Do Asian women regret moving to a country where there are weekly mass shootings, where everything is thirty years old and falling apart, where half the people are mentally ill? Is that why child kidnapping is so popular with Asian and Russian women?

I just saw this local news report where some local moron was crying his eyes red like cherries on TV talking about how his Russian wife just bailed out on him with his two daughters and moved back to Moscow and how he was writing her emails and she was sending him replies like, give me twenty grand and I’ll send you a photo. He couldn’t understand why she left him, and I just thought, she left him because of where you live man.

Oh yeah buddy, your wife left you to go back to an A++ global city from a town with 30,000 people where high end food is called Olive Garden, where owning high powered assault rifles and hollow-point ammunition and tracer rounds is considered a hobby, because she’s such a bad person.

Lots of women – especially Chinese, Japanese and Russian women, that come from functioning societies, move to America with the intent of snaring a “high status” American husband and living the American dream of a big house, a tall, white Prince Charming, and all the trimmings of a life abroad –

something that they can show off to their girlfriends back home, who are stuck with local boyfriends and dates at restaurants that aren’t waited on by passive aggressive college kids.
The only problem – which my mother realized too late – is that America is a shithole – a wide, ugly, barren swathe of a shithole. If you even compared high end, luxury shopping – something that women (and I) love, brand names such as Lanvin, Balenciaga, Marni, Kiton, Ferragamo, Dior, Chanel – these are impossible to find outside of select cities in America. Almost every other mall in a major city in China has these brands; and it’s not just the brand, but the feeling of being in a mall that isn’t run into the ground by a bunch of drugged out, mentally ill American zombies with grating, nasally accents, with cheap, 30 year old plastic seats that scrape the floor when you pull them out.

My mother came to America and used to tell me stories of how “everything was huge in the United States,” and when I went back to China decades after she died, it was the reverse. Things abroad are nicer. Bigger. Even the shitty stuff in China is nicer. The KFC and McDonald’s don’t have scratched up, dirty, littered cushions covered in lumberjack fabric. The quality is nicer. Things look good. It’s not run down, plastered in tiles and flourescent lighting.

Lots of these foreign women, especially Asian women, marry some balding, weird white MRA, MGTOW doofus who thinks that he can convince a foreign woman to live in a prefab house, driving a mid-ranged car and shopping at Macy’s and eating out at Applebee’s, and these women will try to show it off as being “luxurious” to their friends on Instagram or Weibo or whatever, but usually after a while, after the mass shootings, after the stupid comments from random, mentally ill American people (which seems to be roughly 25% of them), after the ugly, yellowing, boxy architecture and unwalkable “cities” become unbearable for a woman who wants better – many of these women take their half Asian or half American kids right back to Asia.

My mother essentially killed herself after my hyper religious, white dad who hated that American women were “too independent and feminist” was trying to drag my Chinese mother up to his windy, cold, poorly lit, crumbling redneck town where the sidewalks end even before they begin, and and she would go into a rage and say that she couldn’t stand that there were no streetlights and there was no where to eat or shop or that everyone was fat and depressed. The American dream. Look at Hong Kong and compare it to a shithole that isn’t New York. And then remember that Hong Kong is just one of hundreds of sparkling new cities in China.

Oh well.

I guess the benefit now is that these potential mass shooters will at least postpone their rampages for another 20-30 years (as long as the sexless marraige lasts with an Asian wife), when they import a bunch of Asian ladies?

6 thoughts on “Do Asian women regret moving to a country where there are weekly mass shootings, where everything is thirty years old and falling apart, where half the people are mentally ill? Is that why child kidnapping is so popular with Asian and Russian women?

  1. Lol. Can’t get a white wife, runs away to Asia, marries a mentally ill Chinese woman, eventually gets a Greek blonde that looks like a cross between post-surgery Micheal Jackson and Voldemort from Harry Porter. Brags about his blonde ‘bombshell’ on the internet only she recoils from the backlash and ends up vanishing. Dear reader, do you think I’m talking about one of the white men mentioned on this article? No. I’m talking about the writer himself, Tenda Lung Spencer! You couldn’t make this shit up even if you tried. LMFAO!!!


    • Actually, there was no drama. You were closely monitoring it looking to see if it would lead to some ground breaking change of tune from /r/hapas, this website, meaning that you, in all your jealousy, would be crowned as the man who overthrew EurasianTiger and made a name for himself as the guy who proved EurasianTiger’s hypotheses wrong. In actuality, you are the original doxxer, you desperately attempt to create new, varying alter egos in a last ditch attempt to test the waters, to see if there was any change in the temperature, while claiming that you’re the pool maintenance guy. In reality, you’re just – like the overwhelming majority of my haters – an involuntarily celibate half Asian who posts on the deep web, on anime forums well known for being frequented by the absolute dregs of society, socially, sexually, educationally, vocationally – desperate, unattractive men who find recluse in other unattractive, irrelevant men like themselves.
      And the reality is, if I died today, what I wrote about will be forever ingrained in the new sense of Eurasian identity, since I singlehandedly redefined relationships between East and West in ways never thought of before. I predicted mass murders, I predicted a large scale Hapacalypse, I predicted poor integration of biracial Asian children with white fathers and Asian mothers, and I predicted the success of /r/hapas. I predict that you, too, will be doomed to irrelevancy while one of your own – EurasianTiger – did something profound and globe-spanning.
      As for deleting your posts – I know you think that you’re so much smarter than me, that you’re playing some kind of radical, mysterious psychological game with me , acting like you’re just a concerned “third party,” but it’s obvious you’re the original loser, a short, tiny, little man with a vendetta who is now throwing out names in an attempt to act like he’s sooooo concerned, but in reality is just trying to manipulate Google search algorithms. Normally I’d let these posts stand but since you’re getting people who aren’t involved involved, I’m deleting it all. Keep pretending that the middle American loser in cheap clothes and New Balances is somehow getting the upper hand on me. Even you are aware that I’m far more intelligent than you, and so I’m genuinely curious why you even think you have a chance at this? I’ve been running circles around your type since the beginning.


  2. as a eurasian girl who’s sympathetic to the plight of asian and eurasian men, what do you suggest we do to help the situation?


  3. I’ve posted this before and probably won’t do so again, but you need help more than anything – unless you really do believe that your genetics are so messed up that nothing can help you, in which case, good luck.
    But what you claim is in my experience, untrue. One of my best friends is HAPA, with a very successful white father and a pretty successful asian wife. He himself has been extremely prosperous, doesn’t seem to suffer at all from his ethnicity, and is married to a white girl. I myself am completely Chinese and have a white wife.
    I would say its mostly a cultural thing. What you seem to be missing is any cultural stability and you have substituted shrillness for sanity. Within Confucianism, most things do have an answer but I think essentially, you’re actually trying to push Western ideals of human dignity which in itself doesn’t work but then attempting to apply it to all Asian women in a sense.


  4. Wow, you really do have problems.
    Parts of the US are shit holes, Detroit is not exactly fabulous. But if you really think China doses not have equally bad shit holes, you are delusional. 500 million chinese now have western style loving standards and can indeed buy…as you state…designer goods. I am not sure that being able to buy designer goods is the so great, but if it makes you or others happy, so be it. 900 million chinese still live in poverty that they would willingly exchange for a prefab, fridge freezer, car and bags of groceries from Walmart.
    Where one lives is a trade off on what alternatives you may have.
    One might like a village in Ireland but one sure won’t be going to many concerts


  5. I wish the media would stop shoving it down Asian women’s throats that they need to mate with a white man since “white men have a higher status,” because let’s face it, marrying a white man does not improve their status or their life. The media in America heavily pushes for race mixing too (even moreso) than the media in East Asia. People should marry for love not for attention, rebellion against parents/society, or a boost in social status. Sure, it can be natural for two races to be attracted to one another, but a lot of these relationships you mention in your posts aren’t natural. They are created in a cultural laboratory.


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