Why the overwhelming majority of successful, beautiful, happy half Asians have Asian fathers

AMWF: Handsome, full head of hair, mentally stable + a nice woman who loves him for who he is, and is sexually attracted to him, and wants her kids to look Asian like him.

WMAF: Unattractive, racist, bottom of the barrel, hypocritical anti-feminist who marries a cruel, asexual, mentally ill, hostile, negative, self hating Tiger Mom who wants her kids to look white, and marries for social status, money, and bragging rights that her child isn’t Asian (even though the child is Asian), while talking shit about Asian men and white women alongside her loser, insecure husband.


Only a matter of time before a WMAF couple kills an AMWF couple.


A WMAF offspring kills an AMWF couple. (Oh wait, that already happened in Elliot Rodger)

🔥Keanu Reeves is not half-Asian. White men and Asian women can’t name any successful Half-Asians / Hapas, and they know it

Keanu Reeves is not half-Asian, but 1/4 Asian with a father who is 1/2 Asian, with a white father and an Asian mother, and a tremendously screwed up drug addict like most of us are. So now, Asian women who think they own Hapa sons actually have to cite the sons of Asian men – in order to justify their fetishes.

White men and Asian women know this website is 100% correct – but they have absolutely no reason to admit it, and now pretty much just have resorted to saying that I have too much influence and that they’re afraid their kids will realize it too (check out the recent comments). So while it’s funny now to engage in a race-based, hateful relationship, in ten years I expect a lot more people telling me to please take this website down, when they look into their son’s small eyes and Asian features.
Asian women and white men, being the absolutely corrupt, manipulative and narcissistic people that they are, absolutely do not care that if their races were changed – they wouldn’t be together. So now they’re saying shit like “my kids will be proud of who they are,” even though anyone who has ever known a half-Asian guy knows that most half-Asian guys don’t even like being seen in public with their mothers. Would you be proud to admit your Asian mother was a white worshipper – when you look Asian and get treated by society as an Asian man? Let’s be real here – put yourselves in our shoes.
This post is for reference purposes. Keanu Reeves is not Half-Asian. He is 1/4 Asian, through his father, who is half-Chinese, half white, with a white father. His father is also a drug addict.

Sam Reeves, 53, has been desperately trying to contact Keanu from the Hawaiian prison where he’s serving a 10-year sentence for drug possession.

Rolling Stone article.
“I hope dad dies in jail.” Keanu Reeves speaks on his WMAW drug addict father.

To this date, white men and Asian women cannot name more than a handful of, non-gay, married, successful White man / East-Asian woman half-Asians who can match the success of AMWW Eurasians. 

They actually have to try to steal from the AMWW list, or worse yet, steal from the Filipino mom list, who for some reason represent 90% of all WMAW success stories.
A half Asian with a Korean dad said on Reddit:

Already posted to another thread, but I am curious. Does any other hapa have similar experiences with asian women?
You know, I really, really, hate when asian women mistakenly ‘claim’ me as one of their own without knowing that I am amwf. Just yesterday, I had a random asian girl feel free to just touch me on the arm as I was walking by, and try to ‘complement’ me on my appearance without realizing that I am amwf–I just told her that I am Korean and walked away.
Asian women don’t hate on me personally, but they often don’t realize that I am amwf and they think that it’s ‘safe’ to spew their ugly brand of hate against asian men to me, confiding to me that they’re also planning to have “beautiful hapa babies,” etc. This happens over and over again. In this way, I have had direct access to what many asian women really think and I’ve grown to be utterly disgusted by it. Everything that is discussed on this reddit has already been confirmed by my own personal experience–because I am often initially ‘claimed’ as wmaf by these disgusting asian women and they feel ‘safe’ in telling me just how much they despise asian men (and themselves) and worship whiteness. Sometimes, I feel like screaming: I’M NOT ONE OF ‘YOURS’!!!!!!!! I THANK THE UNIVERSE THAT I AM NOT ONE OF ‘YOURS’!!!!!!! I’M NOT ON YOUR ‘SIDE’! I AM NOT EVIDENCE THAT YOU SHOULD HAVE “BEAUTIFUL HAPA BABIES”! DO NOT FEEL FREE TO JUST RANDOMLY WALK UP IN PUBLIC AND TOUCH ME! DO NOT GIGGLE AROUND ME, THINKING THAT I AM WMAF! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

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