Why the overwhelming majority of successful, beautiful, happy half Asians have Asian fathers

AMWF: Handsome, full head of hair, mentally stable + a nice woman who loves him for who he is, and is sexually attracted to him, and wants her kids to look Asian like him.

WMAF: Unattractive, racist, bottom of the barrel, hypocritical anti-feminist who marries a cruel, asexual, mentally ill, hostile, negative, self hating Tiger Mom who wants her kids to look white, and marries for social status, money, and bragging rights that her child isn’t Asian (even though the child is Asian), while talking shit about Asian men and white women alongside her loser, insecure husband.


Only a matter of time before a WMAF couple kills an AMWF couple.


A WMAF offspring kills an AMWF couple. (Oh wait, that already happened in Elliot Rodger)

Celeste Ng claims to be trolled and refuses to provide proof; The “Everything I Never Told My Twitter Fans” Saga Continues.

Celeste Ng reminds me of my mother, right down to the bright cherry lipstick.

Unfortunately for her she cannot control me with her guilt trips. When I refused to play oboe my mother would scream “you want me to die, is that it?” She fails to mention one thing – I’m on the far left. 

For those who don’t know, somebody emailed my cartoon to someone else. I don’t know the details of who or what did this. Please, please, stop doing this. There is no reasoning with people like Celeste.

Twenty four hours later I emailed Celeste two times – though it was more like one email, part of the same thread, explaining what happened. She then mentioned that I emailed her. I also made a video explaining that the cartoon was mine and that blame should be mine.


I logged onto Twitter for the second and last time in my life to call Celeste out and claim responsibility for the cartoon. I did this with about forty five tweets on two accounts. I was muted after the first thirty five. Celeste was actually right – but they were all from one account, whereby she is lying about who was doing it. It was just me.


She lied about it – saying that I demanded anything of her other than she stop mentioning me.

Another twenty four hours later she was still attacking me on Twitter. Her and all her friends were discussing this website. They have since deleted those tweets.

I emailed her AGAIN, ONCE, telling her to stop mentioning me, then went to sleep. Ten hours later she CONTINUED to cry harassment. I actually just woke up and the woman is still saying that I was harassing her.


Twenty four hours later I then decided that in order to PROVE that the cartoon came from me; I create a new account on Twitter called “Rogue_Tiger_Cub.” I sent a single message with a new cartoon.


A single Tweet earned a barrage of cries for help from Celeste. Celeste, if you’re getting trolled by anyone other than me (this “troll” being having been to $100 plate dinners with University presidents and Amy Chua’s family), then post proof.

Celeste is now posting 5-10 tweets per 1 tweet that I send.


Celeste Ng, Best Selling Author of “Everything I Never Told You” – Comes at Me, Eurasian Writer, Guns Blazing


I’ll keep it short. One of my readers apparently emailed her, or someone else, my cartoon. STOP DOING THAT SHIT. You are diluting our voices by doing that. 

The cartoon, by the way – is more or less true. At least once in her son’s life is he going to hear “I don’t date Asian guys.” He will probably hear this from Asian women. The irony being that since most men prefer women like his mother – this will especially hurt. I know it did me. Except the first time want that bad. The tenth time it happened was enough to suck my life blood out. 

In case you don’t know, Celeste is the rather famous author of a book called “Everything I Never Told You,” which was a bestseller some odd years ago. I’ve read some of it, save your money and buy Sharon Chang’s book, which is a lot more thoughtful on dealing with the WMAW apocalypse. Not surprisingly Sharon Chang, daughter of a white woman, actually is able to contribute something other than hysterical, poorly written keyboard tap-tap taps.

It’s funny because Celeste wears bright red lipstick like my mom did, uncanny.

In her book she describes a family with an Asian father that somehow manages to get his little daughter drowned in a lake. Surprisingly, Celeste is married to a white guy. A tall white guy. Gee what a surprise, my dad was also a tall white guy.

My family broken when my mom realized that her American dream was a tiny apartment with a neurotic white guy, while her brothers and sisters were making millions upon millions with their Chinese husbands / wives. But Sharon makes it so that Asian male / white women couples are broken when the reality is the opposite is producing nothing but failures and criminals.

Here’s what Celeste doesn’t seem to understand. By constantly refusing to acknowledge such a huge imbalance and keeping a gag order on us figuring out our identity on our terms (i.e., we all have white dads) she’s making it worse – especially for the non passing hapas.

1. Feminism aside, in the REAL world, most Asian women don’t care about feminism and just LOVE tall white guys and Western features and pink skin and most young Asian girls literally HATE Asian men. I hear this ten times a week. He’s gonna search “Asian women” and see women like his mom being marketed online to white men. He’s gonna go on PUA forums and see men bragging about banging 100 Asian girls in five years. Her son will hear it and BURN OUT.

2. Half Asians with Asian fathers seem to produce success after success, from Bond girls to NASA scientists to real estate developers. They’re everywhere. Hell even the sons of black men and white women have surpassed WMAW sons.


Don’t tell us what to do. We figured it out on our own.

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