“Eurasian Writer is just a jealous Asian man!” Nope, I’m 100% Half-Chinese and will stop at nothing to expose your racism.

A couple of things:

The more you say that, the more you reveal that your “relationship” is just based on hatred, rather than genuine love, since you seem to follow the pattern of exactly what I say: a malignant, white-nationalist sympathizing, racist white male who chose an Asian woman to “get back” at the world, and an Asian woman that bases her life partner on his race, rather than genuine compatibility.

What other pairing sits around constantly fetishizing its own children, constantly saying horrible things about the world – Asian men, about white women – about everyone else. Does that sound like love? It sounds like some kind of revenge, rather than a genuine relationship.

You essentially deep down view Asian maleness as a bad thing, which is the driven reason behind your relationship in the first place: you used the “badness” of Asianness to form a relationship when you couldn’t do it anywhere else.

Guess what? Your son is going to be an ASIAN MALE.

I love and have loved women of all races, from black to Indian to Asian, and have a strong preference for women that are not white because of shared experiences.

Secondly, I am Eurasian, I’ve been proven to be Eurasian, and I can say whatever the hell I want, for two reasons:

  1. People need to know about the racism that goes on in these pairings compared to everyone else; people need to know that white racists can and will marry Asian women because Asian women ARE MORE RACIST than even white women can be – because they openly want status and a feeling of belonging at all costs, moral or otherwise.
  2. The behavior of half-Asians will ultimately reflect on you. Yes, you, meaning that every single time a racist white dude smirks at a half-Asian dude on the street, every time a miserable, arms-crossed, nagging, screaming, shrill voiced Asian mom rolls her eyes at a half-Asian, it just makes us more and more antagonistic. Our lives, as Asian looking people in the Western world, are already difficult and potentially endangered enough (because people feel they have the right to say and do to us regardless of who we are), so if our own mothers and fathers are more than happy to contribute to our misery, not only with clear white supremacy and sexism on our father’s part, but moreover Tiger Mothering, erratic and strange behavior and passive aggressive jealousy towards our “looks” from Asian women who are more than happy to debase themselves for people that hate us, 

then we have the right to say whatever we want. I have forty years more to go – keep pushing me.

The ball is in half-Asian’s court.

No other interracial “pairing” (I’d hardly call you a pairing), seems to have zero regard for looks, decency, progress, common human rights, and seems to base itself entirely on angry, bitter, subjugation of people of color, and yes, other Asians.

Oh, sure, Asian males may be ugly and all that, so then why do Asian women and white men get so furious when they see happy, well adjusted white women and Asian men?

It’s because you’re angry and bitter that all you can fulfill is a hostile, anti-social stereotype of a relationship that pits you against everyone else who is trying to live a happy and normal life.