“Strange Bedfellows.”


In case you’re wondering what it means:

Asian feminists (like Celeste Ng and Deanna Fei) love white men because of their supposed progressive qualities.

It seems as if anti-progressive white men seem to love Asian women even more for their anti-progressive qualities.

Ultimately the two groups look exactly the same, and to us, their children, there really doesn’t seem to be any difference worth mentioning. I find it insanely ironic that Asian women seem to champion left-wing causes and leap into the arms of white males while white males like my father sought out Asian women precisely because they were not as left-wing.

Today, June 1st, this article was published.

Pauline Hanson says she has no problems with Asians, saying One Nation members ‘have Asian wives’

One Nation is an extreme far right, nationalistic, closed borders Australian political party, by the way. Like my dad, who is an extreme rightist, he married an Asian woman simply because she provided the white skin, the values and “family oriented” behavior that he believed white women lost. People also seem to forget that Asian women happily take up the mantle of extreme right wing politics.

Anti-black, anti-gay, anti-liberal and generally pro-white. Asian culture in itself is almost inherently pro white in its beauty standards, its culture of emulating whiteness and hyping up Europeans.