Link: “Your children will be denied the official classification of Caucasian within the White Supremacist racial hierarchy. your hapa sons will be psycho-emotionally castrated then given positions as palace eunuchs, allowed to look but never touch.”

From Afro Alchemist:
Young Elliot Rodger thought his fathers status as a white male would be conferred upon him like some type of birth right, but he was wrong. He would only be accepted as who he appeared to be , in his case an  Asian male , and since he had internalized all the toxic racial ideas about Asian men  in white American culture , he could not bear the thought of being relegated to a  status beneath what he mistakenly believed was his white male identity.
He wasn’t a white man and the white women he so desperately wanted never let him forget it. To them he was just a another socially awkward, shy, small, weak , Asian boy.
It was the this part of himself that he subconsciously blamed for his lack of success with the blonde , blue eyed , golden Becky surfer girls that were always beyond his reach. “all those girls that I’ve desired so much, they would’ve all rejected me as an inferior man if I ever made asexual advance toward them”(7)
It was this part of himself he was trying to kill  when he allegdly drugged, bludgeoned with  a hammer, stabbed  and then mutilated with machetes his first three victims : David Wang, George Chen, and James Hong.”

Link: Eurasian Teenage daughter who killed her Asian mother Yun Mi Hoy by stabbing her 151 times and then beat her with a baseball bat AVOIDS jail after judge declares her insane. She had become ‘more threatening and disrespectful’ towards her Asian mother

Teenage girl who killed her mother by stabbing her 151 times and then beat her with a baseball bat AVOIDS jail after judge declares her insane

  • Mother, Yun Mi Hoy was discovered stabbed 151 times in the face and neck
  • Arapahoe County judge accepted the teenager’s plea of not guilty by reason of insanity
  • Isabella Guzman, 19, will not go to prison, but instead will be sent to the State Hospital in Pueblo for treatment
  • She had become ‘more threatening and disrespectful’ towards her mother

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Reddit: “Dealing with anger issues from reading r/Hapas”

Reddit Link
“I’ve always had my issues with WMAF, being born of WMAF myself, and living life as a Half-Asian male and seeing 1st hand the extreme sexual inequalities between Whites and Asians in the West.
Reading r/Hapas has been cathartic in a small way, in that I see there are other Hapas out there who feel the same as me, and I’m glad we are at least getting some attention.
But mostly I just feel angered and enraged, the more I read. I just hate WMAF as the greatest evil in the world, and hate myself for being born of WMAF. I feel impotent and weak, since there isn’t much I can do about the situation except fume. Especially the White Males who post at r/Hapas they just make my blood boil. Maybe they’re trolls just trying to get a rise out of me. But I don’t think they are just trolls, as I believe they accurately reflect what the WMAF relationship is all about in the real world.
I just can’t believe that parents can be so evil and make such enemies out of their own children. In a way its not my problem, its their kids problem. But just as a member of the Eurasian race, I’m so angry that WMAFs in general think they can treat us like this. I just want more Eurasians to rise up and fight back. The only silver lining is that I don’t believe I’m unique, I think that most Eurasian men have had similar experiences in life, and they will have the same reaction to reading r/Hapas that I have. Doesn’t this all piss you off? Knowing that other Eurasians have the same feelings, cheers me up a bit, and I know we will win in the longrun.
You guys are all fellow subscribers and readers of r/Hapas. How do you stop it from getting to your head? Doesn’t it all make you very angry? I just feel so helpless, since all I can do with my rage is punch the wall. Maybe I should just go to the gym and let off some steam or some shit.”

Link: ” I refused to be seen in public with my Chinese mother for almost a decade because it guaranteed racial slurs or harassment.”

Original Link to Tumblr
MONDAY, MAY 4, 2015

Anonymous asked: I refused to be seen in public with my Chinese mother for almost a decade because it guaranteed racial slurs or harassment. The most that happened around my white dad was people staring at us and whispering. After my dad passed away I felt completely lost and terrified because I no longer had that protection, and with no white extended family I literally did not know how to go on. We had to move to a racially diverse area 2 states away to even function in society without fear. It was awful.
I think this ask is supposed to showcase how you are protected by white family in public in terms of harassment and racism but as someone with a Chinese mom I can’t help but wonder if you just outright refused to go outside with your mom at all? Like your mom could not escape the racism that was thrown at her?
Neither of my parents could escape racism and I couldn’t pick and choose which one to go out with in order to escape that. Even as a child, I was not afforded the luxury of being ignorant to that because I had to be my mom’s protector, white people would look at me as the 2nd generation and expect me to be the translator, even though my mom could speak English, even as a child my unaccented English was deemed better than my mother’s.
I don’t know where I’m going with this but the way this was worded made me extremely uncomfortable. I understand the point that you were making about being protected from racism, but still.
– Melody

Link: “My mom is Chinese so she has this very strict approach to life. My dad is white. I Feel Like My Parents Don’t Accept Me For Who I Am.”

Luckily, this Hapa was female: a male would be a tragedy waiting to happen.

I am half Chinese and half white, and as many people expect, my mom is Chinese and my dad is white. My mom doesn’t actually come from China, nor was she born in the US where she later met my dad, so it’s a little bit more of a unique experience here.
My mom is racist, sexist, homophobic, and classist, despite her own assertions that she’s not because she’s fairly liberal. She doesn’t believe in denying people rights in law form, which is fine, but when she speaks in the privacy of our home, she believes being white, acting like a “man”, being straight, and being in the upper middle class is the best. Fine, whatever. My mom only dated white men, and predominantly Jewish men, before she met my dad. I used to think this was just a preference of hers as I thought it was a preference of mine, until later I realized it wasn’t an actual preference of mine because I honestly didn’t care that much about race at all, it was just that I’d been told so many times that dating white men is the best that I believed it. My mom also told me multiple times that her mom was crazy (which…well, she is, she has dementia), but it was only after she drunkenly ranted to me one night that her mother had so much potential but her father, my grandfather, was the one who kept keeping her from accomplishing things, that I realized she just didn’t want to be her mother.
My mom is a very unabashed person who will say or do whatever she needs to get things done. I feel that this is very counter to the subservient woman her mom was, and in a way I think it was also to rebel against the Chinese culture, as in, my grandfather and my grandmother’s upbringing, that kept her mom down, and to assimilate quickly and easily into American culture. She yells at me for being subservient, she doesn’t want me to be gay, she wants me to marry a white man, and she won’t stop talking about how much people make and how little I will make in the future. I understand this because I think my mom is annoyed that somehow I, born in the US and given these nice white genes and a pretty face, somehow seem to be wasting all the effort she put in to be…well, “better” than everyone else in her situation. Like, she judges all these people because she thinks better society judges them this way, and she thinks if someone somehow doesn’t fit the standards of better society, as in, cis straight white male society, then she has to judge them too because they didn’t assimilate into that society as well as she did.
As I just said it’s a personal story so clearly this is my own belief based on my own experiences. But I do think, at least in the US, I believe part of it is assimilation – as in, the US thinks white guys are the best, so the people who desperately want to assimilate most also think white guys are the best. And when you take all that media and superiority and shove it at other countries, I feel that people can also tend to buy into it as well.