Even the so called “most handsome” WMAW Eurasians can’t break the mold



Just saw this guy Max Ando’s Instagram. Even the so called “best” half-Asians, who are models, still can’t break the mold that I’ve been talking about for years. Asian women really have a lot to answer for.

One would say – wow, such a handsome Eurasian man. The thing is – he’s still an Asian guy, and Western society never lets you forget it. You’ll just be handsome for an Asian guy. That’s it. You’ll never be better than that – and never be better than mommy’s passion for white males. It’s his gimmick. He keeps hashtagging #asiansloverice because he thinks it wins him browny points. Asian women love white men. They do not love anything that resembles an Asian man – nor does the rest of society.

This guy ticks all the boxes.

  • Divorced mom ☑️ (Japanese moms are famous for getting half White babies then becoming totally banshee-like, and forcing the yellow-feverist to leave).
  • Takes mom’s last name ☑️
  • Covert incest ☑️ (Mom’s white husband left – or was forced out – so she develops bond with her Eurasian fashion item of a son)
  • Gay ☑️ (Emasculated by mother’s fetish for asshole white men, during his formative years, confused as to own Asian identity, gay as a result)
  • Rips on Asian people ☑️ (Hangs around white people, self-deprecates, bashes his own heritage, finds validation in white men’s pants). Where would he learn self hatred from? Oh right – the fact that Asian women like my mother are desperate to sleep with even the most racist, antisocial men on the planet.