What is it with gay men, and anti-gay men, who marry Asian women? Are they one and the same?

Meet Chao Gao. 

After discovering a dildo among her husband’s belongings during a move Wednesday night, the Florida woman attacked her spouse, leaving him with bruises and scratches on his face, according to cops who arrested Chao for domestic battery.

Link here.

Violent Chinese mom? Check? Possibly gay undersexed white husband? Check.

I had another post up but I decided this one is more interesting. Again, please take my word on this. I am even being attacked by other Hapas, probably because I am broaching a territory that nobody wants to venture – one that involves a direct assault on the people who birthed us.

Who the hell would let that sit with them? What kind of person attacks their own parents? 

This is the Hapagate and I am your man inside.

Above is a news story involving a Chinese woman being violent with her white husband… because he was using a dildo. On himself.

It’s getting tiresome reiterating the same crap over and over, so let me cut to the chase.

My dad never used a dildo on himself, of this I am fairly positive. My dad is very, very, very anti-gay. Westboro Baptist Church anti-gay, as in he believes gays are an abomination, knows well the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, and has… I’ll leave it at that to avoid being exposed. Just keep this in mind during the next thing I’m going to say.

My take on the above news story, being the son of a FOB Chinese woman and a white man:

  • Sexlessness leading to masturbation. Not sure if my dad masturbated or not, but sexlessness post 30 or so was the status quo in my house; keep in mind that my mother never really married for love. It was just… use this white guy, a very robotic relationship. Very common among immigrant Asian women looking for a foothold in White society.
  • Violence. My mom was very violent. Chinese women supposedly have this reputation and she sure lived up to that. She would brandish knives on us, beat us with wire coat hangers, force my brother and I to beat each other with coat hangers…. typical Tiger Mom bullshit. When she would snap on my dad, it was like World War 3. Extreme psychosis. Again, never about love. My dad failed to measure up to the White Prince Charming bit and this drove her nuts, calling the cops on him, conducting covert incest with me, etc.

But this story isn’t the first time I’ve heard of a man with certain… proclivities marrying Asian. There are literally dozens upon dozens of these stories out there.

There was this story at the Klimpton hotel a while back where a famed DC lawyer David Messerschmitt was murdered when he placed an ad looking for gay sex.

His wife?


Some other random stuff I’ve come across, such as this white guy coming out as transgendered to his girlfriend:

Or this, “reformed” gay Christian man married to, you guessed it:

I have suspicions that gay men marry Asian women for the following reasons:

  • Conservative white parents who would be adamantly opposed to having a gay son probably demand that their sons get married.
  • Asian women are a lot more lenient on gay white men, since they have no idea…. effeminate qualities can or would be endearing to them, since the man’s whiteness would override her suspicions.
  • Asian women are seen as easily duped or easily manipulated.
  • Asian women can be very pedomorphic, lack overtly large breasts and buttocks (I’m sorry) that would normally attract red-blooded men. I.e., they can be reminiscent of men…. though this theory doesn’t seem to make sense to me.
  • White women are probably a lot more in tune with the behavior of their husbands and would be able to detect gay patterns in their husbands’ behavior, and much less likely to forgive it.
  • If a gay man wants to get married, he pretty much knows that he can manipulate Asian white-worship to the extent that she would overlook his obvious signals.

But that brings me to another issue; why are adamantly anti-gay men also marrying Asian women? I.e., the extremely anti-gay, anti-black, white racist types who seek out traditional Asian brides as an alternative to largely Democrat-voting white women?

For one, white women tend to vote liberal, and have a reputation among the MRA / MGTOW crowd of being too far left, liberated, or feminist, hence Asian women provide the necessary substitute to the white picket fence lifestyle that white men desire. Notice it’s never black or Latin women (I mean, it is sometimes, but it’s largely Asian women).

But do the two intertwine? I’ve heard gay men say before that often times the most homophobic men tend to possess latent homosexual urges, hence their knee-jerk responses of repulsion to the idea of gay sex. As a straight male, gay sex doesn’t interest me nor does the private behavior of gay males, since it doesn’t affect me. I really have no idea what the hell is going on between anti-gay men and their actual sexual preferences.

But here’s an interesting case.

In 2007, a Republican Party Chairman named Glenn Murphy Jr., who was also Hapa with a white father, was arrested for performing oral sex on a sleeping man.

From Salon.com

Advocated “straight” family values
Outed: In 2007, Murphy was arrested for performing fellatio on an unwilling man while he slept.
Outcome: Murphy admitted the events, was charged with sexual assault, and was jailed. He is now a registered sex offender.

Murphy was also vehemently anti-gay.

The closeted conservative Hapa is nothing new. Raised by a conservative white man (often an army or… Navy man) and an Asian mother, the gay Hapa really has no outlet at all, since he would never be able to come out to his parents.

Think I’m lying? Ask me for a meetup.

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