Why the overwhelming majority of successful, beautiful, happy half Asians have Asian fathers

AMWF: Handsome, full head of hair, mentally stable + a nice woman who loves him for who he is, and is sexually attracted to him, and wants her kids to look Asian like him.

WMAF: Unattractive, racist, bottom of the barrel, hypocritical anti-feminist who marries a cruel, asexual, mentally ill, hostile, negative, self hating Tiger Mom who wants her kids to look white, and marries for social status, money, and bragging rights that her child isn’t Asian (even though the child is Asian), while talking shit about Asian men and white women alongside her loser, insecure husband.


Only a matter of time before a WMAF couple kills an AMWF couple.


A WMAF offspring kills an AMWF couple. (Oh wait, that already happened in Elliot Rodger)

Reddit: “Dealing with anger issues from reading r/Hapas”

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“I’ve always had my issues with WMAF, being born of WMAF myself, and living life as a Half-Asian male and seeing 1st hand the extreme sexual inequalities between Whites and Asians in the West.
Reading r/Hapas has been cathartic in a small way, in that I see there are other Hapas out there who feel the same as me, and I’m glad we are at least getting some attention.
But mostly I just feel angered and enraged, the more I read. I just hate WMAF as the greatest evil in the world, and hate myself for being born of WMAF. I feel impotent and weak, since there isn’t much I can do about the situation except fume. Especially the White Males who post at r/Hapas they just make my blood boil. Maybe they’re trolls just trying to get a rise out of me. But I don’t think they are just trolls, as I believe they accurately reflect what the WMAF relationship is all about in the real world.
I just can’t believe that parents can be so evil and make such enemies out of their own children. In a way its not my problem, its their kids problem. But just as a member of the Eurasian race, I’m so angry that WMAFs in general think they can treat us like this. I just want more Eurasians to rise up and fight back. The only silver lining is that I don’t believe I’m unique, I think that most Eurasian men have had similar experiences in life, and they will have the same reaction to reading r/Hapas that I have. Doesn’t this all piss you off? Knowing that other Eurasians have the same feelings, cheers me up a bit, and I know we will win in the longrun.
You guys are all fellow subscribers and readers of r/Hapas. How do you stop it from getting to your head? Doesn’t it all make you very angry? I just feel so helpless, since all I can do with my rage is punch the wall. Maybe I should just go to the gym and let off some steam or some shit.”

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