🔥The Consistent, Ever Present, Casual Racism of White Male Asian Woman Couples

Why do so called “loving couples” literally have an almost NEVER ENDING need to badmouth everyone around them? Why do so called “loving couples” behave more like a “movement” and a “vendetta” against non-Asian or Western women, and Asian men? Why do so called “loving couples” have so much hatred for society, progress, Asian males and white women, blacks, feminism, Jews, and virtually anyone else on the side of good? Why do so called “loving couples” fight all the time, why do so called “loving couples” consist of a miserable looking woman crossing her arms after yet another screaming fight with her “partner,” who walks five feet in front of her, or behind her? Why do so called “loving couples” have absolutely no successful children to call their own?

Edit: From Facebook’s Terms of Service: 

  1. When you publish content or information using the Public setting, it means that you are allowing everyone, including people off of Facebook, to access and use that information, and to associate it with you (i.e., your name and profile picture).

Just a memo for those who forget what WM/AW couples are about.

It’s not about love… it’s entirely about whiteness, integration, assimilation. It’s 1960’s style, open-faced racism being paraded around as progressive.

Even my own mother dyed her hair and wore colored contacts. If you don’t believe this website just go ask any Asian woman in a relationship with a white man as to why she does it and the majority of the time she will have such vicious things to say about Asian men that you wonder if it was ever about love in the first place.


The posts were real, she was exposed by me and some other Eurasians, and you can just Google her name to see how both her Facebook and Instagram were taken down as an attempt to save face. The only reason I’m keeping this up is to never allow this sin to fade.

This is a common mentality among Asian women. It’s not love. It never was love, and they are openly practicing racism against Asian men, and their own children. Raised by white supremacists – imagine the monumental damage this will cause their psyche.

I mean, just imagine the trauma of having a mother who believes this is okay.

If it were love I would have seen my parents in love – but instead my mother, since naturally she was a shrewd, hateful woman obsessed with status, was constantly nagging and attacking my father, saying the most vicious things about his eating habits, his behavior, and sleeping in separate bedrooms for 15-20 years. Keep in mind this insane degree of status / money grubbing is inherent to Asian culture – hence its obsession with ugly white men.

And now of course here come the people saying that I’m full Asian. Listen, even if I were, would you think that that kid would be alright?

I don’t really get how much more clear I could be; I have multiple pictures up and I’m guessing it’s a ploy to get me to show my face. In due time, kids.

People are making a HUGE mistake ignoring this message – how many of these damaged kids are out there?


44 thoughts on “🔥The Consistent, Ever Present, Casual Racism of White Male Asian Woman Couples

  1. LOL did Joyce really wrote that? Or was it her husband? Some white boys can be pretty sly you know….

    Looking at Joyce’s face, she looks like the typical Asians I’ve seen with white guys. And her husband is BETA as well. Munters…

    Eurasian Writer, do you HONESTLY, HONESTLY think Asian women are like this? My experience says otherwise. This blog is sensationalistic and I have to take it with a grain of salt. Your premise may hold true within your own life and some others, but do you REALLY, REALLY believe it applies to the rest?


  2. If what your write on this blog about yourself is true, we’re really sorry about that. We kind of see why you’re so bitter, and find your family story very sad.

    This post was unfortunate and on top of it, is being taken out of context. Even so our friends, from all cultures and races don’t really find it offensive. We are not racist, and we don’t hate or discriminate anyone. It was just misguided attempt of rationalizing why do so many Chinese woman find white guys attractive, that got too first-person.

    Social profiles were removed because of continuous harassment (messages to friends on facebook, posting our photos on pornographic sites). All our friends know about this post, we’ve talked with them etc., but bothering just wouldn’t stop.

    All this harassment is really tiring. We are otherwise happy young family, and we rather spend time with our little boy, than track online harassments. Please remove this post, and try to find some compassion for us too.



    • Why did you post that racist message above on social media? It is just pure racism and hatred, it’s mainly uneducated ignorant people who have low self esteem who post this kind of stuff. You’re raising a boy that looks Asian and you have the nerve to post what you posted. “I like white because innately I’m racist.” You even said you’re racist in the message YOU posted. Now to save face you writing that you’re not racist. Puhlease buddy, people aren’t stupid!


      • Joyce posted this 4.5 years ago. Before she even knew her husband. Before their child was a twinkle in anyone’s eye. And really, if you met her, you wouldn’t know. That’s just her preference for life partner … which I think people can be racist over if they want.

        Like, I prefer asians. Probably because they aren’t stupid SJWs getting all butt hurt over “OMG SOMEONE SAID THEY PREFER WHITE GUYS”. Am I racist? Who the fuck cares, I can like whatever the fuck I like. I’m not going to hurt anyone over it.


    • I hope your employer sees the social media post you posted and terminates your employment because you’re an admitted racist.




      • When you publish content or information using the Public setting, it means that you are allowing everyone, including people off of Facebook, to access and use that information, and to associate it with you (i.e., your name and profile picture).


    • thissiteisaharassment,

      You need to apologize to Asian people for your racist rant. You have no compassion for Asian people.


    • No. You voiced your racism and I hope you never work as a result of it again. Google search for your name will arrive here.

      You are racist. You actually SAID you were racist. You admitted to being racist, to favoring white men over Asian men – yet your own son is Asian. Your own child is being raised by open racists.

      Deal with it, Joyce. You didn’t have compassion for Asian people, so I have no compassion for you. And I can guarantee your son will be a short, ugly Asian man just like the ones you hate. After all, you husband is well below average height for a white male. What is he? 165cm?


      • This is why SJWs are fucking retarded. You seriously think *one comment* should be grounds for *permanent* not working!? Like I bet you’re the kind of idiot that sends death threats over this. Get a fucking grip man. You don’t fight hate *with more hate*. Two wrongs don’t make a right, it makes a reversal, numbnuts.

        She has had plenty of asian friends. Even dated a couple. Never worked out. Sorry real life doesn’t work the way your stupid ideology does.


    • Plus, now thousands of Hapas and Asian Americans have seen your name and picture all over the world thanks to Hapa websites – and now your own son will see the terrible things you said about Asian men.

      You expect your son to be proud when his own mother spat on Asian men in favor of a 5’4″ bald Polish reject?

      Let’s ask some of the white mothers on this website, what do you ladies think I should do?

      Who here thinks that Joyce and her husband are going to be capable of raising a productive member of society with that attitude? You’re a terrible mother, a terrible human being, a racist, a sycophant and a vicious, petty person, Joyce. I feel sorry for your son. You want to raise him? You already screwed up because he’ll grow up looking Asian knowing that even a 5’4″ bald Polish man was better than any Asian man.

      And as for the pornographic websites. Blame IhateAsianmen.com.

      Blame the white guys who used your public tirade as proof that Asian women are “slaves” to white men.

      It’s your fault, Joyce.


      • Wrong, and if you knew any half Asians you’d realize the danger that such callous disregard for sensitive subjects such as race have brought to the world.

        Nick, what’s going to happen is we are headed towards another significant event involving a half Asian male that will make everyone, and I mean EVERYONE from white women to black men, look at WMAW couples for the monsters they are – which they are.

        And I’ll still be here, while you are stuck in whatever sick, loveless relationship you think you are winning with.


    • Curious Joyce, what is like to have midget sex with that Dr. Evil look a like. You could have done better, a least get a guy who is tall, muscular, and has a full set of hair. The reality is, you’re not in love, you married a fantasy. You mentioned in your RACIST rant the superficial qualities you like about your white knight , you mentioned NOTHING about the nonobvious qualities you LOVE about him. Is he going still going to be with you when you are 40 years old, fat, ugly, and wrinkly? When he gets laid off from his nonprofessional job and he can’t find a good paying job, are you willing to work to support his pathetic azz? I suggest you quit shitting on Asian people and Asian men because YOU are Asian and YOUR child is Asian. Your son might one day write a blog about YOUR racist behavior. Take a long hard look in the mirror when you start going off on your RACIST rants!


      • Her husband looks like a twelve year old boy with premature balding disease. Are his balls as shorn as his head? Joyce knows that he’d never be able to get a white girl in a million years. LMAO.


      • So … in response to a racist post you’re going to be derogatory to short, bald people?

        What are you like … fucking retarded? Do you not understand the concept of self-consistent morals? I guess the fuck not.

        Too much hate fills you. You should probably do something about it instead of jizzing your hate all over the internet. It’s bad for everyone’s mental health. Including you.


      • Deal with it Nick, and now your name is permanently etched into the internet.

        BTW, nobody likes WM/AW couples. We all know what you’re about: anti-feminist, racist, vitriolic, fetishization.


  3. Since your all clearly hostile, just couple of last words of clarification.

    In this post some rage so much about, there is no single racist word. “Innate racist” was just a confession of unconscious bias in a moment of self reflection. There is not a single word denouncing or offending any race. There’s just a wish that Chinese culture, were more equal and supportive for women. Some impute racism, where there’s none. It’s just like women trying to explain the roots of why they finds tall guys attractive, gets hate from hurt short guys, who have troubles with self-acceptance.

    It is all of you who are racist. And you know it’s true because you hide under anonymous names. This website and a lot of hostile comments here, are hardcore hate and racism. You attack us because of our race, and race of a person who we’ve found attractive. You think you can dictate who should be with who, because of your own unfortunate experiences and your own racism. It’s just sad, that for some people life was so unfortunate that they rage in hate, group in packs and do a racial witch-hunting, harassing people with fanatical conviction for a short online comment that they misunderstood.


    • Joyce,

      Do us and society a favor by getting an education. You don’t know how to write out your ideas using the English language and your writings are plagued by grammatical errors. YOU clearly wrote that you are a racist and yet you keep on denying it. “Innately racist” is internalized racism, this means you are a racist (innately). Now you’re trying to say that everyone is racist? No one on hear claimed to be a racist, except you! “I admit, this is entirely racist” this is another sentence you wrote in your racist diatribe above. Lady you need to get some help. You fail to see that you are a racist and you don’t want to apologize for your racist social media post. If you prefer to marry a white midget over a white tall guy, that’s your prerogative, no one on here cares. People on here hate racism.

      “Internalized racism is loosely defined as the internalization by people of racist attitudes towards members of their own ethnic group, including themselves.”



      • By denying the issues she just proves my point. She’s trying to make this about my personal experiences but my experiences are those of a woman who was a “white only” racist. Her poor son has to deal with a sociopathic, unapologetic Asian mother who values race above all things. It literally says that in my sticky post.

        Joyce, you’re famous.


    • Also word of advice Joyce. Because you’re from china you may think that ingratiating yourself to white people is a good way to climb the ladder. The bad news is that most white people don’t think like this, especially women.

      So you’d better hope that any employer doesn’t Google your name and see your little posts. And by coming on here and refusing to take it back…. You’ve made it even worse.


  4. Not an owner, but yeah, personal attacks aren’t fair and aren’t waranted. I do think what she wrote was racist and unfair because there are a lot of Asian men with “large eyes and baby faces.” To me they appear handsome and desirable. A lot of Asian men I have known have been supportive and are wonderful dating partners. The ones I encountered never made fun of me or of my hobbies; and they introduced me to Asian culture (into Korean culture anyways.) Not all caucasian men are “open minded and supportive in women’s success and independence, no criticism, no hinderance, no limitation.”

    When I was younger, my interests, instead of being nourished were stamped and made fun of as well as my taste in movies and music, and yes the person who did that happened to be a caucasian male. No criticism? A caucasian male I knew constantly criticised and still criticisizes everything from food to the way things are done. Also another caucasian male I know refuses to listen to any opposing points of view and gets unpleasant and starts arguing if you don’t support his point of view. Does that sound like open-minded? Independence and success? If that is true, why is it when I read a lot of comments on controversial articles, caucasian men are very nasty to what women want and they don’t emphathise with the women at all? Let’s also not forget that a lot of articles that are written by caucasian men into Asian women I read put down caucasian women for weight, for looks, for having body hair, for opinions and thoughts.

    What makes her post racist is the fact that she makes it sound like “all-or-nothing”. If she would have said, my husband, instead of comparing ALL white men to ALL Asian men, then the post wouldn’t be so racist.


  5. https://ihateasianmen.wordpress.com/

    is it how the asian woman love white male?

    asian slave who worship and bow to the white master?

    dream of a world Without Asian men??

    after reading those sites,
    you know what make me think is gross?

    it is WMAF relationship~ really gross, but anyway~do what you like~


    • Unfortunately I’ve read her blog, and, how do I say this? She’s a hypocrite with capital H. If she wasn’t the way she was, I would have laughed at her posts. She accuses Asian men of domination, control and so forth, yet the qualities she detests in Asian men she finds attractive in white men. I’m not sure how to understand that. If you read my comments, I tried to get her to see that races aren’t as black and white as she makes them out to be, but she doesn’t listen and even accuses me of hating on her and her white master.

      I’m sure that some of relationships in WMAF are based on love and understanding, but yes, there are some that are based on race and control as hers prove. She also makes herself sound as if she is being pressured to be with a white man by her friends and makes the white master sound like a trophy man instead of someone she deeply cares about.


  6. @Nick Swineson – would your employers approve of what you wrote? Would your Asian coworkers approve of what you wrote? There is no need to cuss, you are the only one cussing, it shows you have no class.


  7. Wow. You have been through a lot. I am a Thai who was educated in The US for 10 years. I have encountered this kind of women and, as an Asian, I don’t want anything to do with them. Although I was often bullied, it was nothing compare to the shit you went through. I am glad you get pass it and really respect you and admire your strength for getting your life back.


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