🔥Most half Asian males look 90% Asian – and being Asian is a bad, bad, bad thing, to even our own mothers. What happens when Asian women who “love” white men discriminate against Half Asian men who they mistake for full Asian?

The thing is, there will be some mentally damaged Asian in the comments saying that this individual looks white.

Part of the problem here is that Half-Asians become white when Asian sociopaths want them to be; and become Asian when we do something bad, like complain about racist white men fetishizing Asian women and vice versa.

The ultimate reality is that even if we don’t look fully Asian, Asian blood is seen as INFERIOR by the VAST MAJORITY of human beings. It’s a mockery. Even most Asian women that really, really hate Asian males hate Half-Asian males the same. We are essentially goaded from childhood to eschew (that means AVOID for any people who can’t speak English), our Asian side; and that leads to mental illness, because you can’t be healthy when one side is viewed as inferior by BOTH OF YOUR PARENTS. A child simply cannot be healthy when his parents utilize him as a weapon against others; a child cannot be healthy when his parents examine his features in the framework of white being better – which is exactly what these couples do. Their belief is set in stone that it is only WHITENESS that makes being Half-Asian better than full, regardless of what the white father looks like – and he is oftentimes unattractive.

Now imagine having your own mother being one of those women who casually gave into white men who humiliated men who look like you.

That’s essentially why the range of Hapa behavior – from over the top arrogance for no reason (despite there being millions of more successful mixed races of varying degrees), to a delusional Elliot-Rodger tier belief that they are white, to embracing white nationalism like Marcus Epstein or the ton of Hapas who go to Richard Spencer’s conferences – all point to the hatred of Asianness.

The reality here is that when mixing with Asians, ones entire bone structure is altered; it’s not like with other races where the bone structure remains relatively intact and features just change according to eye color, hair texture and skin color. The entire bone structure changes – and that bone structure – on its own, is uniformly hated by everyone, and stereotyped as being ugly. When 99% of Half Asians have Asian moms the message is very clear; Asianness is ugly, and our mothers are trying to get rid of it, and hype up our blue eyes and light hair (both of which don’t exist, or rarely do, or disappear when we get older).

So then you have millions of half-Asians that look more or less Asian, ethnically ambiguous, and are deeply ashamed of their Asian heritage, being raised by some weird, misogynistic, anti-feminist, anti-Islamic, anti-black guy, raising some half-Asian kid whose mother tells him that he or she is white and that it was a brilliant life choice to marry some racist asshole.

White men and Asian women will see you on the street and just assume you are another Asian male – and they will look at you with disgust (I get this all the time). Asian women will often do the “scowl” face at me while with their white partners – proving that white men / Asian women couples are about seething hatred, not love. The fact that my parents’ marriage was so violent confirms that there was no love there. 

These are the same people who go onto raise us. Hateful, bitter, racist white men – since white men love humiliating Asian men in order to increase their access to Asian women. Literally – the entire premise of WM/AW is that Asian men are not men – and we, their sons, look totally Asian. 

For this reason half Asian men tend to just wind up being even bigger failures than full Asian males. For this reason despite everything white men / Asian women can’t name any grandly successful biracial Asian men who look Asian.

“Dad, I get called a chink at school.” Oh, son, I don’t know what to do about that.

“Mom, a girl told me she doesn’t like Asian guys.” Oh, son, neither do I.

Now you wonder why Half Asians have rates of criminality that almost rival and even surpass rates of black kids from the ghetto?


4 thoughts on “🔥Most half Asian males look 90% Asian – and being Asian is a bad, bad, bad thing, to even our own mothers. What happens when Asian women who “love” white men discriminate against Half Asian men who they mistake for full Asian?

  1. Half Asians have crime rates surpassing black kids from the hood? Now you’re just talking out of your ass. If you got dropped off in any ghetto in any major American city when shit is the most hectic by yourself with no way out, your little half Asian ass would be scared shitless for a reason. 50% of homicide victims in America every year are black men despite black men making up 13% of the U.S. population. And most of that 50% is young black men who only make up less than 6% of the U.S. population, you fucking self loathing moron. Elliot Rodger and Matthew DeGrood don’t kill thousands of people a year, dipshit. If the murder rate for WMAF sons rivaled that of the black community, there would be at least hundreds of deaths involving WMAF sons every year, idiot. WMAF parents aren’t planting drugs and guns in the hands of their sons like COINTELPRO has been doing in the hood for generations. WMAF pathology is the result of bad parenting and the racist overtones of WMAF relationships.


  2. […] Asian women, who constantly talk about how inferior Asian men are – in real time, for half Asian sons who aren’t even theirs to hear. So even the “so called” good couples still have children who are exposed to millions of these women. The question is – why would any half Asian be proud to be Asian as a result, or even worse, look ANYTHING like an Asian male? And many, many half Asians look TOTALLY Asian. […]


    • Around 40% of Half Asian tend to look Caucasian and white. Eurasian writer is just cherry picking to carry out his agenda. He knows his blogs can’t keep going if he doesn’t keep making bullshit topics and exaggerate them out of proportion for his own surival, the only problem he sacrifices the entire Eurasian and Asian community for his bullshit believe; something he doesn’t even believe himself but doing it to keep his blog alive. It’s so obvious 99% of his blogs are just garbage nonsense to further his agenda.


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