🔥🔥🔥ABSOLUTE MUST READ: Proof Asian Women Also Hate Asian-Looking Hapas with Asian moms

These are among my last posts on this website, and I call them the “Holy Grail” because they’re the first and last thing you need to read on half Asian people; or on understanding that couple that makes you vaguely uncomfortable; or on understanding that weird half Asian friend you have; or because you have a twinge of disgust when seeing Amy Chua; and I hope they are as vicious as I think they are. 

Asian women repeatedly have demonstrated two interesting behavioral patterns:

  1. Hoping that their children pass as white. 1, 2, 3. (Or look at the spammer in the comments for this behavior in real time).
  2. Treat Asian-passing Eurasian males with Asian mothers with the same hostility they display for Asian men.

I have experienced this first hand. I look Asian enough that Asian women have insulted me to my face, time after time. Keep in mind that even listing “Asian” on dating profiles, or saying you are half Asian – is enough to make most Asian American and white women treat you terribly – now imagine having your own mother as “one of those women.”

Over time there have been posts on Reddit demonstrating over, and over, that Asian women view Half Asian men with the same repulsion and distain as full Asians. It’s a tragedy that these women will, in ten years, raise half Asian sons.

As you read this, remind yourself that ten, twenty years ago, these women also existed, and have by now given birth to millions of half Asian sons – many of whom are coming of age right now.

Asian woman stating she would rather have had a white man than the “Asian boy in a kilt” – i.e., Jon Hamilton, Hapa on the Bachelor with a white father.


Asian woman attacking half Asian Jon Hamilton as if he were full Asian.


An Asian woman claiming that Eurasian men are incapable of attaining the masculinity of their white male fathers.


Comedian Esther Ku lumping half Asian sons (with Asian moms) in with full Asian men.

Congratulations, monsters. You gave birth to… monsters.

2 thoughts on “🔥🔥🔥ABSOLUTE MUST READ: Proof Asian Women Also Hate Asian-Looking Hapas with Asian moms

  1. You should try and get the attention of liberal/SJW types, although they are the ones who most fiercely support interracial marriage, so they might not like to hear this…


  2. “on understanding that couple that makes you vaguely uncomfortable”

    Not vaguely. Pretty much always. I don’t have one WMAF couple as friends although I tried. The debase mindset and behavior is too much for me to bear.

    From a blog you link to : “And to respond to the many comments about my rejecting Asian men “all my life”; I have never dated a white dude prior to my kids’ father. I only dated Asian American men by choice (personal and political)”

    This excuse comes up quite often. You have asian women stating they don’t date asian men openly, yet once their motives are questionned for dating/marrying a white guy he often happens to be the “very first” and it was never planned because they exculsively dated asian men before. I don’t doubt that this is the story of 3% of them, then you have the 2% who date men of other colors (asian, arab, black, indian etc). The rest of them strategically date white men exclusively. Why lie? Plus her obsession with her broken hope of white looking babies says it all. If she was so into asian men before, she wouldn’t mind having kids looking chinese like her.

    Anyway the anti-asian man campaign is really repulsive but not a surprise. Esther Ku is one of the most despicable persons I have ever heard, the first time I saw one of her stand ups I was extremely shocked and disturbed. I’m not sure this woman has a heart, she sounds mental.


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