🔥The most racist white males are the ones most interested in Asian women; racist against not only other minorities, but Asian men. How are half-Asians supposed to be sane when you are both Asian (a negative) and raised by a white supremacist father and an Asian mother who hates Asian males?


White male Asian women couples love to complain about racism against them but my parents NEVER experienced ANYTHING against their relationship, not in the entire time I grew up under them. (Coincidentally, my parents also had very few friends). Compare it to this.

“I’m hopeful that fewer mothers of multiracial children will be accosted in grocery stores by HOSTILE WHITE MEN asking, “Where did you get that child?” as my (white, Jewish) mother was about me, her brown-skinned, half-Chinese daughter.”

All of my mom’s friends, doctors, accountants, business partners were Asian men. They were all exceptionally kind to me.

With fake articles like that one about China banning interracial marriage these manipulative white males are effectively trying to worm their way into a social position where they have as much leverage as minorities in saying that they are persecuted for their interracial relationship. Please remember that the alternative-right, or racist white men in general – seek out Asian women specifically because they know they have a distinct advantage in being white. My father was the same.

The actual reality is much different. WMAW is about killing a dozen birds with one stone, one added benefit is being able to claim you’re progressive when you’re actually not – or when you are really a terrible, vicious white males with outdated racist beliefs. Remember this when dealing with WMAW couples.

In fact, WMAW might be the most explicitly pro-white relationship on earth, since the appeal of Asian women is not that they are more beautiful, but more traditional and willing to support white ideals, or at least, more available to you if you are a white male who lacks the characteristics to get a non-Asian woman.

The issue here is that these guys like the above “casual joke maker” have kids. In all likelihood the wife doesn’t know about his true beliefs. Remember that most half Asians look Asian, but more importantly still carry Asian genes. The white guys don’t care, all his white friends probably just think this is a joke; remember Asian women are accepted into Western society.

Remember, guys who are grossly insecure will go for Asian women because they are simply the easiest pickings for white males. The more insecure you are the more you like Asian women / because of their cultural naivety or inherent white worship of miscommunication where they don’t understand the true nature of white men (my case, hence collapse marriage ten years later).

Add to this insecurity their desire to humiliate their competition (i.e., Asian men) and you have literally the worst combination to be raising an Asian son. My penis is not particularly large, around 5.5″ and I say thus probably has more to do with my white father’s size.

Even worse is these guys really hate Asian male / white woman couples because they remind them of how they failed to get white women. Asian women are merely second picks – and you can tell by the haphazard, in your face appearance of these couples. These guys go into a rage on seeing successful Asian males (despite being so few, hence the rage; Asian women are literally low hanging fruit). The same guys who date / bang Asian women. Luckily my father was not like this, but I still had huge issues.

I can’t even imagine being the son of a White man who deep down harbors bias against Asian men – and still marries an Asian woman; the irony being that these are the guys who love Asian women the most – the most bitter, insecure males who just need to feel power.

This is just to remind everyone that certain couples are going to produce children who are public health risks and drains on society. You read it here first from the top half Asian blog in the world.

/u/mtzo said it best:

So the same white men who have this persecution complex about WMAF, the most COMMON and socially ACCEPTED racial pairing. Go out of their way to accost AMWF families and their children.

And you know what? Even a WMAF Hapa son with a white girl, would look like an AMWF to hostile white men. These WMAFs are at war with their own sons. When WMAF declares war on Asian men, their own sons are caught in the crossfire. With our Asian faces, we don’t get to wear badges saying “Me Good Asian, Me Son of White Man”

30 thoughts on “🔥The most racist white males are the ones most interested in Asian women; racist against not only other minorities, but Asian men. How are half-Asians supposed to be sane when you are both Asian (a negative) and raised by a white supremacist father and an Asian mother who hates Asian males?

  1. “Even worse is these guys really hate AMWW couples because they remind them of how they failed to get white women. Asian women are merely second picks. ”

    People like that really annoy me, it’s one thing to be upset at interracial daters, but to complain about interracial couples whilst you are in one yourself is so hypocritical!


    • Insecure“, “rage“, “hate“—keywords <EW mentions which represents the WMAF dynamic perfectly. They know, deep down, how miserable their lives really are when compared to the genuine relationships of successful and lifelong AMWF couples.

      Unfortunately, due to their ineptitude and selfishness, WMAFs pass on their misery onto their offspring. Then the common folk and mainstream psychological “experts” (who are White, of course) of Western society wonder why individuals like Elliot or Daniel come along.


  2. I have to disagree with you saying that most hapas look Asian. They look completely caucasian to me just look at chloe wang daniel henney and shannon williams etc. Also white men make better father figures than Asian men since Asian men are narrow minded basic losers with some sort of addiction and they punish their children horribly. There are far more famous and successful hapas with white fathers and their parents are still married compared to Amwf couples which are very rare and short lived. You shouldnt hate yourself for who you are and the fact you are white.. stop identifying as asian when you have your fathers white genes it screams self hate.

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    • This girl is talking about self hate when she’s bashing Asian males. Good luck with your kids. I get identified as Asian constantly by white people. This is the reason you savage witches produce mass killers en masse.


    • You are so dumb that you cannot tell Chloe Wang has a Chinese American investment banker father from her Chinese last name Wang.

      Shannon Williams is successful indeed……in Korea, because that’s where she is based her career in. Also, she looks half Asian like a hapa.


    • Are you that same “simon” from the previous thread who posted the pic of that big dick Asian kid (LOL)? WordPress, while strongly believing in freedom of speech (as they say), still has their Terms of Service (read more here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/report-blogs/). So, it was either due to that inappropriate pic or deliberately exposing that White boy’s full name and personal pic (I’d say it was the latter). The consequence? Termination—all of EW’s endeavors… gone. No one wants that now (except the haters, of course).


  3. White men get mad when they see Asian men with white women? Stop lying to yourself. What planet do you live on where AMWF couples are everywhere? You can go literally YEARS without seeing an Asian man with a white woman unless you live in a city like San Francisco. Even in SF, WMAF far outnumbers AMWF. White women who date interracially pair up with black men because of stereotypes of black people being more masculine as a whole. I think you are more likely to see a white woman “dating” a butch “dom” black female who dresses and acts like a man rather than see an AMWF couple. White women who actually date Asian men are an extreme statistical outlier. White men get mad when they see BLACK men with white women. White men believe they are balancing the universe when they get Asian women. Asian men are so emasculated that seeing an AMWF couple is like finding a white person in Detroit.


      • White boy trolls cannot swallow that Asian males are a real threat. Yo only have to look at the systematic denigration and stereotyping of Asian males in MSM since the 80’s.

        I’ve seen whole traffic stop and look in the CBD of Sydney when there was a striking blonde with a short Asian guy LOLLLL, truly Kodak moment right there.


    • — “…WMAF far outnumbers AMWF” = Quantity
      — AMWFs “…are an extreme statistical outlier.” = Quality

      Indeed, a balance… most WMAFs are shitty, “bottom-of-the-barrel” couples; most AMWFs (albeit less in numbers) are loving, “cream-of-the-crop” couples. It’s all good (LOL).

      And while the respective stereotypes between Asian and Black men are mostly true, the Western mainstream media also plays a big part in “playing-up” these particular stereotypes—usually “negative” for Asian men; “positive” for Black men. And all this ties in with females—White females, in this case—who are often dumber than rocks and are “followers” (i.e., herd mentality). Take, for example, “K” or “J-pop”—what can you say about the increasing number of White girls who are going bonkers for Korean and/or Japanese guys (who are often quite effeminate themselves)? A quality White woman, who truly desires a quality Asian man, would be wise and not be so “myopic” nor a “media-tard”.


    • Funny that how it turns out. Believe it or not, one of the AMWF pairs live near my house. As far as I notice, they don’t go out often. If they do go out, I found them separately most of the time.

      One time, I was shopping at the grocery pretty late night around 11:00pm because I need to get something really quick. Then out of nowhere, I saw this AMWF pair wondering near the shampoo aisle. It got me thinking why late at night?

      And you wonder why you don’t see AMWF.

      WMAF pairs outnumber AMWF pairs for sure. But AMWF pairs, in my opinion, don’t go out quite often together. And you wonder why those hapa from AMWF then? they fall from the sky?

      I think there are legitimate number of AMWF pairs, but they don’t make public as much as WMAF pairs do.

      1. Steven Chu (former secretory of Energy)
      2. Roger T.Sien (Nobel laureate)
      3. Arthur Chu (Jeopardy whiz)
      4. Dr. Donald Liu (Pediatric Dr who died from saving 2 drowning kids in Michigan)
      5. Eugene Han (after saving his gf from Aurora shooting, they finally wed)

      I’m not putting White women on the pedestal. But for those AMWF I’m aware of, they seems to be based on mutual love and there are stories behind them.


      Just right off the bat, they met in Tinder. And you wonder.

      WMAF quantity outnumber AMWF pairs for sure. But it seems fetishism and creepiness facilitate their pairing. And you got ER.


      • This is so true I NEVER go out with my husband. It’s not because I avoid it but he’s a homebody…the times we have been out together I have gotten death glares from ppl, mostly elderly. When I was pregnant and went to the hospital for a check up there was a white middle aged man in the waiting room and he started staring at us like we were the devil. It felt like he wanted to kill me. I think if there were more couples like us, they would overhype about it like they do with bmww, and just lose it.


  4. Asian men are emasculated. Sure, white men need black men to win olympics gold medals for them. That’s emasculated. An average white man has a 39″ waist in this country. That’s the white man’s masculinity. LOL


    • Uh, long before I had this blog I just felt really uncomfortable around them. I still do. Want nothing to do with them.


  5. I also feel and felt the same (female from WMAF). Ever since I was a child. It’s only in the last few years I’ve realised why (before I came across this blog). When I came across this blog it articulated the hidden rage inside. (I have tried discussing this with my Asian parent, who said (tellingly) in response ‘so what if the Asian woman is just using the White guy? Good for her’).

    I still feel uncomfortable around such couples, especially as when I have to interact with them, and even more so because the vast majority (over 95%) fulfil all the stereotypes discussed on his blog. I used to try to be open-minded when dealing these couples and tried to treat every couple as unique, but nearly all interactions just highlighted what Eurasian Writer is saying so now I don’t bother. Why should I be openminded towards couples where the (Asian) woman has chosen her lifetime partner based on white-worship and who hates herself and hates me for being Asian?


    • At least you are female, you have it easier than Asian males or hapa males. Curious, do you hate your white father? Do you think he is a loser? Do you identify with your Asian side more? Asian people in general get sh!t on by society and they don’t make a huge fuss about it. If other races such as blacks get sh!t they make a huge fuss about it by getting media involved and having riots.


      • I agree with your points on blacks, Asians just suck up the abuse, and even worse, kiss up to their abusers. Asians get sh1ton the most, both by other races and by their own people. Why do Asians sh1t on themselves so much? Affirmative action only benefits black people and other ‘minorities’, but the so-called hardworking model minority who kisses up the most to white people gets punished the most. Again, by others and by their own people. Blacks are always complaining about being underrepresented in the Oscars, on TV etc, but they just talk about blacks and whites, as if Asians don’t even exist.

        I have never imagined that female Hapas have it easier (other than the ones who look Asian and love white guys with Asian fetishes (this seems common), and the ones who pass for being completely white (very rare)), but thank you for opening my eyes to this perspective. May I ask why you think female Hapas have it easier than hapa males or Asian males?

        I no longer hate my father but I do think he is a loser and I hated him for a very long time (childhood to adulthood). However, my parents were abusive in any event. If they had been loving parents, would I feel the same way about WMAF? Yes, because it is systematic. All the Asians I have interacted with both in the west and in Asia reinforce what is written in this blog. I’ve tried talking to my parents about this as an adult and they always respond by calling me ‘racist’ (ha!). I’ve tried explaining to my white friends but they think blacks and Muslims suffer the most and not Asian men and I am bias used. Most Asians I’ve spoken to basically respond (in a more roundabout way) reaffirming their white worship. (Perhaps I have answered part of my question to you above myself, but whether his is the case or not, i am very interested in hearing your views).

        I identify with both sides but navigating the Asian side brings heartache.Im starting to think maybe I should even just avoid Asians apart from the very small minority who are colourblind and don’t hate themselves (and thankfully I know a few). I spent a long time trying to ‘be Asian’, spending more time there and hanging out with Asians, but what I saw disgusted me. Kissing up to white people, worshipping the west, self-hating etc.

        I often find that a fair amount of Asians (predominately Asian women, but also a not insignificant amount of Asian men) treat me less well ab initio because (in their fucked up heads) they view me as someone who had the potential to be white, but I had to spoil this potential by not looking fully white and being in touch with my Asian culture (even though, as I always say, ‘eurasian’ contains Asian and not just ‘euro’ and it means you are as much Asian as white, but they never listen – to them, ‘eurasian’ means ‘white’). Asians basically are quick to express disappointment in me, before they even know me as a person, for not being white enough because Eurasians ‘should’ be white in their fucked up heads. They think Eurasian means you look white and act totally white (whatever that means) with all trace of Asian erased. Therefore because I am not ‘white’ enough for many Asians, they treat me with disdain, even though with any other race I would be welcomed like family. Interestingly, white people generally do not react like this. Occasionally they ask me a few questions about my background then say ‘cool’ and get over it and move onto to other things.

        By the way, I know not all Asians are like this, but on a general and systematic level, there are problems.


      • Do you have any POC as friends ? You might be shocked that they are more than aware of the discrimination against Asians. Though it is different from what they face. That being said most of them are aware of the disdain and distrust Asians have for other minorities especially anyone with dark skin. As a whole Asians in general prioritize “whiteness”overall , so minorities in are becoming unsympathetic to their problems.


  6. @Your Eurasian counterpart,

    I have come across one hapa female whom I become friend with. She is nice and touch upon lots of cultural knowhow. She doesn’t reflect the typical white girl (Look at me syndrome), and doesn’t exude an air of superiority. Every time I see her, she greeted me and we chat for a while.

    The other hapa male I came upon was when I was going to the gym. He came regularly and we didn’t talk at all, but he minds his business and I do mine.

    However, I do notice that usually hapa during their younger age tend to be more rebellious and tend to shy away from Asians.

    One time, I was pulled over by a police for speeding. A hapa kid riding his bicycle, yelled at me “Haha… Asian !! “. Since I can recognize hapa features, I can see where this is coming from.

    If hapa kids grow up in a family where both parents talk about, discriminate any racial groups freely without any restraint, their kids will absorb those information. For white kids, I can only imagine they would absorb the same information as well if their parents are racist af.

    The difference is White kids grow up to be White people and they can still be racist.
    Whereas hapa, during younger age with a reflection of White-ness, might present racist behavior (without their real intention, given the benefit of the doubt), shy away from Asian-ness. When they grow up, it’s a metamorphical change that they have somehow transformed into somewhere in between White and Asians, that they have never experienced before. Parents failed to teach both side of the world. They snapped and become ER.

    Asian mom always talking bad about Asian-ness and White dad completely oblivious of what the reality is, all the social problems both parents try to avoid, now heap upon their unfortunate children.


  7. Can you make a post about the problems eurasian males have compared to full asian males? They seem similiar but not the same. I was watching one of your vids on youtube and some asian guy’s channel came up in the “recommended” but it was just some mgtow, pua dude. I’ve thought in the past the whole mgtow culture thing was a white male thing, and that mgtow-like white males were the type to go for asian women. So we have angry white men and angry asian men with hapas in the middle? Despite looking very Asian looking, do you still get rejected by full asian men regardless?


    • When white men are angry at white women for dating out, not living up to 1950s standards etc…and asian men are mad at asian women for dating out, where does that leave eurasian boys?


      • I’ll tell you where it leaves us. Between a rock and a hard place. Did you watch my recent videos? I explain it very well.


      • — “…and asian men are mad at asian women for dating out…

        I’m gonna have to step-in here, as there’s actually concrete and legitimate reasons as to why many Asian men are angry towards these particular types of Asian women—most especially toward the self-hating ones and with selfish, shallow desires in seeking White males. This blog is simply proof of that. White men, on the other hand, hate seeing White women dating-out simply out of a pure hatred & jealousy (as you’ve proven yourself by stating this above: “…he started staring at us like we were the devil. It felt like he wanted to kill me.“), often coupled with their personal insecurities and “White-centric” ideologies—like the ones you see on Stormfront, for example. Yet, their hypocrisy straight-up shows when they are with these types of Asian women, playing the “sidekick” and “following suit” in bashing Asian men (thus carrying onto their Eurasian sons, if they happen to produce such male offspring)—hence the VERY TOXIC racial dynamic that is WMAF.

        And “where does that leave Eurasian boys“, you say? Well… the Hapa boys from AMWF couples usually turn out alright; the Hapa boys from WMAFs turn into individuals like Elliot Rodger or Daniel Holtzclaw OR turn to suicide like Wilkes McDermid and Thomas Wagoner. Such a wonderful life for these WMAF Eurasian males, hmm? A bit off-topic here, but you can also look-up full-Asian male Seung-Hui Cho (Virginia Tech incident)… guess who HE is comparable to among the aforementioned names?

        Although I am a full-Asian man myself, I know where these troubled WMAF Eurasian males are coming from, as I have a younger Eurasian male cousin (an “only child”) within my family—whose White father was a fuckin’ deadbeat alcoholic, with severe mental issues (“Peter Pan syndrome”, for one)—who’s now dead as a consequence (good riddance)—and his mother: a short 4’11″–5’0″, “low-tier” Asian woman (who merely wanted a Hapa to “parade around”). Both of his parents… PITIFUL (and he knew it). Fortunately, for the boy, he didn’t turn-out like the utter failures mentioned above, as he had guidance from his older full-Asian male cousins (i.e., ME being one of ’em) in which he looked-up to as masculine (Asian-male) role-models, as well as older brother/father-like figures (kind of like the “father he never had”)—the boy now a young man—and “in touch” with both his Asian and European heritages (but more so with his Asian side due to his aforementioned upbringing and personal views and experiences growing-up within the Western-American society in which he was born into).

        With all of that said, do you see the big picture here? Yourself, as a White woman with an Asian man… hopefully, what I’ve just relayed here will help you gain a further understanding AND genuine interest in regards to the issues that both Asian & Hapa males often face within Western societies—even, at times, within their own, respective Asian societies. Alrighty? Hell, you best heed these words, as you already have a Hapa child of your own with your man (but, as mentioned earlier, kids from AMWF couples usually turn out alright). I may sound harsh, but I simply don’t want you seeing your Asian man (nor Asian men—as a whole) in the same caliber as these pathetic White males who fetishize after these types of pathetic Asian females (as most AMWF couples are in more loving and genuine relationships with each other).


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