“A little bit more detail on the Julian Edgren case. WMAF half Chinese Princeton student who was kicked out of university and thrown into jail for drugs. Father was an extreme weeaboo.”

Julian Edgren, son of a white man / Chinese woman.

Ex-Princeton student sentenced to 5 years for mailroom drug bust

This is a repost. I didn’t do this material. The case is extremely interesting and explains the kind of trouble half Asian males go through. White male / Asian women couples are so lopsided, politically charged, nihilistic, fetishistic and unbalanced that ultimately being the child of them is extremely mentally draining – even if we’re not sure why. It just looks that way, and most people can tell.

I want to give my personal opinion on this case first; this is not the first time a well-off Eurasian person has made the news for something bad. Being the Asian looking son of a white man / Asian woman is just testimony to how worthless you are, and how you feel, deep down.

Nothing can ever get rid of this fact in my head – not even after almost thirty years, I simply can’t shake it. And most of us can’t, either, especially when you reach 20 and just see almost all Asian women you know with white men, and then get rejected simply for being Asian. Combine it with a non-supportive, fetish household at home, high anxiety, self hatred, I’m guessing Julian turned to drugs just as a way to self destruct, similar to what I’ve been doing.

A prodigy since the age of 10. He was a highly talented pianist and “talented and versatile concertmaster”, who played in a conservatory in highschool before moving up to the Princeton Pianists Ensemble

Here’s him playing tons of difficult piano songs: video 1 and video 2 and with a conservatory Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor

He was a skilled tennis player.  [1][2] [3]

He played chess in his spare time

Was concerned about the environment and made a school news breaking final project about reusing plastic cups

On top of that as we already know he was a student at Princeton. This guy was amazing.

But then he decided to get into drug distribution and was caught, kicked out of Princeton, and sentenced to 5 years in jail.

Why would such a talented Hapa get himself wrapped up in drugs and throwaway his bright future?

Let’s look into his parents background a bit further.

His father, James Soren Edgren is a Sinologist (means he studies all topics China related). He lived 2 and a half years in Japan and i presume a lot more in China. Created a business Han Shan Tang, selling asian books. And worked at various libraries and educational organizations as a East Asian book cataloger and biographer. He head a program at Princeton about Chinese rare books and regularly gave keynote speeches about Chinese culture and literature source 1 source 2. It seems that he married a chinese translator, Xia Wei, who eventually became Xia Wei Edgren. source

My knowledge of his background is shoddy and patchy at best, but it clearly stands out that Julian was an exceptional guy and something went wrong and he turned to buying and selling drugs. Essentially, his father was just an extremely sophisticated weeaboo interested in collecting and analyzing chinese culture. As expected he had to add a Chinese wife and half chinese kids to his collection.

I wonder how all this played on young Julian’s life perspective. One things for sure is that despite James Soren Edgren having a PHD in sinology and being an expert on thousands of years of various facets of chinese culture and society he had no clue what was going on with his own son.