Does this Make Sense?

It’s well known that Asian women dislike Asian men.

But these same women go on to give birth to Asian looking sons.

Asian looking sons are treated exactly the same as full Asians in the Western world; if Asian blood is repulsive to an Asian woman, then Asian blood, diluted, is still repulsive.

Asian women expect we Eurasian sons to merely accept that White men are superior, despite us receiving the same anti-Asian disgust in our adult lives that Asian women doled out during their younger years, no matter how good looking, and how talented and kind we are.

Asian women are literally teaching their own half Asian children that whiteness is superior – whiteness which we can never achieve.

This website is devoted to exposing the Eurasian experience and the horrible Asian women that raise us, telling us that personality, character and honest matters when we too are treated as Asians by westerners, when we too are abused for our race, when we too are treated unfairly by institutional systems, when we too are turned down by young Asian (and non-Asian) women alike, for looking Asian. 

This website is in place to prevent Asian women from successfully making any more excuses about their behavior after their sons are born, in order to prevent a mass awakening among the millions upon millions of Eurasian children born to white fathers, a mass awakening that will inevitably lead to more and more tragedies.

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