What is it with gay men, and anti-gay men, who marry Asian women? Are they one and the same?

Meet Chao Gao. 

After discovering a dildo among her husband’s belongings during a move Wednesday night, the Florida woman attacked her spouse, leaving him with bruises and scratches on his face, according to cops who arrested Chao for domestic battery.

Link here.

Violent Chinese mom? Check? Possibly gay undersexed white husband? Check.

I had another post up but I decided this one is more interesting. Again, please take my word on this. I am even being attacked by other Hapas, probably because I am broaching a territory that nobody wants to venture – one that involves a direct assault on the people who birthed us.

Who the hell would let that sit with them? What kind of person attacks their own parents? 

This is the Hapagate and I am your man inside.

Above is a news story involving a Chinese woman being violent with her white husband… because he was using a dildo. On himself.

It’s getting tiresome reiterating the same crap over and over, so let me cut to the chase.

My dad never used a dildo on himself, of this I am fairly positive. My dad is very, very, very anti-gay. Westboro Baptist Church anti-gay, as in he believes gays are an abomination, knows well the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, and has… I’ll leave it at that to avoid being exposed. Just keep this in mind during the next thing I’m going to say.

My take on the above news story, being the son of a FOB Chinese woman and a white man:

  • Sexlessness leading to masturbation. Not sure if my dad masturbated or not, but sexlessness post 30 or so was the status quo in my house; keep in mind that my mother never really married for love. It was just… use this white guy, a very robotic relationship. Very common among immigrant Asian women looking for a foothold in White society.
  • Violence. My mom was very violent. Chinese women supposedly have this reputation and she sure lived up to that. She would brandish knives on us, beat us with wire coat hangers, force my brother and I to beat each other with coat hangers…. typical Tiger Mom bullshit. When she would snap on my dad, it was like World War 3. Extreme psychosis. Again, never about love. My dad failed to measure up to the White Prince Charming bit and this drove her nuts, calling the cops on him, conducting covert incest with me, etc.

But this story isn’t the first time I’ve heard of a man with certain… proclivities marrying Asian. There are literally dozens upon dozens of these stories out there.

There was this story at the Klimpton hotel a while back where a famed DC lawyer David Messerschmitt was murdered when he placed an ad looking for gay sex.

His wife?


Some other random stuff I’ve come across, such as this white guy coming out as transgendered to his girlfriend:

Or this, “reformed” gay Christian man married to, you guessed it:

I have suspicions that gay men marry Asian women for the following reasons:

  • Conservative white parents who would be adamantly opposed to having a gay son probably demand that their sons get married.
  • Asian women are a lot more lenient on gay white men, since they have no idea…. effeminate qualities can or would be endearing to them, since the man’s whiteness would override her suspicions.
  • Asian women are seen as easily duped or easily manipulated.
  • Asian women can be very pedomorphic, lack overtly large breasts and buttocks (I’m sorry) that would normally attract red-blooded men. I.e., they can be reminiscent of men…. though this theory doesn’t seem to make sense to me.
  • White women are probably a lot more in tune with the behavior of their husbands and would be able to detect gay patterns in their husbands’ behavior, and much less likely to forgive it.
  • If a gay man wants to get married, he pretty much knows that he can manipulate Asian white-worship to the extent that she would overlook his obvious signals.

But that brings me to another issue; why are adamantly anti-gay men also marrying Asian women? I.e., the extremely anti-gay, anti-black, white racist types who seek out traditional Asian brides as an alternative to largely Democrat-voting white women?

For one, white women tend to vote liberal, and have a reputation among the MRA / MGTOW crowd of being too far left, liberated, or feminist, hence Asian women provide the necessary substitute to the white picket fence lifestyle that white men desire. Notice it’s never black or Latin women (I mean, it is sometimes, but it’s largely Asian women).

But do the two intertwine? I’ve heard gay men say before that often times the most homophobic men tend to possess latent homosexual urges, hence their knee-jerk responses of repulsion to the idea of gay sex. As a straight male, gay sex doesn’t interest me nor does the private behavior of gay males, since it doesn’t affect me. I really have no idea what the hell is going on between anti-gay men and their actual sexual preferences.

But here’s an interesting case.

In 2007, a Republican Party Chairman named Glenn Murphy Jr., who was also Hapa with a white father, was arrested for performing oral sex on a sleeping man.

From Salon.com

Advocated “straight” family values
Outed: In 2007, Murphy was arrested for performing fellatio on an unwilling man while he slept.
Outcome: Murphy admitted the events, was charged with sexual assault, and was jailed. He is now a registered sex offender.

Murphy was also vehemently anti-gay.

The closeted conservative Hapa is nothing new. Raised by a conservative white man (often an army or… Navy man) and an Asian mother, the gay Hapa really has no outlet at all, since he would never be able to come out to his parents.

Think I’m lying? Ask me for a meetup.

rabbit hole.jpg


HALF-ASIAN MEGAPOST! After 2 Years, LFD is Now the Premier Website on Half Asian Issues! Discussing: Why are WMAW Half-Asians such failures as opposed to AMWW Half-Asians? Where are the Successful WMAW Half-Asians? E.g., Jon Foo.

Why can’t White men and Asian women who visit this website name more than a handful of successful, popular, clearly non-gay half-Asians with white fathers? That’s all I’m asking. Name some! There are 3-7 million of us worldwide, so name some.

Do it right now in the comments.

I wouldn’t even exist if what I was saying wasn’t 100% true.

And everything else we have accomplished elsewhere (you know what I’m talking about). Eurasians have been around for 50 years and not once before 2014 did any large number of them come together and ask some simple questions:

  • “Why do most of us have white fathers?”
  • “Why are we proud to be Asian when Asian women just want white men?”
  • “What happens when WM and AW get together because Asian men are of zero value and then they have a kid who looks totally Asian?”
  • “Why are the Eurasian children of white men and Asian women so fucked up?”
  • “Why do white men / Asian women talk shit about Asian men then expect their half-Asian sons to be proud to be Asian?”
  • “If Eurasian children are so beautiful, why don’t white women want to make them?”
  • “Why do I still get treated as inferior even though I’m half-Asian?”
  • “Why do Asian women love to make me, as a half Asian, feel inferior?”
  • “Why are Asian women highly valued by white men and white society – but we, their children, are not?”

Looking forward to the next ten years…. and the question is, what are WMAW couples doing to ensure this website doesn’t go viral  (it pretty much already has) – since everything said here is true?

Now here’s some random shit that I’d like to share!

Another WMAW “handsome” Eurasian on OKCupid!


The logic of WMAW couples: White men are more masculine – let me raise an Asian looking child under the conditions of a fetish based relationship, an environment that humiliates Asian males and treats them like asexual gaylords, and hope that he is normal.

“Son, take responsibility for your actions!” You can’t find a girlfriend or get a job because you look clearly Asian – “take responsibility for your actions!”

Read my post on gay Eurasians. 

Cathy Bao Bean, Asian American writer, wrote a book called the “Chopsticks-Fork Principle” where she refers to her son as an “experiment.”

In the author’s words, “In 1959, when I was a Junior in Teaneck High School, I learned about Hybrid Vigor in Biology class. The idea was that when two different strains of corn were crossed, the result was greater than was normal for either parent type. In 1974, when I was a new mother in the maternity ward, I wondered if the same principle couldn’t be deliberately applied to cultures – in our case, the Chinese and American.
• Physically we had the makings for such an experiment. Our newly born son was half Asian, half Caucasian.
• Intellectually, I formulated his prospects from the wealth of his dual heritage, translating his ancestors’ stories into a future neither side could have imagined, yet both had anticipated to some degree.
• Practically, I worried just how much difference it would make that he wasn’t an ear of corn.”

So like most psychopathic Asian mothers with no souls other than one hell bent on ASSIMILATION, ASSIMILATION, and WHITE MALES – she views Eurasians as a science experiment. After 40 years, what does her son look like? (Hint: he’s on the right)

Where did the hybrid vigor go? Into the guy on the left? (I looked him up, he’s Asian father / White mother).

On /r/Hapas there’s a theory that Eurasians with white mothers are the dream Hapas of Asian moms. They essentially get nurtured in the wombs of the white mothers and grow larger, more dominant, and better looking – as opposed to the loser dweeb white guys and their Asian geishas who make miserable dweebie looking Eurasian nerds who remain unmarried well into their 40’s.

More on Successful Eurasians

Dean Cain was Superman. SUPERMAN. The premier hero in American mass-culture. Guess what. Part Japanese, through his father. Herp da derp! WMAW are more successful!

The question originally posed on Reddit was why there were so many more successful AMWW Eurasians than WMAW Eurasians despite being outnumbered 9:1. It’s by and large true. You can just do simple searches for this.

For example: search “Japanese Brazilian model” on Google. What do you get? The results are that all but one of the people featured has a Japanese Brazilian father. Why is almost every single Japanese-Brazilian mixed model the son or daughter of a Japanese father? The answer – AMWW Hapas are more well adjusted, proud of their race, and tend to have better looking fathers.


Aside from this Hapa with an Asian dad explaining it:

Now this is where my previous statement about being just like our parents comes in. Most White/Asian couples are between a White guy and an Asian girl, and it’s always some drop dead gorgeous Asian chick and the geekiest most homely White guy since the invention of White homely guys. An Asian chick marries a white guy because she loves him, but an Asian chick falls in love with a White guy because she knows her parents will hate him just enough to think of her as a rebel but like him enough to not disown her because they know he will be a good provider. The bottom line that no self respecting modern girl will ever admit to (which only makes this MORE TRUE) is that deep down every girl wants to be rescued and taken care of, but at the same time have that small sense of danger/rebellion/uniqueness about them.

This guy explains it, too.

This guy also explains it.

What about some real world examples?

FOR EXAMPLE! Here are the Ice Hockey Players listed under Wikipedia’s entry for Japanese-Canadians.

  1. Martin Kariya, hockey player
  2. Paul Kariya, NHL star player
  3. Steve Kariya, hockey player
  4. Jon Matsumoto, ice hockey player
  5. Raymond Sawada, hockey player
  6. Devin Setoguchi, NHL First Liner
  7. Jamie Storr, ice hockey player
  8. Vicky Sunohara, Olympic gold medalist in women’s hockey
  9. Herb Wakabayashi, ice hockey player
  10. Mel Wakabayashi, ice hockey player

Notice anything?

Oh, herp-derp, derp, WMAW Hapas are more successful than AMWW Hapas. In what world is this true? Oh, E.W., you must be cherry picking. Am I?

Is it any surprise the most popular Eurasian in China is AMWW?

Is it any surprise that an AMWW Half-Chinese Hapa Jon Foo is headlining the show “Rush Hour” on primetime television?


Is it a surprise that two recent Bond movies featured not one, but TWO Half-Asians with Asian dads?

Berenice Marlohe.

David Batista.

B-b-b-b-b-ut Keanu Reeves is Eurasian!

Yup, he is, and his father is Eurasian with a white father and Asian mother. His mother is white. And his father is a degenerate and a drug addict. Again. Keanu Reeve’s own WMAW father is a drug addict.


Theory on Gay Eurasians / Hapas! One of my main critics revealed to be drag queen.

Warning: probably the most controversial post I’ve ever had.

Serious question: are most Hapas, particularly the “well adjusted kinds,” actually gay?

Hear me out. I’ve been working on this subject for years months.

For a while now around the “Hapa-sphere” there have been jokes made about the emasculation of Hapa sons, and how many of them wind up expressing themselves in a very feminine form of sexuality; whether this is subconscious or deliberate, I don’t know, but since Hapa men are well known to be less sexually privileged than Hapa women, the in-joke was that they essentially took up feminine qualities in response to their emasculation.

There is no way that a half-Asian man would not at least once in his life question why exactly Asian women were obsessed with white men, including our own mothers, but even fewer of them would openly question it, or were just flat out afraid of questioning it, even well into adult hood.

It’s not PC to question it, and even worse is the idea that biologically White men might just be more desirable to women in an evolutionary sense. Even the most white looking Eurasian would at very least think about this once, and moreso witnessing Asian-ness almost exclusively being the orifice into which the White member is pushed, this has to have tremendous latent effects on the child; in my case this led to a decade of me trying to look as white as possible, even losing huge amounts of weight to do so.

I do believe that homosexuality is natural, but I also think it can be influenced by Freudian influences, and moreover I think that gay men, in particular, Eurasian gay men, are able to weather the anti-Asian male storm of being a WMAW Hapa much better, especially since their desire for women isn’t so forward, and moreso,

in being a gay Eurasian, they are able to find acceptance as a bottom to Whiteness much easier, rather than straight Eurasians who wish to be tops, naturally. 

I have a theory that many Hapas, in response to the brutal emasculation in their brain, wherein they see White dominating Asian, and lack any sort of masculine influence in their lives that represents half of themselves, develop feminized or de-sexualized sexualities, and since gay men are as privileged as women in being able to find their place in the gay-hierarchy, naturally these Hapas would be sharply critical of straight Hapas who protest the difficulty of understanding the prevalence of WM/AW relationships. I.e., gay Hapa men are essentially on the same standing as straight Hapa women.

Moreover, the prevalence of Hapas with conservative fathers (not only the sexpats, but the run of the mill English teachers, and especially GI’s stationed abroad married to extremely conservative Korean or Catholic Philippinos), would imply that the the incentive to stay closeted is much, much greater.

This “rumor” which originated on /r/Hapas started first with Congressman Mike Honda’s granddaughter.


Then it turned out that the founder of Hapas.com had underwent a sex change operation to become a woman.

The Founder of Hapas.com, the oldest Hapas web forum started in 2002

Then it was revealed several prominent transgendered people were Hapas:



Then it was suspected that a “normal Hapa,” the “Hot Cop of Castro” who looks largely white, has a GI dad and a Korea mom, was gay; since he was in his thirties, unmarried, and deliberately chose to police the single most gay district in America. Coincidentally he got caught two weeks ago during a hit and run in San Francisco. He claims he’s straight, but who would tell an American GI and a conservative Korean mother than one is gay?

Last year, the Hapas Subreddit had a number of critics, a handful of them being Hapas. One of the most notable ones made several comments, such as:


It turns out the creator of this post, during some web-digging, is married to a woman. It also turns out that he moonlights as a very, very dedicated drag queen and has a Twitter page filled to the brim with pictures of him in drag.


And who is that next to him, on the left? None other than the Manila drag queen, also a Hapa, from earlier in this post.

Problem solved.

Is it possible for a white man and an Asian woman, both of whom passively assert that Asian men are completely undesirable on a fundamental level, to have a child capable of weathering this tremendous hurdle?

Yes, they are.

The incredible dangerous gamble of being Hapa

I’ve noticed several things about being Hapa and the kinds of people I’ve come into contact with recently.

There are so called “happy Hapas;” they tend to be… less intelligent and or completely non-Asian looking. A lot of them curiously have Phillipino mothers, meaning that their mothers were largely opportunists, with a Catholic background, rather than vitriolic atheist self haters.

If you are good looking, like Daniel Henney, or if you look entirely white, or if you are very tall, like Nathan Adrian, then I suppose you’d be okay. What possible reason could a white looking Hapa or passing Hapa have for considering these things?

And if you aren’t? If your child isn’t white passing, good looking, or tall? Then we get Elliot Rodger or Matthew De Grood. 

One thing I have noticed is a prevalence of gay Hapas. Darren Criss and the famous “hot cop of the Castro District” Chris Kohrs, both of whom are obviously gay but hiding it for fear of offending their parents, have little room to consider the implications of being an Asian male who is emasculated.

Could it be the psychosis of watching such a terrible racial dynamic play out in the homestead affect them to the point of becoming asexual or homosexual?

What happens when the son looks entirely or visible Asian in a society that hates Asians, with his own emasculation played out in front of his face, from the time he is born?