🔥🔥🔥Half Asians with White dads and Asian moms will be the new white supremacists, but even crazier, and more violent. (I also had my list – yes, MY LIST – of white supremacists published in the New York Times this January).

The entire point of being mixed race is to NOT BE RACIST, but instead we half Asians are being raised by literal hyper-racists who are together for extremely racist reasons: one wishes he had a white woman, and one wishes she was a white woman. Why the hell should I apologize for telling the truth about the the racism that goes on in WMAW homes and how it screws up the kids, who more often than not look Asian – not that that even matters?

Conservative, and traditional White dudes sometimes want Asian women because they feel white women embrace “Jewish influence,” like, well, having sex with black men, feminism, being “too disgusting,” not feminine enough, etc.


Essentially, it’s cyclical masculinity where white men that initially wanted white women and white children, feel threatened by foreign cultures and foreign men (who are more masculine – in the white male’s mind, or at least chosen by white women), so these same conservative white racists who hate darker skinned men for their “aggressive behavior”, act exactly the same towards Asians – yet raise Asian sons in an environment that they themselves contributed to, while married to Asian women who wanted the feeling of being better than other Asians, and the feeling of integration into a superior Western culture because that means that she has achieved STATUS. 


White men who want to feel power and control yet are rejected by White women seek out the power anywhere they can – in the arms of “traditional”, “loyal”, and “chaste” Asian women, while maintaining white supremacist beliefs. Many, many, many, many Half Asians can attest to racist white dads who were racist behind their mothers’ backs (or even in front of them), and the resulting insecurity and anger many of us have being made to feel ashamed of half of ourselves by the same society our white fathers wanted to preserve.

Being mocked and made to feel inferior for your Asian heritage is bad enough without having to endure it at home, and made to feel like you do not have the right to exist – at home.


More often than not, white men fetishize Asian women as being “straight-laced,” and “family oriented,” for white men who are being rejected by western society, which appreciates the right of women to choose men based on their looks and personality.


Meaning a lot of autistic, unattractive white men abuse their “status” with Asian women, who want to integrate and fit in in a Western society so that they can take “power” from White women, and find an easily manipulatable man who will give them a ticket to integration and belonging (generally, Asian males – especially foreign born – are too aggressively masculine in their looks and behavior, so this conflicts with the aggressive, asexual, calculating behavior of many -but not all – Asian women). Asian culture is generally about assimilation and status and power, so among ALL RACES, only Asians have an imperative to marry for STATUS rather than love.


 While non-Asian women generally marry decent looking men of any race for love, unattractive, bottom of the barrel, racist white men who feel “wronged” at society because they are low-value, will seek out Asian women, and specifically only Asian women, while maintaining their entitlement and racist views, because they know that the immense cultural gap prevents Asians from understanding racism and autism.


Many white men with Asian wives are kettle pots with something called “racial tourettes” where they seem to constantly need to belittle, attack and say horrific things about Western society, Western women, Asian men, black people, liberals, and anything else; their Asian “wives” are their affirmation that they are allowed to say these things because these women come from “traditional cultures” that hate blacks.


Look at the comments throughout this blog to see the utter hatred these “Asiaphiles” have for white women and Western society; white men who claim that white males are the most oppressed have an almost insane penchant for Asian women, as a play for dominance.


It’s cyclical masculinity – where white men who understand that white women prefer black and Arab men – behave exactly the same towards Asians, and want their children to be a carryover for the “pro-white” behavior of their fathers.


Asian women support “good white men,” and love their blue eyes and light features, and want to have a “stable family,” and will NEVER touch a black or dark skinned man. Asian women are chaste, thin, demure, gentle, cute, non-promiscuous, and want to live in a White society, and to be just as beautiful (or more beautiful) than the white girls that hate them; they appreciate tall noses, and conservative white men who cannot attract non-Asian women. Since Asian women view everything in life as a brutal competition to survive (a carryover from their historical atheism), they have no problem marrying very ugly, bald, unattractive white men, since they will only have to sleep with them once in a while.
Then their Asian moms, desperate to feel better than Asians, desperate to feel integrated tell their sons that “they’re white.” They say they’re superior Eurasians, master race, better than everyone. The kids grow up thinking that they’re white, dancing around, pouting like Elliot Rodger, thinking they’re superior human beings – until they get a slap in the face when someone makes fun of them for looking Asian – and Asian looks are the worst in the world, according to these same childrens’ mothers. 
Their mothers.


Then these half-Asian kids, growing up listening to their dad worship David Duke – a former KKK klansman – come face to face with Asian jokes, face to face with Whites who will look at their features as foreign; then these kids snap.


Essentially they’re wannabe whites raised by a white dad that really wanted a white woman – and an Asian woman who wanted to be white, the difference being that they harbor the most angst and fear about not actually being white. So they’ll compensate.


At least that was the case in my situation.


The NYTimes used my list of White supremacists (or at least some of it) in an Op-Ed. I guess it’s too undeniable that the alt-right sees Asian women as fair game for white men that are angry at white women and their penchant for feminism, leftism and black men.


The truth always comes out. It’s essentially only a matter of time before some guy goes on a shooting spree against people of color and it’s found out that he has an Asian wife or partner.











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