Your pictorial guide to racist white incels, 4chan, 8chan, the alt-right, and their love for Asian women, and why these people are a danger to everyone around them.

Why white incels, anti-socials, and various other fringe weirdos almost always have yellow fever, and how does that endanger half Asians? Click Here for a Larger Version.

Ever notice how the more a man “likes” Asian women – the more and more he seems to hate Asian men, feminism, white women, black people, and immigrants? I thought it was true love! Ever notice how incels tend to be extreme racists against everyone, yet seem to love Asian women and yearn to travel to Asia? Ever notice how Stephen Paddock loved Asian women? Ever notice that the world’s most famous “incel,” Elliot Rodger, was half-Asian and had an extensive manifesto filled with his hatred of Asian men and White women?

Ever notice how incel boards like 4chan, /pol, and other websites have a passion for Asian women? Why? Why do these hostile, violent incels have Asian women as their number one pick?

Link: “Your children will be denied the official classification of Caucasian within the White Supremacist racial hierarchy. your hapa sons will be psycho-emotionally castrated then given positions as palace eunuchs, allowed to look but never touch.”

From Afro Alchemist:
Young Elliot Rodger thought his fathers status as a white male would be conferred upon him like some type of birth right, but he was wrong. He would only be accepted as who he appeared to be , in his case an  Asian male , and since he had internalized all the toxic racial ideas about Asian men  in white American culture , he could not bear the thought of being relegated to a  status beneath what he mistakenly believed was his white male identity.
He wasn’t a white man and the white women he so desperately wanted never let him forget it. To them he was just a another socially awkward, shy, small, weak , Asian boy.
It was the this part of himself that he subconsciously blamed for his lack of success with the blonde , blue eyed , golden Becky surfer girls that were always beyond his reach. “all those girls that I’ve desired so much, they would’ve all rejected me as an inferior man if I ever made asexual advance toward them”(7)
It was this part of himself he was trying to kill  when he allegdly drugged, bludgeoned with  a hammer, stabbed  and then mutilated with machetes his first three victims : David Wang, George Chen, and James Hong.”

Link: Eurasian Teenage daughter who killed her Asian mother Yun Mi Hoy by stabbing her 151 times and then beat her with a baseball bat AVOIDS jail after judge declares her insane. She had become ‘more threatening and disrespectful’ towards her Asian mother

Teenage girl who killed her mother by stabbing her 151 times and then beat her with a baseball bat AVOIDS jail after judge declares her insane

  • Mother, Yun Mi Hoy was discovered stabbed 151 times in the face and neck
  • Arapahoe County judge accepted the teenager’s plea of not guilty by reason of insanity
  • Isabella Guzman, 19, will not go to prison, but instead will be sent to the State Hospital in Pueblo for treatment
  • She had become ‘more threatening and disrespectful’ towards her mother

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