My theory on Krit Mclean, the naked Eurasian model – and his conservative white dad / Thai “submissive” mom, and how he tried to make them lose face


200a19c27aa22a7a41ca941bcdded707 (2).pngSomebody posted this link on Reddit. The NYPost featured a front page article about him, stating that his fight began in his parents’ Manhattan home– his father being a (presumably wealthy) 70 year old white man with a much younger Asian wife and a 21 year old Hapa son.

I also have a conservative white dad who deliberately married an Asian woman for her “traditional” values; and I have an Asian mom who deliberately married a white man for status. I’ve explained how this happened over and over on this blog. Just search for it. I dealt with many issues with my looks (I look Asian enough for people to use it as a point of disrespect and denial), but more so coming from a loaded home.

There are immense expectations to be a good little Eurasian child, to “represent” this pairing, to “represent” a merger between East and West, and to be a “master race” replacement child for both pure white children (since the White men hate White women) and for pure Asian children (which the Asian mom hates). White conservative men will attempt to “shape” or “mold” their biracial children to be perfect, as do Asian women, and the two parties are together, complicit, in a very, very political agenda.

Given that the fight started at home, and that Krit mentioned Trump, my guess is that Krit’s father was a Trump supporter – ironic, since Trump supporters are famous for being racist and for loving Asian women, and no non-white looking half Asian son would ever support Trump.

Realizing he would never be able to convince his parents of his pain, he did exactly what someone should do to hurt, as bad as he can, a conservative Trump-supporter-cum-white-dad and his conservative trophy Asian wife, one of the most loaded, status oriented pairings on earth. 

He lost face, but this time in front of millions upon millions of people.

Sound familiar?

The Columbia / Notre Dame educated daughter of a millionaire / billionaire Goldman Sachs Vice President and a Chinese wife did the same thing.


As did the Princeton educated son of a famous Oriental scholar.

What Krit did was essentially a Kelly Baltazar. I can’t believe it.

All of these crimes / outburst are starting to show a pattern;

  • Psychosexual / sex based crimes (Kelly, Daniel, Elliot, now Krit)
  • Self destruction
  • Disassociation
  • Large scale exposure to effectively destroy the parents’ image forever. (Sulk, Kelly,

Daniel, Elliot)

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