Alison Wu disappearance case highlights how Asian women have taken the place of White women, and are the new face of “Missing White Woman Syndrome”


For a long time I would never look at picture of my parents, simply because they made me uncomfortable to look at. There’s another reason why my parents had very few genuine friends; my suspicion is most people don’t really like being around fetish couples.

Alison Wu disappearing with some white dude means two things:

  • Asian women have successfully taken the place of the missing white woman syndrome 
  • Asian women are the new white women – and have worked their way to replacing the white woman at the white man’s side.

WMAW has become so common that in some places it totally outnumbers WMWW – that Asian women have literally achieved what they wanted – total integration at all costs, and now they and their children are successfully are making news stories as America’s new “white.”

Other people of color – don’t get it twisted. Asian women are not women of color anymore. They are highly sought after by white men. Their only appeal is that they tolerate the needs and demands of the traditional American red blooded white man, while white women no longer do.

If you are a white man who:

  • Believes that the white man needs to be cherished and valued for his race
  • Wants white children but doesn’t want the effort of dealing with a “feminist, bitchy white woman”
  • Has 1960’s eras views of women’s expected behavior and submissiveness
  • Hates black males (White men hate black men / asian women couples the most)
  • Wants to feel big without having to actually be big

You marry an Asian woman. Describes my parents to a T.

I have really bad news for everyone here though, when an Asian woman and a white man have a baby, the kid generally looks something like this. Nothing wrong with his looks – but he looks ASIAN. ASIAN. Imagine being the Asian looking son of an Asian woman who literally absolutely refused to be with an Asian man her entire life – and there are millions of these women around.