🔥🔥🔥How I became a half-Asian white supremacist, and some of the crazy stuff I did as a Eurasian male, with a Chinese mother, and a tall, skinny, blue eyed, glasses wearing, bearded red-haired British-German father.

I think this could be relevant to anyone interested. I deeply regret becoming a White supremacist and a Nazi, despite having an Asian mother, yet this is incredibly common among the children of White racist men who seek out Asian women as a validation for whiteness – and Asian women who push their children to identify as White.

I challenge anyone on this planet to provide a simple explanation as to why a half Asian guy who looks and identifies as Asian (because most non-Asians will always, always point out the Asian in you), would be proud to identify as an Asian male – when almost 100% of the time, the father is White, and the mother is Asian.

Being proud would require a complete inversal of all potential logic. There is no reason to be proud of your mother’s heritage when she truly believed that Whites were superior to her – White women do not want to create Half Asian babies, meaning that White men and white society is good enough to keep white women on the plantation. Not Asian women though.
Asian people have a massive inferiority complex about their appearance relative to everyone else due to their facial features – undefined, and undesired by the majority population, so Asian women will submit themselves to very racist, unattractive white men who take advantage of their ingrained self hatred.

Essentially, being Asian is so bad – it subjects an individual to such harsh racism – that even the worst white male, a racist, undesirable, unattractive and rejected White male – is a better pick. Because Asian women provide a “service” to lonely white men – i.e., cure their loneliness – they feel more integrated and get a chance to avoid the crippling Asian stereotypes and harsh realities of being Asian in a hyper aggressive Western world;

but then their sons come out look 110% Asian and are even more self hating than their mothers, being subjected by both of their parents as well as society to the idea that:

being Asian is bad.

Sure there are Hapas who “do well,” but how many Hapa men do you know who just wind up marrying Asian women because White women reject them?

This is the direct result of having a Chinese mother who wanted to integrate into the US and was adamant about her hatred of anything Asian. For a long time I considered my mother to be “white”, as she had altered her appearance so extensively that in my vague memory of her – I never considered her an Asian woman, and only yesterday (yes, that yesterday) was I able to look in the mirror and see an Asian guy looking back, and be able to not revert into an immediate panic. This was also the result of being surrounded – yes, surrounded, as five out of six of the Asian women in my family were married exclusively to White – not Indian, black, Latino – but White, men, and I internalized this through my entire childhood.

Most half Asian men are raised in a world where Asian is synonymous with unattractive, and Asian women outmarry at rates higher than anyone else combined, so it only becomes natural that Half Asian men develop extremely racist, self-hating views where they pride themselves on being White, rather than Asian, because we have White fathers. The vast majority of Hapas do the same, and whether or not they admit they are racist, they still practice an extreme form of narcissism – using their own “looks” (which seldom are true) as a cover for their own fear of being seen as Asian. Essentially, the “hype” behind Half Asianness is merely a result of a tremendous desire to avoid being seen as Asian – which is the one race which everyone feels the right to ostracize and treat with utter contempt.

Other Half Asian men become more and more white worshipping, aggressively chasing White women in an attempt to prove that they are indeed better than White men, and also because they are repulsed by the low standards of Asian women. I have moments where I feel such a desire for white women as a way to just express a total and utter disassociation with WMAF, due to my unconscious disgust with it – in other words, the more I can find love in the arms of a White woman,

From a “cute” little Half Asian boy with light features, my hair and my features gradually grew more Asian, and I was wholly unprepared for racism, especially considering that much of this racism came from White men and Asian women themselves; having a racist white father and a Chinese mother who played favorites on her children (white was better and had more freedom; Asian looking – my brother – Tiger Mommed and treated different) – genuinely screwed me up.

Watch this before reading this post.

Female Chinese international student who denigrated Chinese and sang praises about America at UMaryland commencement is in a WMAF.

They realize that Asian women produce sons who look like this:

These are some of the things that I, as a Eurasian did. Self-hatred, as an Asian person, is only natural, because Asians are unique compared to the rest of humanity in that they ardently dislike their appearance and attempt to base themselves on the appearance of whites – something that is impossible because of the vastly different coloring, skin texture and facial bones, as well as the proportions and texture of the body. Given that Asian women are unique among women of all races in that they outmarry at rates that are unmatched by anyone -black, white, Indian and Spanish, Asian women deliberately send the message that Whiteness and White men are better goals and that people of color – especially Asians, are beneath them, and so Asian women will literally join in in bashing Asian males – including Half Asian males – in order to more properly integrate and prove their “beauty” – which in fact is not beauty, but merely a fetish held by a minority of White men that are unable to secure a white partner.

  • I denied I was Asian for almost ten years and identified as Italian or Russian.
  • I cut my hair very short to retain its light color, up until two years ago; my hair becomes more brown when short, very, very dark at longer lengths and when wet
  • I would avoid looking at myself in the mirror after taking a shower because my hair would become black, and stand up straight, and strong, and bring out my Asian features
  • I did not look in the mirror for a three year period between 2012 and 2015
  • Gained sixty pounds in a summer to look less Asian – lost seventy pounds in one summer three years later, to again, look less Asian, based on different comments I was receiving at the time
  • I used to believe my mother gave birth via immaculate conception or divine intervention and that God ordained me to be white to fulfill a plan for divinated white supremacy
  • I would fantasize about using a razor blade to cut and deepen my eyes
  • I believe God had chosen me for my looks and I bought lottery tickets expecting to win, like Rodger.
  • I would vomit profusely after developing body dysmorphia as an attempt to cover up my Asian appearance; my vomit was colored unusually due to the large amount of supplements I was taking to maintain a weight that I thought would cover my Asian appearance
  • Plagued by nightmares for twenty five years about my mother crashing our car into a body of water before drowning. Dreams have ceased since writing this blog.
  • I screamed at an AMWW couple out of anger, after seeing one in a bar, again, like Rodger.
  • I would smack an Asian student in the face in an attempt to dominate him, out of insecurity
  • I made fun of a popular Asian student at my school anonymously and hurt his reputation to cover my own insecurity
  • I would sing fake Chinese songs in an attempt to impress my friends
  •  I would write long winded emails to my father about how I though blue eyed and blond haired people were angels – after which he never bothered correcting me
  • I posted profusely on very hardcore Neo Nazi forums
  • I was a prolific author of insanely racist Neo Nazi cartoons
  • I had befriended a violent neo Nazi who went over my Facebook and criticized me for having too many friends of color and too many Asian female friends – my cousins.
  • On seeing a photograph where I looked Asian, I would immediately delete it and go into a dark depression
  • I never looked at photographs of my parents – either because I was ashamed of the fact that I was half Asian, or because WMAF made me subconsciously uncomfortable (likely the latter)
  • To this day I have not taken a photo since 2012 out of fear of looking too Asian.

More if I can remember. My fear is my pain will eventually dissipate and I’ll forget. I need to continue triggering myself to the point that I can effectively keep producing material that will help people.

🔥Through the Entire History of Chinese in Australia, why is it that the most Shining Examples of Biracial Chinese-Australians ALL have Chinese Fathers? (And regarding a famous Taiwanese girl’s “race-play” blog – where she listed half Asians with Asian fathers as examples of success).

Tim Wu, who has been used as an example by Asian women with white fetishes – as an example of successful Hapas – despite the fact that Tim has a Taiwanese father.

I know, since I’ve made multiple posts of the same nature – but a genuine query after months of study. What is voiced below is actually mirrored in other countries, such as Canada and France, and even the United States.

Despite Asian women being the last people on earth (I mean, the last remaining people to do so, while everyone else is against white supremacy) to support good ol’ boy White male power structures – or in other cases, wealthy Jewish power structures – why is it that all of the most influential Half Asians of all time in entire countries have Asian fathers? Why is it that actual power and influence has been earned by those with Asian fathers – while the sons and daughters of white men and Asian women have done nothing? 

Australia is a shining example. Below are names that will be recognizable to most Australians (I am not Australian, but I’ve seen enough of these guys to assume they are a big deal).

Sir Leslie Joseph Hooker “LJ” – one of Australia’s richest self-made entrepreneurs. Chinese father, Australian mother.

Billy Sing – Australian war hero (really, really famous)

Penny Wong – Australian politician

Caleb Shang – Australian war hero.

I challenge anyone who reads this to name a single Australian of biracial Chinese heritage who has ever done anything of merit besides pout in front of a camera – that has a White father / Asian mother.

The same case can be made for France. A simple search for “French father Chinese mother” – without the quotations – will reveal dozens of links to positive examples of those with Chinese fathers – but nothing but odd side notes from those with Chinese mothers. Why?

Simple answer – White male / Asian woman couples are loaded with notions of superiority, inferiority – and despite the fact that Asian women (I’m talking about the beautiful ones like my mother, not the girls who marry white because it’s all they can get) marry white men for the perceived power – the Asian looking sons will never be taken seriously, and lack the paternal guidance to deal with racism.

If you can’t figure out why a woman who is an OPEN white supremacist (i.e., only blue eyed / blond haired men are good enough for me) and a white male who allows such bias and has ZERO understanding of what it is to be non-white, both make terrible parents to biracial children – then there’s something wrong with you, not me.

Another thing to note is that there are a number of “race play” blogs out there – some of them genuine, including this one. 

She ALSO lists Tim Wu as an example of successful, happy, handsome Hapas, meaning that these hateful Asian women have to steal from the children of Asian men in an attempt to justify their extreme hatred.



White Nationalist Richard Spencer and his Asian girlfriends; when people say white guys who like Asian girls aren’t racist – I laugh. The most racist white men are usually the ones looking to “take the power back” with Asian women, because male sexuality is about power and the history of the world is written around it


This article was just published today on MotherJones.com. Nearly two years after I started writing this blog, and is just another hypocritical white male who just “happens” to believe in white supremacy yet probably has an immense problem with white women; i.e., white women hate racist white men who generally display signs of social autism, and so these same white men – like my father – seek out Asian women, and specifically Asian women, due to their “submissiveness,” and “traditionalism.” The only difference here is that Richard Spencer stopped before he had kids; now there are millions of half-Asians who look 100% Asian running around with white fathers who love David Duke and believe the Holocause was a hoax – but couldn’t get a white woman to agree and had to rely on Asian womens’ desire for status and integration into a “better live,” to get laid a all.

It’s long, and it’s devoted to Richard Spencer, a white nationalist – and a famous one.

One bit stood out – his love of Asian girls.

Let me put this as bluntly as I can.

I am not jealous. I am in fact turned off by Asian women and their behavior, and have been for most of my life; when I was young I flat out avoided Asian women because I was afraid they would like me only because I was half White. Such was their reputation. I also find their behavior more or less repugnant, how cold and calculating so many of them are. I have had fulfilling relationships with non-Asian women, however I sabotaged almost all of them because of my self hatred and low self esteem… given to me by, you guessed it, women in my own family.

I was also an extreme racist. My father is one of the most predominant, outspoken extreme-right / homophobic men in his state; so far so that we have received death threats. He is not on Richard Spencer’s level but he is notorious enough. And yeah, he was married to a Chinese woman.

I fucking lol @ the girls who date white men thinking that white men aren’t racist. LOL.

If anything the guys that DON’T date Asian women are less racist than the ones who do.

If my dad was actually a man and didn’t believe in Holohoax theories and hollow earth and wasn’t friends with Mel Gibson’s dad, I sincerely believe I’d be a white man right now.

I’d actually might even be half black now, if my dad had actually been less racist, LOL. Or even half Egyptian, or half Mexican. Maybe then I could have had a normal life.

I used to fanatically believe exactly what Richard believed; that race meant something. This was largely out of my insecurity – I couldn’t understand why white girls would turn me down, for example, in favor of black guys, saying “I don’t like Asian guys.” Naturally, all the women in my family were married to White men, so I assumed that being Asian was a death sentence. But I also couldn’t understand why father like my men, who I assumed were good, were being rejected by white women, despite white and and white women having such beautiful features. I assumed at the time they were beautiful, even though I didn’t have them. Then at around 26 I realized that my dad was a huge, and I mean HUGE, antisocial racist outlier.

Either way, I became a huge racist, I lost all my friends – you know the rest. All because I’m half Asian, I apparently look Asian enough to garner discrimination, my father was a racist loser, and my mother a white worshipper.

Asian women like white men because they are an alternative to being Asian. They want to fit in. They want status. They somehow just hate being Asian so much that being white is their only outlet. The problem here is that the men they attract – well, there are a certain group of men who know that Asian women worship whiteness, and value them for worshipping whiteness. So in a way, extremely racist white men tend to love Asian women, and vice versa.

It’s funny because Asian girls want to marry white men to “rebel,” but white men tend to like Asian women because white women are too rebellious. Either way, just look at how the kids have turned out, and that’s all you really have to know.

Asian women seem to have forgotten that their children are still Asian men, in the eyes of society.

🔥The Consistent, Ever Present, Casual Racism of White Male Asian Woman Couples

Why do so called “loving couples” literally have an almost NEVER ENDING need to badmouth everyone around them? Why do so called “loving couples” behave more like a “movement” and a “vendetta” against non-Asian or Western women, and Asian men? Why do so called “loving couples” have so much hatred for society, progress, Asian males and white women, blacks, feminism, Jews, and virtually anyone else on the side of good? Why do so called “loving couples” fight all the time, why do so called “loving couples” consist of a miserable looking woman crossing her arms after yet another screaming fight with her “partner,” who walks five feet in front of her, or behind her? Why do so called “loving couples” have absolutely no successful children to call their own?

Edit: From Facebook’s Terms of Service: 

  1. When you publish content or information using the Public setting, it means that you are allowing everyone, including people off of Facebook, to access and use that information, and to associate it with you (i.e., your name and profile picture).

Just a memo for those who forget what WM/AW couples are about.

It’s not about love… it’s entirely about whiteness, integration, assimilation. It’s 1960’s style, open-faced racism being paraded around as progressive.

Even my own mother dyed her hair and wore colored contacts. If you don’t believe this website just go ask any Asian woman in a relationship with a white man as to why she does it and the majority of the time she will have such vicious things to say about Asian men that you wonder if it was ever about love in the first place.


The posts were real, she was exposed by me and some other Eurasians, and you can just Google her name to see how both her Facebook and Instagram were taken down as an attempt to save face. The only reason I’m keeping this up is to never allow this sin to fade.

This is a common mentality among Asian women. It’s not love. It never was love, and they are openly practicing racism against Asian men, and their own children. Raised by white supremacists – imagine the monumental damage this will cause their psyche.

I mean, just imagine the trauma of having a mother who believes this is okay.

If it were love I would have seen my parents in love – but instead my mother, since naturally she was a shrewd, hateful woman obsessed with status, was constantly nagging and attacking my father, saying the most vicious things about his eating habits, his behavior, and sleeping in separate bedrooms for 15-20 years. Keep in mind this insane degree of status / money grubbing is inherent to Asian culture – hence its obsession with ugly white men.

And now of course here come the people saying that I’m full Asian. Listen, even if I were, would you think that that kid would be alright?

I don’t really get how much more clear I could be; I have multiple pictures up and I’m guessing it’s a ploy to get me to show my face. In due time, kids.

People are making a HUGE mistake ignoring this message – how many of these damaged kids are out there?


🔥🔥🔥ABSOLUTE MUST READ: Proof Asian Women Also Hate Asian-Looking Hapas with Asian moms

These are among my last posts on this website, and I call them the “Holy Grail” because they’re the first and last thing you need to read on half Asian people; or on understanding that couple that makes you vaguely uncomfortable; or on understanding that weird half Asian friend you have; or because you have a twinge of disgust when seeing Amy Chua; and I hope they are as vicious as I think they are. 

Asian women repeatedly have demonstrated two interesting behavioral patterns:

  1. Hoping that their children pass as white. 1, 2, 3. (Or look at the spammer in the comments for this behavior in real time).
  2. Treat Asian-passing Eurasian males with Asian mothers with the same hostility they display for Asian men.

I have experienced this first hand. I look Asian enough that Asian women have insulted me to my face, time after time. Keep in mind that even listing “Asian” on dating profiles, or saying you are half Asian – is enough to make most Asian American and white women treat you terribly – now imagine having your own mother as “one of those women.”

Over time there have been posts on Reddit demonstrating over, and over, that Asian women view Half Asian men with the same repulsion and distain as full Asians. It’s a tragedy that these women will, in ten years, raise half Asian sons.

As you read this, remind yourself that ten, twenty years ago, these women also existed, and have by now given birth to millions of half Asian sons – many of whom are coming of age right now.

Asian woman stating she would rather have had a white man than the “Asian boy in a kilt” – i.e., Jon Hamilton, Hapa on the Bachelor with a white father.


Asian woman attacking half Asian Jon Hamilton as if he were full Asian.


An Asian woman claiming that Eurasian men are incapable of attaining the masculinity of their white male fathers.


Comedian Esther Ku lumping half Asian sons (with Asian moms) in with full Asian men.

Congratulations, monsters. You gave birth to… monsters.

🔥The most racist white males are the ones most interested in Asian women; racist against not only other minorities, but Asian men. How are half-Asians supposed to be sane when you are both Asian (a negative) and raised by a white supremacist father and an Asian mother who hates Asian males?


White male Asian women couples love to complain about racism against them but my parents NEVER experienced ANYTHING against their relationship, not in the entire time I grew up under them. (Coincidentally, my parents also had very few friends). Compare it to this.

“I’m hopeful that fewer mothers of multiracial children will be accosted in grocery stores by HOSTILE WHITE MEN asking, “Where did you get that child?” as my (white, Jewish) mother was about me, her brown-skinned, half-Chinese daughter.”

All of my mom’s friends, doctors, accountants, business partners were Asian men. They were all exceptionally kind to me.

With fake articles like that one about China banning interracial marriage these manipulative white males are effectively trying to worm their way into a social position where they have as much leverage as minorities in saying that they are persecuted for their interracial relationship. Please remember that the alternative-right, or racist white men in general – seek out Asian women specifically because they know they have a distinct advantage in being white. My father was the same.

The actual reality is much different. WMAW is about killing a dozen birds with one stone, one added benefit is being able to claim you’re progressive when you’re actually not – or when you are really a terrible, vicious white males with outdated racist beliefs. Remember this when dealing with WMAW couples.

In fact, WMAW might be the most explicitly pro-white relationship on earth, since the appeal of Asian women is not that they are more beautiful, but more traditional and willing to support white ideals, or at least, more available to you if you are a white male who lacks the characteristics to get a non-Asian woman.

The issue here is that these guys like the above “casual joke maker” have kids. In all likelihood the wife doesn’t know about his true beliefs. Remember that most half Asians look Asian, but more importantly still carry Asian genes. The white guys don’t care, all his white friends probably just think this is a joke; remember Asian women are accepted into Western society.

Remember, guys who are grossly insecure will go for Asian women because they are simply the easiest pickings for white males. The more insecure you are the more you like Asian women / because of their cultural naivety or inherent white worship of miscommunication where they don’t understand the true nature of white men (my case, hence collapse marriage ten years later).

Add to this insecurity their desire to humiliate their competition (i.e., Asian men) and you have literally the worst combination to be raising an Asian son. My penis is not particularly large, around 5.5″ and I say thus probably has more to do with my white father’s size.

Even worse is these guys really hate Asian male / white woman couples because they remind them of how they failed to get white women. Asian women are merely second picks – and you can tell by the haphazard, in your face appearance of these couples. These guys go into a rage on seeing successful Asian males (despite being so few, hence the rage; Asian women are literally low hanging fruit). The same guys who date / bang Asian women. Luckily my father was not like this, but I still had huge issues.

I can’t even imagine being the son of a White man who deep down harbors bias against Asian men – and still marries an Asian woman; the irony being that these are the guys who love Asian women the most – the most bitter, insecure males who just need to feel power.

This is just to remind everyone that certain couples are going to produce children who are public health risks and drains on society. You read it here first from the top half Asian blog in the world.

/u/mtzo said it best:

So the same white men who have this persecution complex about WMAF, the most COMMON and socially ACCEPTED racial pairing. Go out of their way to accost AMWF families and their children.

And you know what? Even a WMAF Hapa son with a white girl, would look like an AMWF to hostile white men. These WMAFs are at war with their own sons. When WMAF declares war on Asian men, their own sons are caught in the crossfire. With our Asian faces, we don’t get to wear badges saying “Me Good Asian, Me Son of White Man”

Racist White guys + hateful Asian women = this

White guys and Asian women produce Asian sons – who woulda thunk; it’s too bad that the majority of these couples absolutely hate Asian males, yet seem to only be able to create Asian males from their wombs.

Even the cameraman tells him to stop making Asian jokes after a while. 500 bucks says he’s a virgin too. Congrats guys.

“Oh! You’re just a hateful jealous Asian guy!”

Keep proving my point that your ingrained hatred for Asian males and associating Asian maleness with bad qualities just makes you fail as parents years before you even consider it.

Make sure when your kid comes out looking like this that you tell him to be proud of his heritage; he’s gonna need it.

Do Asian women regret moving to a country where there are weekly mass shootings, where everything is thirty years old and falling apart, where half the people are mentally ill? Is that why child kidnapping is so popular with Asian and Russian women?

I just saw this local news report where some local moron was crying his eyes red like cherries on TV talking about how his Russian wife just bailed out on him with his two daughters and moved back to Moscow and how he was writing her emails and she was sending him replies like, give me twenty grand and I’ll send you a photo. He couldn’t understand why she left him, and I just thought, she left him because of where you live man.

Oh yeah buddy, your wife left you to go back to an A++ global city from a town with 30,000 people where high end food is called Olive Garden, where owning high powered assault rifles and hollow-point ammunition and tracer rounds is considered a hobby, because she’s such a bad person.

Lots of women – especially Chinese, Japanese and Russian women, that come from functioning societies, move to America with the intent of snaring a “high status” American husband and living the American dream of a big house, a tall, white Prince Charming, and all the trimmings of a life abroad –

something that they can show off to their girlfriends back home, who are stuck with local boyfriends and dates at restaurants that aren’t waited on by passive aggressive college kids.
The only problem – which my mother realized too late – is that America is a shithole – a wide, ugly, barren swathe of a shithole. If you even compared high end, luxury shopping – something that women (and I) love, brand names such as Lanvin, Balenciaga, Marni, Kiton, Ferragamo, Dior, Chanel – these are impossible to find outside of select cities in America. Almost every other mall in a major city in China has these brands; and it’s not just the brand, but the feeling of being in a mall that isn’t run into the ground by a bunch of drugged out, mentally ill American zombies with grating, nasally accents, with cheap, 30 year old plastic seats that scrape the floor when you pull them out.

My mother came to America and used to tell me stories of how “everything was huge in the United States,” and when I went back to China decades after she died, it was the reverse. Things abroad are nicer. Bigger. Even the shitty stuff in China is nicer. The KFC and McDonald’s don’t have scratched up, dirty, littered cushions covered in lumberjack fabric. The quality is nicer. Things look good. It’s not run down, plastered in tiles and flourescent lighting.

Lots of these foreign women, especially Asian women, marry some balding, weird white MRA, MGTOW doofus who thinks that he can convince a foreign woman to live in a prefab house, driving a mid-ranged car and shopping at Macy’s and eating out at Applebee’s, and these women will try to show it off as being “luxurious” to their friends on Instagram or Weibo or whatever, but usually after a while, after the mass shootings, after the stupid comments from random, mentally ill American people (which seems to be roughly 25% of them), after the ugly, yellowing, boxy architecture and unwalkable “cities” become unbearable for a woman who wants better – many of these women take their half Asian or half American kids right back to Asia.

My mother essentially killed herself after my hyper religious, white dad who hated that American women were “too independent and feminist” was trying to drag my Chinese mother up to his windy, cold, poorly lit, crumbling redneck town where the sidewalks end even before they begin, and and she would go into a rage and say that she couldn’t stand that there were no streetlights and there was no where to eat or shop or that everyone was fat and depressed. The American dream. Look at Hong Kong and compare it to a shithole that isn’t New York. And then remember that Hong Kong is just one of hundreds of sparkling new cities in China.

Oh well.

I guess the benefit now is that these potential mass shooters will at least postpone their rampages for another 20-30 years (as long as the sexless marraige lasts with an Asian wife), when they import a bunch of Asian ladies?

🔥🔥🔥Will a White man / Asian woman couple attack and hurt / kill an Asian looking Eurasian male in the near future?

White men who feel angered at Western society and its degeneration will pursue Asian women as a way to reestablish power against White women – we saw this with Stephen Paddock.

These same white guys don’t actually want Asian women, but use them as a way to get laid or have a relationship, when White women reject them, yet still harbor intense anger at society for denying them the validation of white women (who they view as their first choice).

Many Asian women are complicit in supporting racist white men, because Asian women are desperate to integrate and prove their whiteness, or value, to what they view to be a superior country, with a superior culture, with the hopes of having White-passing children, and escaping what they view (in their minds, not mine) as their “unique” and unattractive bone structure (something that even black people do not have). Asian women seek to escape Asianness and the pitfalls of being isolated and excluded, because Asian culture highly values status and integration, rather than revolt; they also highly value status within society, and obtaining status within society, in the normative behavior within Asian society, involves marrying White men – who traditionally occupied the highest rungs of society. Add to the fact that lots of White guys feel “trapped” when Asian wives become sexless (due to low sex drives and viewing sex as a means to fulfill pragmatist goals), and are subjected to the extremely difficult, nagging and shrill nature of many white-obsessed Asian women (who do not marry for love, but more so out of anger and social compulsion) so these same sexually frustrated white men – on seeing Asian or Eurasian men with White women (their real prize), will become irate.

Asian and Eurasian men, even to white men who are forced to date Asian women, are beneath him – and because Asian women are so easy for him, it just reinforces in his mind that Asian men are inferior – so White men who like Asian women exclusively (who are uniformly racists) – hate seeing Asian / Eurasian men with White women, and get easily triggered by this; even by their own sons, who they try to control and shape into following his racist white father’s identity politics.

So the question is – when will this happen?

When will a White man and an Asian woman – a couple in arms against the degeneration of White society, and a couple in arms against Asian culture encroaching on their European paradise – e.g., a White man and an Asian woman living together in the utopia of their own creation – a small sequestered space in Europe where he and her can “enjoy” European lifestyles without the press of feminist White women or Asian men and Asians…

attack or even kill a Eurasian man who looks 100% Asian?

I predicted Stephen Paddock’s attack five months ago, and I can say with 100% certainty that this event will happen.

🔥On Asian + Eurasian male / black female couples; the incredible irony of liking black women and black women like Asian men – when your parents are a racist white dude and an Asian girl

What’s ironic to me is that Asian women seem to complain about the fact that Asian men “resent” Asian women’s out marriage rates – yet also seem to get very angry when Eurasian males or Asian men marry and date out.

I have witnessed some women attack Asian men / white women couples, almost immediately snapping to “he’s so ugly,” upon seeing an Asian man and a white woman together, in public.

This has everything to do with the Asian woman’s complex with regards to non Asian women, where she feels less beautiful due to her relatively undefined features and stature; and given that Asian women will marry unattractive, meek, or unassuming white men for the “status,” they are very angry that a white woman (or even non-Asian) – a woman they wished they were – would be with an Asian male (and usually a very handsome one).

My own mother spent her whole life attempting to push me to marry Asian (specifically Chinese) women (probably because she feared white “sluts” would reject me) – and also warned me in a drastic fashion against dating black women (comments about STD rates, pointing out, to an eight year old child, random blacks on the street and making comments about how they had AIDS based on what color they were wearing when we would drive up through Harlem, on the way to church in the Bronx).

Lots and lots of Asian women, being driven by nothing short of utter practicality and an almost ingrained, plotting, methodological way of viewing life – as a series of “moves” to ensure a better life – really do hate black people.

My first girlfriend in high school was a black girl (arguably the most pretty in the entire school) who was interested in me largely because of my acceptance into Dartmouth (and also because I was funny, relatively popular, and intelligent and outgoing). Of course my quasi white nationalist, ultra-racist, black hating, conspiracy theorist, conservative dad also wasn’t happy with that choice.

But the thing is that Asian women themselves help create an environment of extreme anti-Asian-maleness, whether they want to admit it or not. This unfortunately affects the children as well, especially the boys. I’ve heard “I don’t like Asian guys”, from white women and Asian women and arguably when I was younger I was WHITE PASSING. From my original photo on the Sticky post on this blog – I had a picture showing my hair being sandy blond.

So for me, being a Eurasian guy means that people will still look at you as Asian, and even if you are white passing, this never lasts, and people will use your Asian heritage against you, at every opportunity, and since in the Asian woman’s world, a subpar white male (short, balding, autistic, old) is better than a full Asian guy, the rest of the world also sees how they behave and this carries over into how half-Asian men are seen.

Half Asian men are conditioned to truly believe that Asianness is inferior – not only because of the out marriage rate that we internalize, but also because of the manner in which our mothers and fathers hype up our European features, and oftentimes, tell us that we are white, and that we should embrace this.

In a way, it’s not our looks that screws us up, but our parents’ persistence that we are white and that we have white privilege, that we should embrace white privilege, and deny our Asian side; it’s their nearly incessant racial tourettes where their “marriage” is essentially a “war” against White western women and Asian men. Essentially that we are “replacement white children” for White men and Asian women that are unified in their hatred of minorities, globalism, Islam, or whatever other social ill that prevents White men and Asian women from maintaining the status quo of a comfortable, bourgeoisie, boring life.

The thing is – black women, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on who is looking at it – are the only women who will view many Eurasian men and Asian as human beings. When dating Asian women, they have a tendency to make Eurasian men feel like crap, and feel as if they’re “cheating” – by hyping up our White features. This is why Elliot Rodger refused to date Asian women. When dating Asian women you always feel a sense of discomfort thinking that they view you as a status symbol and given the sexless, conniving nature of all the Asian women in my family I generally do not view them as rewarding mates.

When dating White women, it’s hit or miss due to the fact that her white male friends will constantly be harassing you for being half-Asian.

Of course, dating other non-white women seems like a much better choice for Eurasian males, with incidents of “cock blocking” being common too, among Indian and Hispanic men who seem to think that XMAW is okay but Asian male + non-Asian woman is wrong, not realizing that their own sons will be Asian.

So black women it is. The problem with that is when you have a racist White dad, plus an Asian mom who wants white kids and white grandkids – a black woman means black kids.
White dads marry Asian women out of resentment for Black male / White female couples – so black grandkids would be my dad’s worst nightmare.

Yet black women, by and large, are the only ones that can win our hearts, in many cases. Look at Rex Walters. In that case I say it’s a win-win. Also the mixing of black and Asian is overlooked by racist white men, Asian women and society. It essentially means you’re free from these psychopathic eugenicists and their manufactured relationships:

Kill the racist, eugenic Eurasian “bloodline” and in return avoid the crippling White + Asian racist complex and heavily political scam that seems to define our identity.