Racist White guys + hateful Asian women = this

White guys and Asian women produce Asian sons – who woulda thunk; it’s too bad that the majority of these couples absolutely hate Asian males, yet seem to only be able to create Asian males from their wombs.

Even the cameraman tells him to stop making Asian jokes after a while. 500 bucks says he’s a virgin too. Congrats guys.

“Oh! You’re just a hateful jealous Asian guy!”

Keep proving my point that your ingrained hatred for Asian males and associating Asian maleness with bad qualities just makes you fail as parents years before you even consider it.

Make sure when your kid comes out looking like this that you tell him to be proud of his heritage; he’s gonna need it.

One thought on “Racist White guys + hateful Asian women = this

  1. The guy actually looks alright. I wish half asians didn’t had so many internal problems. I wish they just lived normal happy lives any other people.


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