Family on Australian Wife Swap Accidentally Reveals Bizarre Racial Dynamic of WMAW Couples

Interesting points of note:

  • Mein Kamp on the bookshelf, 9:01
  • 16:41, the Hapa children repeatedly call the white mother “fat,” “you’re fat.”
  • 20:04, repeatedly calls the white daughters fat and overweight to the white father’s face.
  • Utterly derogatory behavior of Asian woman, insulting and demeaning language
  • 5:43, pushing the whiter daughter into modeling – merely just for being mixed

I give my parents this; they weren’t that bad. Violent, broken, and loveless, yes. Their dynamic was strange, incredibly draining, but this is over the top.

On /r/Hapas the suspicion is that Asian women seek to replace the white woman at the white man’s side, as a kind of “superior” coupling, and tend to completely dog out and hate on White women, and Asian men. The fact that they are teaching the half Asian daughters to attack a strange woman for her race – and offer no correction of their behavior, means that it is learned behavior. There have been several comments on my blog left by Eurasian daughters saying they get harassed by their Asian mother for their weight.

Nice comment by /u/whatwronginthemind:

The WMAF family just had no love in it. It didn’t even feel like a family. Just like a business deal between the autistic-ass white guy and crazy chinese woman. White loser gets companionship and Asian wife gets half asian kids. These kids are the ones that grow up and become broken people. You can already tell by how they just attack people for being fat. How sociopathic is that.

I’ll keep this post short but it reminds me of this very telling video and article a while back – both which feature WM/AW couples harassing their white daughters. The similarity here is since WMAW is so reactionary to white women, (look at the Balloon boy videos) – there is latent hostility there on top of being incredibly awkward.


and this article:

White girl with a Korean mom thought she was adopted. The truth was more unsettling.

CULPEPER, VA — Jessica Kern was sixteen the day she found the missing puzzle piece that finally made her life make sense.

Growing up, Kern, now 30, had always suspected something wasn’t right about her household.  It was more than just the emotional and physical abuse she suffered at the hands of her parents. It was a deep and unsettling feeling that somehow, she didn’t really belong.

Kern grew up in an interracial home – her father was white; her mother, South Korean.  Kern was raised as a half-Korean girl, attending Korean school on the weekends and her mother’s Korean church.  But the mirror told a different story.  Her appearance lacked even a trace of Asian ancestry.  At times, she wondered if she’d been adopted.


At first, “I was relieved,” Kern told LifeSiteNews. “I knew something was not right, and honestly, the household was extremely abusive, so to a point, it was like, ‘Thank God I’m not completely related to these people; there’s hope for me yet.’”

I think everyone should pay attention to this website simply because the dynamic of WMAW is so unique that it is hard to say what will come out of it.