Two major shows in 2016 now feature Eurasian / half Asian actors – both with Asian fathers

It’s curious that despite the so called eugenic lie that Asian women swear – that their white husbands will make for better children – it seems that the opposite pairing produces an inordinate amount of high flyers.

Bizarre. Sometimes I wonder (as was in my case) that during the most fundamental development years, us half-Asian males are taught, in highly socialized environments like college, that being Asian is a bad thing. And we learn this from both Asian women in our social groups – as well as from our families. This causes extreme social stunting; this can be exacerbated by a life of believing that we are superior because of our mix, but then on facing racism, debilitates us.

Remy Hii, Malaysian Chinese father, British mother, cast for Marco Polo.

Sandrine Holt, Chinese father, white mother, cast for MagGyver.