I’ve seriously dated several people before this, but he’s the first Asian person I’ve ever dated, and so far it’s going very well- he’s incredibly considerate, intelligent, and we always find a lot to talk about with each other.
    I haven’t ever personally met any other Asian men/white women couples in my daily life though; since it seems like a less usual arrangement I wanted to see what other people had to say about their own experiences. I think your in depth explanations of both combinations of Asian/White couples were really interesting.
    Anyway I’ve not read all your posts but looked through a lot of them, and I noticed in some you mention that your mother kept urging you to marry an Asian girl yourself. But I haven’t seen any mention of if you are actually married to anybody or not. For my own curiosity, are you married, and if so, to which race?
    (I know over the years, my boyfriend’s parents have tried many times to get him to marry Chinese girls who are the daughters of friends or work associates. This does not bother me in the slightest as I know he is his own person who is fully capable of making his own personal decisions. But I am curious as to how this type of pressure has worked on other Asian/half Asian men raised in the US- though my guy was born in Hong Kong his family emigrated and he spent most of his childhood in America).


    • It is very, very common for Asian mothers to have their sons marry an ‘obedient’ Chinese or Asian girl for many reasons, one of which is for the daughter-in-law to take care of the mother when she is old and in need….now…there are even more reasons for the self-hatred Asian woman that pushes her son(s) to marry an Asian, ready? Asian women that hook-up with non-Asian men usually do not want other (non-Asian such as white, etc) women in their lives due to inferiority complex issues, let alone expect them the girls to take care of them. This mentality has been ingrained into their heads therefore one of the more reasons for their relationships in the first place. White women, or any other type of non-Asians would not put up with their ‘beck and call’ as they usually command from Asian daughter-in-laws. It is almost like enslavement and they know in their own little conniving heads that there will be problems if their sons marry a non-Asian…in turn, knowing their wishes will never be fulfilled. Yes as selfish as it may sound, it is all about them.
      Now I’m not generalizing all White, Latin, Middle Eastern or any other non-Asian women, but relationships between Asian men with White or other non-Asian women seem more genuine, they formed by mutual respect and understanding, full of love (instead of hatred as proven from this blog) and their mother-in-laws usually has no problems with their non-Asian daughter-in-laws, except for the previously paragraph outlined above.
      Now to answer the ultimate question: will White men/Asian women deliberately hurt/kill hapas? My answer would be NO. Why would they? The question is HOW could they??? Well, maybe the loser father will kill them if they are no more than 10 years old like case from a couple of months ago (God rest their little souls). Those type of couples are weaklings, they can only hate with their eyes and nothing more. If anything, the violent side of the Asian will in turn kill them. If you’ve ever mess with the wrong Asian you’ll know what I’m taking about. Those guys will literally kill whatever they deemed as threat, and let’s not forget the heavy tattoo-ridden ones.


      • Hi Kenny, thanks for the reply!
        The scenarios of mother-in-law type situations you mentioned were not something I’d been aware of- some interesting food for thought.
        Also in response to your last paragraph^ I guess I haven’t yet messed with the wrong type of Asian, and that’s okay by me haha. (my dude is overall pretty calm and I definitely appreciate that)


      • …yes ‘generalized’ as in American-English Mrs Butterfield,. Only if Apple spellcheck can work better especially if trying to type from a 4″ screen. It’s the truth and it is hard to ‘seewah low’ as she utters…


    • The plan is that you’re going to run back to whatever internet shithole you came from and write passive aggressive comments, emails under various guises (such as the “sympathetic” supporter who is in reality the original doxxer baiting to see if EurasianTiger responds) for the next ten years, hoping that your “doxxing” ever amounts to anything, while /r/hapas continues to grow exponentially.


  2. I get it, you are on multiple accounts, trying to make it seem like many people care about this so called “doxxing,” and trying to play it like you’re some all seeing, mysterious cabal who has the drop on a famous blogger and internet figure, and that you hold all the cards. I guess you feel a kind of calm, satisfying feeling while you role play as a powerful, shadowy figure who can take on multiple personalities in your attempt to see if your attacks had any real, tangible results.
    But it’s just one person, who is a nobody, middle American sexless loser, who pretends that it means anything that he somehow “knows it all.” This is your new gimmick, where you act like you’re so sympathetic when it’s obvious it’s one person (you) doing the doxxing, one individual who is upset about the fact that he’s involuntarily celibate and uses his newfound “power” over an internet figure to pretend he has some Bond-villainesque ability to manipulate his target’s mind using various techniques (such as false sympathy, identity confusion, reverse psychology). I get it.
    You’ve been desperately trying to come back to the “scene of your crime,” seeing if it had any real effect on “me” by digging around using different personalities, different attitudes, different narratives of how the “doxxing” happened and who did it, but the reality is that /r/hapas continues to break records, this website isn’t budging, and you’re still a nobody.


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